Putin is the first criminal ever to blackmail all of civilization. Putin has repeatedly threatened to extinguish all of humanity, turn us all to “radioactive ashes”, if his deranged will is not obeyed. Putin is so much worse than Hitler, that Sweden and Switzerland have joined the European Union in giving lethal help to Ukraine. Sweden and Switzerland had notoriously stayed “neutral” with Hitler… (actually helped Hitler militarily; Sweden with the 88mm guns and as main supplier of high quality iron; Switzerland even making Nazi ball bearings…)

Putin decided to operate outside of normal and expected reason, putting what he doesn’t like, Western style civilization, at risk. This rational decision to act irrational is core to Putin’s strategy. He wants to look scary and unpredictable: an enraged chimp uses the same method of striking terror in potential opponents. It is not reassuring: crazed chimps kill other chimps with gusto.. but chimps can never threaten all chimps, because chimps don’t have nukes.

Prior to Putin, the most famous criminal against humanity had been Adolf Hitler, supposedly a famously irrational actor. Comparing how Hitler and Putin marched to war show that their broad reasons are similar, namely that their dictatorships were doomed (this is the Kaiser Trap, in contradistinction with Thucydides Trap), and war was their last chance to impose their way.    

However, Hitler never explicitly threatened to extinguish any human group, let alone humanity. Hitler was hiding his evil, and the respect he commanded from the Germans depended upon it.

Putin flaunts his evil and has drenched the Slavic soul with blood. Hitler had weapons of mass destruction which he did not even consider using. Putin’s propaganda, and he himself and his sidekicks, are loudly threatening humanity with nuclear bombing.

A drastic conclusion arises: Putin has to be personally neutralized ASAP (the ICC can help). Putin should be treated like any other major terrorist… because he is the most major terrorist of them all. 

Putin wrote clearly that he wanted to reconstitute the Russian empire at fullest extent, including Poland, in the name of “similar”, or a “unity of language” and common mystical Slavic nature (it’s all pretty much delirious Polish and Serbo-Croat, or Ukrainian, are not Russian; Russians can’t understand Ukrainian).

Cowards say: let him have it, let Putin have all the Eastern Europe which used to be under Kremlin’s dominion. Such cowardice will only delay subjugation to Putin, rise the anxiety, and make worse the ultimate mayhem. The tyrant will be resisted, so will be able to achieve this, by becoming ever more evil, to the point he will lash out at the entire planet… as Putin is already doing. Like Hitler, after he defeated France, Putin will only grow stronger, more vicious and more ambitious if he defeats Ukraine. 

Hitler made clear that he wanted to unite all lands where Germans were found… including Poland… as a greater Germany…. So, basically, Putin and Hitler’s goals were the same: possessing Eastern Europe (in Hitler’s times, Eastern Europe was full of German and Jewish communities, even within greater “Slavic” ensemble. After 1945, surviving Germans were expelled, and the Jews were mostly dead).   

The Slavic commonwealth theory of Putin, where the Slavic soul has been victimized for centuries, according to an alternate theory of history, has much to do in spirit with the Nazi German superiority theory, a pile of self-contradictory garbage. Hitler used a biased version of history. Putin uses completely invented history, which is often the exact opposite of what happened. For example Putin claims that Poland used to be an Orthodox country (Poland was introduced to imperial Catholicism by the time of Charlemagne, well before the foundation of Kievian Rus, 5 centuries before the creation of Moscow).

Instead of being always victimized by the West, as Putin claims, the Slavs were often favored: Roman emperors authorized the Serbs to settle in what became Serbia (7C).  



The Nazis were mad to start with. Their racial superiority theory was a pile of self-contradictory lethal garbage, demonstrating their madness. Although Nazi actions resulted in the death of 100 million people, the Nazis had not planned this holocaust for all to see. The Nazis did not declare to the world: “Oh, we will kill all Poles, all Jews, all Gypsies, all Slavs, and all the individuals and races we don’t esteem”. Putin of course did. 

