Putin Becoming More Evil, Kremlin Says

We are fighting Nazis!” said Putin to the Russian public, March 3. The more successful evil is, the bolder and the more vicious it gets. This is why not fighting in full force as early as possible Putin… makes him more successful, hence more bellicose. We had the same problem with Hitler, Mussolini, or the Kaiser, a while back…

Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin told French democratically elected President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday March 3, 2022, in a 90 minutes conversation, that Russia will achieve the goals of its invasion of Ukraine, whatever happens, the Kremlin said. Victory at all and any cost: this was confirmed by the French presidency. Macron said that the destruction will get much worse, and Putin intends to conquer all of Ukraine. Why is Macron waiting to send sophisticated (French made) Aster anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine?

The Kremlin made clear its goals included what it perfidiously calls the “demilitarisation, de-Nazification and neutrality” of Ukraine. However anybody who read or listened to Putin knows that Putin intends to make Ukraine part of Russia… Putin has excoriated Lenin, founder of the USSR, for recognizing Ukraine as a republic. Putin made very clear that he views this as a terrible mistake, and “debolchevization” means to incorporate Ukraine within Russia: no more supposedly independent Ukrainian republic.

Where does Putin come from mentally? Ivan the Terrible! The first Czar! I am not trying to be funny, I am quoting Putin’s closest advisers, men Putin has worked with for half a century (they wer in the KGB together). According to these oligarchs, Ivan the Terrible has been wildly misrepresented, is the guiding light of Russia (Peter the Great was too westernized…) Oh, yes, because they are all oligarchs. Putin’s spokesperson, for example is a multibillionaire who was just struck by sanctions…

Any attempts by Kyiv to delay negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian officials would result in Moscow adding more items to a list of demands it has already set out, it said.

Vladimir Putin outlined in detail the fundamental approaches and conditions in the context of negotiations with representatives of Kyiv. It was confirmed that, first of all, we are talking about the demilitarisation and neutral status of Ukraine, so that a threat to the Russian Federation will never emanate from its territory,” the statement said.

It was emphasised that the tasks of the special military operation will be fulfilled in any event, and attempts to gain time by dragging out negotiations will only lead to additional demands on Kiev in our negotiating position.

The statement said Russia’s so-called “special operation” in Ukraine was going “according to plan“. It said reports that Russian forces were bombarding Kyiv were part of an “anti-Russia disinformation campaign“, and that Russian forces were doing all they could to protect civilians. Meanwhile Putin said on TV that “Ukrainians and Russians were one people“… And that the “special military operation will get rid of Neo-Nazis“. In the city of Enerhodar, Putin’s soldiers are attacking Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Putin eradicate Ukrainian breweries with giant bombs (breweries have been making Molotov cocktails).

Putin oligarchic dictatorship calls its actions in Ukraine a “special operation” that it says is not designed to occupy territory but to destroy its southern neighbour’s military capabilities and capture what it regards as dangerous nationalists… which it calls “Neo-Nazis”.

This week, Ukraine, and 2 days later, Moldova, applied to the European Union. Only democracies can apply to the European Union. Today the Ukrainian Parliament met in full session, in Kyiv, passing a law, asking for a no-fly zone. Ukraine voted to become associated (it’s an official status) to the European Union a decade ago, and was accepted. In reaction, Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014 and 2015, first in Crimea, and then the Donbass… The traitor to democracy, admirer, and sucker of oligarchs, weak noodle Obama, didn’t do anything, as he repeated in his actions the World Economic Forum/Davos mantra that “the cold war was over twenty years ago” (Obama’s scripted reply to Romney in presidential debate). The world global plutocracy loved the more than 500 Russian oligarchs ruling Russia: they put so much money in the West (thus augmenting inequality, the plutocracy, in the West). The joke has been to call London, Londongrad. But not just that: same as with Hitler or Mussolini, western plutocrats have loved the deals they could make with their colleagues in Russia.

Last year, 2021, the USA sent 17 billion dollars in payment for oil to dictator Putin, 22 million dollars a day… “it’s only ten percent of what we are importing” Jan Psaki White House spokesperson replied to Fox News in a conference, 3/3/2022. Politically correct states such as Massachussets import Liquefied Natural Gas from dictator Putin… coming out of French built LNG terminals in Russia. Europe, of course has been financing the nuclear dictators Putin and Xi, even more. All energy imports from the dictator should be stopped. Pelosi just said, she supported Senator Manchin (Democrat, West Virginia)’s proposition to ban all oil imports from Russia… she was all for cutting off the oil! Wow! We are unused to Pelosi showing common sense…

Destroying civilian areas is a war crime:

Wanted, dead or alive, Vlad The Mad… A residential block destroyed by bombing in Borodyinka, 30 kilometers nort-west of Kyiv. There are such destruction from bombs as strong as small tactical nuclear bombs all over Ukraine.

