Putin Nuclear Terrorist, Escalates All The Way To Maximum Hell. Destroy Him ASAP.

Putin declared that, if he faced defeat he would rather turn the world to “radioactive ashes”. Sunday February 27 2022, Putin, accordingly, put his nuclear forces on high alert “special combat readiness“. The mad criminal against humanity keeps on escalating… That’s what criminals against humanity do. That’s how Hitler and his collaborators killed 5% of humanity.

All this was obvious more than a decade ago, and I wrote thousands of pages about how holocausts evolved, and why Putin was an holocaust in the making, the worst of them all. Putin will not stop. That’s why he has to be stopped. The present crisis was born from the weakness of the leaders of representative democracies. Not just the ridiculously weak Biden. Even further back France (and her poodle Germany) vetoed the entry of Ukraine in NATO.

The first mistake was disarming Ukraine’s enormous nuclear arsenal (5,000 warheads) and transferring it all to the Kremlin. This transfer did not take into account the possibility of a madman heading the Kremlin…. When actually the history of Russia is first of all the history of mad dictators, and the madder and the most terrible they are, the most successful, starting with Ivan The Terrible. Ruling families killed each other happily and within. Ivan and Peter the Great killed their sons (through torture in the latter’s case). Catherine II the Great, a German, egged by her mother in law, probably killed her husband the Czar, and then went on, with her lover Potemkin, to conquer Ukraine.

Evil is a side of humanity which is deeply entangled with the nature of humanity. Sadly, humanity, or, most probably all and any advanced extra-terrestrial intelligence, should there be one, could not have evolved without evil. Evil stabilizes the ecology by culling the dominant species.

An example: If Putin kills 7 billion people, he would help terrestrial ecology, as simple as that. Not trying to say that killing 7 billion humans is the only way to help ecology. Civilization, but not Putin, can do better.

We have seen that story before: in the 1930s, all the world fascists united, creating the Axis, invading the Spanish Republic, and then many other countries. Those fascists autocrats and their cronies were initially independent of each other.

As I explained, to destroy Putin, it may be enough to brand him, As Soon As Possible, for what he is, potentially the greatest criminal against humanity. That he did not reduce us yet all to “radioactive ashes” in the style of Martha Goebbels, who killed her six children does not disprove the fact Putin is potentially the greatest criminal against humanity. Ever.

Tyrant Putin produced today a video of himself talking with his Defense Minister, Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, a pseudo-general. The defense minster breathed so heavily, you could see his chest inflate and deflate. His eyes were clearly coming out of their orbits. His gaping mouth was searching for words, but he couldn’t find them. This was a man, this Putin Defense Minister, terrorized by his boss, obviously wondering what was coming next.

The only plausible way out of the crisis we are in is to get rid of Putin.

NATO should consider itself at war with the Kremlin. If we lose Ukraine, we will lose everything, because Putin will not stop. He went too far already. He has probably already tripled his bodyguard. But all Russians need to know that humanity will be grateful if they do their duty, and that is not to obey, and if possible destroy, the nuclear tyrant.

Putin Delendus Est!

Patrice Ayme

Fail to obey the tyrant, all over the world, and that’s what you will get. Black smoke rises from a military airport in Chuguyev near Kharkiv on February 24, 2022. – Russian Nuclear Tyrant Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine … sounding exactly like the Nazis with their special operations and Zonderkommando (special commando in charge of extermination) finally, the tyrant’s foreign minister warned that a “full-scale invasion” was underway. (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS / AFP)

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