The Nazis started genocide as euthanasia (Aktion T4) in 1939. However, the mass extermination of innocent human groups and cities was accomplished by the Nazis and their organizations during the war, mostly out of vengeance… Vengeance started early, because the Nazi top leadership understood it had little chance of wining the war as soon as France and Britain declared war. Extermination was also convenient, as he created “Lebensraum”..

The Nazis had thousands of tons of nerve gas. However, the Nazis did not consider using nerve gas on CITIES… the same nerve gas that Putin and his allies used in Syria, killing thousands at a time. The Nazis knew that using nerve gas to kill dozens of millions, as they could have done, would have resulted in the annihilation of much of the German population, so they did not risk it. This shows that the Nazis were projecting, and acting upon, a more human image than Putin.

This informs us of four things: 1) Putin is worse than the Nazis: Putin threatened to kill all humanity, and uses this to impose his tyranny on civilization. With Putin the drawback of nuclear war, the extermination of humanity, becomes a virtue which is advertised

2) Out vengeance, like the Nazis, that war that he will lose, will make Putin more criminally inclined,lethal and vicious.  

3) A study of several major wars shows that drastic and brutal intervention by the good side early on would have prevented mega death. If the US had intervened by the side of France in WWI and WWII on day one, the fascists would have lost extremely fast (probably from internal coup, if not from embargo).

4) In 1939, when the Second World War started, the Nazis were posing as good guys for the whole world to see: they were just trying to reunite their country, and Poland had attacked them. These were lies: Nazis were no good, and Poland had not attacked them. 

Putin utters lies too, but Putin’s lies are obviously delirious, such as his call to “denazify” Ukraine, or that Ukraine, occupied by Russia since Catherine II, is actually a dependency of the Kremlin (when even the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, recognized Ukraine as a republic part of an “Union”).      



Hitler and his closest accomplices engaged in deliberate genocide. Hitler killed 6 millions Jews, 6 millions Poles, more than 17 millions civilians in thousands of extermination camps. Hitler killed more than twenty million Ukrainians and Russians. Hitler constituted a worldwide coalition of genocidal dictators like him. In chronological order: Stalin, Franco, Hirohito, Mussolini. Encouraged and incited by Hitler, Hirohito, fueled by US plutocrats, invaded China in full force, killing at least 40 millions Chinese. 

Yet Hitler never said publicly that he planned a genocide, or would engage in one. He was discreet about it. He had too, because he knew that the world, and even the Germans, would not tolerate it [1]. When German Jews disappeared, neighbors were told they had been removed for their own safety [2].

In Poland, Nazi leaders launched a genocide secretly, as early as the first day of invasion. Flour mills were destroyed, to starve Poles to death. The Auschwitz extermination camp was built for millions of Poles, and Jews. 

This Hitlerian genocide was enabled by Anglo-Saxon media which stayed mostly silent about it. Anglo-Saxon media was nearly as discrete about the Hitlerian genocide as the Nazis themselves. 

What Hitler was afraid of was to alert world public opinion to what the Nazis were really doing. Hitler gave orders to the US Nazi to not cause troubles in the USA.

Officially, the Nazis were angry against Poland because of the Dantzig (now Gdansk) corridor which the Versailles Treaty had given to Poland, cut off (“East”) Prussia from the rest of Germany. So the Nazis had a plausible reason to be unhappy.

The Poles, stiffened by a military treaty with France, were hard to negotiate with. At that point the UK, observing the fall of the Spanish Republic to the Nazis, finally aligned themselves with France. So Hitler made official his (previously secret) alliance with the Soviet Union, to try to scare off France and Britain. Then, after false flag operations, attacked Poland. Hitler was shocked when the unimaginable happened: France and Britain gave him an ultimatum to get out of Poland, and then declared war 48 hours later. The Soviets waited a few days to see if the French army was going to roll across the German frontier. When it didn’t, as previously convened, the Soviets invaded Poland from the east (that frustrated Hitler as the Soviets got the oil fields). 



