THIRD WORLD WAR STARTED: Because World War Is Putin’s Only Way Out

Weak, uneducated, disastrous western politicians insist that Putin should be appeased: no Western plane should fly over Ukraine, a sovereign democracy… Because a genocidal tyrant invading said country ordered them not to establish a No Fly Zone.  The corrupt, trembling politicians whine that they don’t want to offend Putin, lest he escalates. Let Putin escalate only when he wants to, those silly cowards insist, not when we force him in any way. It is in their faces, but they refuse to se it: Putin has started WWIII.

The western politicians who refuse to fight Putin guarantee a large nuclear world war, thus the opposite of what they claim to prevent. Why? Because they insist Putin should be free to escalate when he wants,  Because as I will explain, Putin, even if he defeats Ukraine, will have to escalate, or he will be killed. And, as Putin is the world’s most selfish person, he will do anything to survive, killing entire countries to bend them to his devouring will, hoping that the threat of turning nations to “radioactive ashes” will submit them all.

Putin has engaged in crimes against humanity for 23 years. Now he knows everybody in the West is figuring that out, so he, and his regime has to win, or die. However now that the rest of the world, except fellow dictatorships, is outraged with the Putin tyranny, its inhumanity, and atrocity. So Putin’s regime will find itself in a very hostile confrontation with the rest of the world, isolated and doomed, as Russia will be cut-off technological progress. As time passes, Putin’s tyranny will find itself in an increasingly vulnerable position. 

Indeed, a closed society cannot compete in innovation with open societies. As it is, Russian weapons use Western (for example Franco-Italian) electronics, and other open market devices. As Russia gets cut-off technologically, its military will be in danger of becoming obsolete… So it will have to be used right away as we see now.

One obvious mitigation for his increasingly difficult situation will be for Putin to drag the other dictatorships of the world into an alliance, as happened in the 1930s, when the fascist regimes made a grand alliance of Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, Mussolini, Franco, and a few others.

The final solution, though, as Russia gets poorer, will be to compensate by seizing territory and loot those newly conquered territories: this is what Nazi Germany did systematically in the territories it conquered, while the German economy got concentrated on weapon making. (Countries such as France or Ukraine got plundered for food and basic commodities. The Netherlands got nearly starved to death.)

In other words, the only logic, going forward, for Putin is to extend the war, make it worldwide, and hope to cowe the West into submission by threatening to use nuclear weapons.  

Putin started this war, because war was the only way to ensure the survival of his tyranny: polls showed young people were (finally!) turning against his senile, hateful, vicious rule. He need the distraction.

Putin Delendus Est

Patrice Ayme

Putin uses bombs in Ukraine which the Russian military considers equivalent to tactical nuclear weapons. Putin bomb in Ivano-Frankivsk, central Ukraine.

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8 Responses to “THIRD WORLD WAR STARTED: Because World War Is Putin’s Only Way Out”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    So let’s have WW3 now so we won’t have it later?

    Well. You seem to say the more we wait the worst it will get. The weak say that there is a way to avoid worse by giving up on Ukraine. You are probably right


  2. Don Kemerling Says:

    Don Kemerling

    Ukraine attacked ethnic Russians in Ukraine. They have killed thousands in the last several years. If Americans were attacked en masse in Canada, I think we would respond similarly, and if another country escalated the violence by providing more weapons to carry out their treachery, it could get very serious. Culture is more important to people than national boundaries. Iran has no boundary interest in Yemen or Lebanon. They don’t seek to create an empire.

    They fight for people with whom they feel a cultural attachment.
    It’s people that are important to Putin, IMO.

    Everybody is reading his mind, and I hate to do the same, but there is word that he’s offered a deal to Zelensky to partition the country at the Dneiper River. Zelensky says, “not an inch,” which means that the people of eastern Ukraine should be killed or removed. They have been doing so for years. We aid them. The ethnic Russians only asked for a semi-autonomous pair of republics. Kiev should have stuck to the Minsk agreements.

    America’s determined to destroy Putin, and we’ll fight him to the last Ukrainian.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      This is one of Putin’s agents, repeating the lies of the nuclear tyrant. Earlier he compared Putin to Lincoln! he is amazing! I have studied Nazism all my life, but this probably takes the grand prize in the futures category…

      To one of Putin’s agents [wasting time fighting Putin’s $$$$$$]:
      President Zelenskyy is an ethnic Russian. Your usage of grammar, calling “Ukraine”, “they” is as slippery as your facts. How did Ukraine kill a single ethnic Russian? Just give me one example!
      Professor Mearshmeir, a “neo-realist”, makes a career of being an idiot. He is realistic: he earns good money by telling lies, he even wrote a book about it.
      For example he claims the US pushed Ukraine into the EU. This is false at face value and for excellent theoretical reasons (the US and its plutocracy don’t like the French dominated EU).
      You are just repeating the worst tyrant’s ever ludicrous assertions. Minsk required Russia to evacuate the Donbass before anything else. It’s Putin who refused Minsk. People are very important to Putin, you say, in a supreme effort at finding Hitler friendly to ovens of the nuclear sort.
      Indeed: when Putin said YOU must die, YOU don’t deserve to live,
      YOU will be turned into “radioactive ashes”… If HIS will is not implemented. You find that humanitarian, like the thousands of dead children in Ukraine, soon to be killed by Putin, he said today. Maybe you don’t understand Russian?

      From 2014, about the US:


  3. Don Kemerling Says:

    Your mind is closed on the subject of US hegemony. Understood.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Is EU in US hegemony? Your mind is closed around your guide, the bare chested dwarf. A tyrant more disgusting than Hitler… and you repeat word for word Putin’s insanities about Nazis. Granted, everybody has to make a living but serving lethal fascism for a living, deserves annihilation.


  4. Don Kemerling Says:

    The moral problem is war. These things happen in wars. When Kyiv was waging war on the breakaway republics there were atrocities. When we waged war on Iraq, even if they said it was a war against Saddam, there were atrocities. When you favor one set of atrocities over another, what do you call that?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The problem is first of all, nuclear terrorism by a mass murdering tyrant. Second the attack of a plutocracy on a large democracy.
      Third too many corrupt idiots full of hatred, who never saw a lethal psychopath they didn’t love.

      Don’t “WE” me about the Iraq war I was 100% against it, and campaigned against it, although Saddam was a dictator (yet not as bad as Putin).
      Kyiv was not waging war against breakaway republics bcs they didn’t exist. Kyiv did not target civilans under massive bombardments.


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