The Biden administration persists with the myth that democracy is not at war with the nuclear tyrant. But it is. Another word for those full of tyrant propaganda: they often claim that the US attacked lots of countries, so it’s OK if Putin does it too. Symmetry, they claim, as the good tyrannical parrots they are. But there is no symmetry: I was strongly opposed to the attack on the Iraq dictatorship in 2003. But that’s the point: Iraq was a dictatorship. The US and France attacked only dictatorships.  

Biden is so weak, that he has not yet banned Russian oil imports… while many energy private companies have, on their own, done so, refusing to import one barrel of oil from Russia since the invasion: private companies have more courage, Pelosi herself has more courage, than the so-called leader of the free world. Does he wear diapers?

Volunteer pilots in US A 10 could, should shoot it off with the barbaric invaders. This was done in world war two: volunteer US pilots flocked to Britain and China (“Flying Tigers”). The Flying Tigers were later incorporated in the US air force, aftet the US joined the war. The Flying Tigers saved one major Chinese city from the fascist invaders… When the Japanese imperial forces got in some Chinese cities, they conducted giant massacres, around 300,000 civilians killed in Nanjing alone in 1937

In the Russian occupied city of Kherson, 16 Ukrainian youth were executed by firing squad, by the Russian invaders, to encourage pro-Putin sentiment.

Patrice Ayme

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11 Responses to “Putin Becoming More Evil, Kremlin Says”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Indeed why not put a reward, WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, VLAD THE MAD? As for a common terrorist? VLAD the Mad is shelling a nuclear power plant


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Senator Lindsey Graham folloed my lead (I tweeted to him prior) and asked, several times on TV, to please have somebody come and kill Putin. A Fox anchor was all indignant…


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    New York Times is blocking all my comments on Ukraine. Is it because I was right about Putin’s pathology? I am not civil about Putin? Does the New York Times have a black list of those who can’t tell the truth about Putin? NYT pretend it blocks only comments which are not civil!


    • ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

      Personally I think the blacklist has been compiled over the past twenty or so years, and includes many people. This list has been shared, in my opinion, among the participants of the trusted news initiative. So, when big tech censors in accord with the itemization of this special list, it is across-the-board, all big tech platforms, and it is complete.

      When the CV thing started a couple years ago, the list was more hightly activated just for that case, as I can attest by the TOTAL censorship of my posts on all social platforms in which I engage, excepting for prior contacts (their attempt to cloak the scheme).

      It’s the step-function that always gives it away. One day, it’s kinda normal, then for the next two years the switch is set to OFF. We have no kind of free expression in the world now, including here, excepting perhaps for the occasional USPS letter, and of course speaking in person. I’ve been trying to get old-time addresses, but even that is real slow going. I need a postage meter now.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I have been blacklisted by some… more than 20 years ago already…
        NYT banned me for more than a decade, for opposing the NYT pushing the Iraq invasion….
        Gates banned me bad….


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        People who are not, like you and me, trying to get through social media do not realize the blacklisting.

        It’s not just the Internet. It’s happening in business and law on an industrial scale…. Similarly the plutocratic class is excellent at blacklisting, and those who rub with it learn extremely fast that blacklisting is the essence of the thing. I litterally had shouting matches in from of hundreds of the wealthy about this, with members of the Deep State, typically extrmely wealthy and hyper influential HEIRS… It got to the point my daughter, 9 year old, was thrown out of her school… Politicians got in the know, I saw how they reacted… They nearly tapped my phone right away (or at least listened to conversations… Without meaning knowing they did so directly…)


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Let’s see if the establishment master thinker, or is that sinker, David Brooks and the NYT censors will block, where I quote ironically his 2 pence feel-good optimism:
    The “moral flame fueled this week will not burn strong, in the end,” if Putin has his way and turns us all to “radioactive ashes”, as he hinted, and his main mouthpiece explicitly said several times.
    To have a moral flame, one needs people, and the too little too late strategy of the 1930s is being repeated right now, encouraging the dictator to become ever more brutal.


  4. Patrick Gilliland Says:

    We’ll said, the next Hitler wannabe


  5. Don Kemerling Says:

    “In the Russian occupied city of Kherson, 16 Ukrainian youth were executed by firing squad, by the Russian invaders, to encourage pro-Putin sentiment.”

    Don Kemerling:
    That’s just the way these things tend to go.


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