The Nazis tried to hide their holocaust and were mostly successful about it because of the media control they had achieved within the Anglo-Saxon democracies. That happened because wealthy media owners, or wealthy capitalists in general, are intrinsically friendly to other individuals of great media power and even more real military power, in other words, political fascists. Great capitalists can make great deals with great fascists: the Harrimans made great deals with Hitler and Stalin, crucially (re)developing the giant Baku oil fields for Stalin. US capitalists flocked all over Nazi Germany to invest in a way not legally permitted in the US democracy. Similarly US capitalists bankrolled the acquisition of enormous materiel by the Spanish fascists: those loans created a rent for the wealthiest persons in the US for decades to come (as wisely the Spanish Caudillo stayed nearly neutral after he won power, so the Allies did not attack him).

There were officially more than a hundred cases of German soldiers arrested for refusing to follow orders they considered criminal, none prosecuted judicially. German soldiers of the Wehrmacht or SS did not actually face drastic consequences if refusing to obey a criminal order during the war.[3][4] Refusing a lawful order did however result in consequences, with 23,000 German soldiers executed for refusing orders.

There too we know that the highest Nazi authorities ordered to NOT prosecute such cases (of soldiers refusing to obey unlawful orders). Nazi authorities were afraid that if ONE such case became known, there would be a pandemic of disobedience in the German army.



On Monday 28 February, French president Macron called Putin. “Vladimir Putin stressed that a settlement is possible only if Russia’s legitimate security interests are unconditionally taken into account, including the recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea, the demilitarization and denazification of the Ukrainian state and ensuring its neutral status,” according to a Kremlin readout of the call, which was confirmed by French presidency. 

Denazification of Ukraine? The president, Zelinskyy is Jewish. Crimea became Ukrainian more than a millennium ago, centuries before the creation of Moscow. And why would a country monstrously threatened and devastated consent to disarmament? Even after the Nazis made a ceasfire with France at the end of June 1940, the Nazis did not even try to ask for French disarmement! The Nazis knew that if they asked for disarmment, the French would have kept on fighting.


‘Mama, I’m in Ukraine. There is a real war raging here. I’m afraid. We are bombing all of the cities, even targeting civilians’: Ukraine’s UN Ambassador reads texts from a Russian soldier to his mother moments before he was killed [3]…

In the Donbass, among those Putin pretend to be saving, the cruel tyrant is massively shelling civilians, and children, as he is doing in Kharkiv, also a Russian speaking city. Like the Catholic terrorist Inquisition of the Middle Ages, Putin saves people by killing them. Putin also destroyed the Babi Yar holocaust Memorial, a mass grave for 34,000 Jews assassinated by the Nazis in a ravine (criminal Putin may say it was an accident , but the Memorial was hit by three cruises missiles). Meanwhile 7,000 Russians were arrested in demonstrations against the war. The tyrant and his subjugation apparatus consider this high treason, and people can get twenty years in prison for it.

Putin’s internal propaganda claims that the West will stop interfering once a “small nuclear bomb” has been used… Well better a small nuclear bomb now than a huge nuclear war later. Huge nuclear war is what will have if we let the nuclear tyrant have his way now.

Putin delendus est!

Patrice Ayme

Bombing Of Residential areas of Kharkiv by Russian Forces, 28 February 2022. There is evidence, watching the videos of the usage of cluster bombs (designed to inflict casualties on civilians).


[1] The method Hitler used was to give clues to his “will”. When the Nazi “Justice” minister was told to not interfere with the killing of disabled German people, he was shown a (very rare) letter of Hitler.The Nazis exterminated around 250,000 Germans who were considered to be mentally or physically deficient. The first genocide Hitler had engaged in, the killing of 300,000 disabled people, was protested. The program was decried in Germany, and the Nazis had to stop making it official. In 1939 the killing of disabled children and adults began. All children under the age of three who had illnesses or a disability, such as Down’s syndrome, or cerebral palsy were targeted under the T4 programme (Aktion T4). A panel of medical experts were required to give their approval for the ‘euthanasia’, or supposed ‘mercy-killing’, of each child. On 24 August 1941, Hitler ordered the suspension of the T4 killings. 


[2] (because people were so very angry against the Jews for having started a world war… in truth it’s the French Republic seconded by the UK which declared war… because they were forced to by Hitler, as it was the only way to save civilization from an exterminator. The “Jews” had nothing to do with it.


[3] “We were told that they would welcome us and they are falling under our armored vehicles, throwing themselves under the wheels and not allowing us to pass,” the soon to be dead soldier wrote, according to Mr. Kyslytsya. “They call us fascists. Mama, this is so hard.

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  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    It is clear that Putin is demented. What is not clear is why either his Generals collectively have not yert removed him or a lone member of his entourage has not assassinated him.

    This situation proves once and for all beyond all doubt that dictatorships should be banned (and prevented from occurring) and that total power in the hands of a single man is so insane that that, too should be banned even by dictatorships. The Chinese and North Koreans allowing a single man to become “President for Life” is a recipe for total disaster – for THEIR OWN countries as for others. As I write, Kim Yong-un sits with H-bombs he could drop on Tokyo within 20 minutes of launch. THAT IS COMPLETELY INSANE, but is THANKS TO THE CCP. Equally clear is that “free world” weakness only encourages and strengthens dictators. Ukraine should have ben admitted to NATO years ago, as should Taiwan. One solution NOW might be to admit RUSSIA into NATO ……


    • D'Ambiallet Says:

      As Chris Snuggs said, Putin is completely demented. What to do? If I understand what you said, Putin should be put down like the rabid dog he is. This would be the easiest way out. Now Churchill had given orders not to assassinate Hitler. Still that would have saved millions as you said.
      So is that really your recommendation? Execute the dictator? It should be. Because Putin is a cornered rat at this point, and he would do anything, I think.


    • D'Ambiallet Says:

      Can’t admit Putin to NATO. Russia not a democracy
      Only democracies in NATO


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    No matter how the war started, and how Putin got started (KGB, WEF). And whatever Putin propaganda about Nazis in Ukraine, etc. At this point what matters is that Ukrainian territorial defense is getting armed, and that Putin is worse than Hitler (having threatened to extinguish us all, because of his grotesque completely counterfactual version of history, whom he is idiotic enough to really believe in). ..



  3. Gmax Says:

    This whole thing, this war is just unbelievable, even after reading you for all these years. Your arguments are cogent, but still can’t believe it. Seeing Hitler in real life, threatening to Auschwitz us all. Just bcs Putin wants a bigger empire


  4. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Here in France there is an entire cottage industry telling us that Ukraine is full of Nazis. You can hear them on the radio like RTL. Also some presidential candidates used to love Putin. It’s so good to read the voice of reason from you. Keep on with the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, I had such comments too… That’s why RT and company should be banned. Although I am against censorship, and although I like RT, I know it’s propaganda, but most people do not.


    • G. Viehmann Says:

      My sympathies are with the Ukrainians in this war. But I’m also convinced that the Azov Battalion has done war crimes. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a logic I do not subscribe to.
      I can understand the illiberal culture war against the russian language and russian artists since 2014 at least somewhat, but ethnical cleansing I can not accept.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        There are no Nazis in Ukraine and no ethnic cleansing except for the one conducted by Putin, a criminal against humanity who destroyed entire blocks of apartments in Moscow to get to absolute power.
        Repeating Putin propaganda makes people despicable, and co-criminal against humanity.
        The head of the Ukrainian state and of the Azov self-defense milice of part of Mariupol are Jews.
        Zelenski is not just a Jew, but a Russophone, and a famous one.
        Putin is killing Russians


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