Learn The Truth, Putin Loving Devils: NATO Is The European Army, And You Are Traitors To Democracy

Tyrant Putin, in power for 25 years, hates democracy, so he hates Europe, and especially the European Union, which requires democracy to join the Union. 21 of the NATO countries are EU members. Adding the UK, that’s 22 European countries, 2 of which, UK and France, are nuclear armed. Actually, 28 countries of NATO are European countries. So NATO is, de facto, the European army.

The only non-European powers in NATO are the USA, and Canada. Contrarily to repute, most “offensive” operations of NATO were originated by France, not the US. An example is the Libyan war, to get rid of the crazy dictator Qaddafi… something advocated first, and very loudly, not to say cogently, by yours trule. See:”Humanism is Force“… (That Libya went wrong after eliminating the tyrant Qaddafi happened from lack of follow-up…)

And what are Canada and the USA? Are they foreign, alien, distant powers, imposing their hegemony on Europe? No. The USA is the red, white and blue child of France and Britain. And Canada is even meeker. Yes, France and Britain had been a dysfunctional couple since a French army conquered England in 1066 CE. But a couple nevertheless, and their relationship with their child has been complicated.

Much of US hegemony on Europe comes from the deliberate choice of Europe. For example, France has a century of frackable gas (it would seem). But French law forbids to even explore the possibility. Better to buy the gas from dictators…

Parroting the nuclear terrorist Putin does not make thinking good. There was no NATO-USSR agreement in 1990. Just some of the off the cuff remarks by Baker about East Germany. Sovereign countries have a right to enter into treaties, especially of self defense. Russia does not have the right to tell other countries what to sign. Especially a defensive treaty.

Article 42-7 of the EU constitution is similar to NATO article 5: attack on one is attack on all.

Those Putin agents who claim that NATO should not exist thus claim that Europe should not have a defense system.

NATO functions with unanimous decisions, and is not dictatorship. So when France, a founding member of NATO, decided to quit the integrated NATO military command, because of disagreement about the Vietnam war, she stayed out for 40 years… while still a member of NATO… and still initiating and leading several NATO wars, such as the war against the Serbian dictatorship and its proxies.

In 2008 France blocked Ukraine from NATO membership… But a negotiation replaced that by a promise of integration later. NATO only admits democracies. In 2008, the problem was already Putin, who invaded Georgia, taking 20% of it, because Georgia wanted to integrate the EU. Same problem developped with Ukraine, which got associated to the EU (same as Turkey in 1961…)

Russia was told in the 1990s, that, should it confirm its democratic status, it could integrate NATO, and Putin himself admitted that he was for it… Early on in his first (illegitimate) presidency… It probably dawned on him that the EU would find out, by sniffing around, how he got elected president, and what it did in Chechnya… Plus it would compromise his grand plan of ruling the planet the way the USSR was.

So now he has found the way: terrorize the entire planet with his nukes… Thus getting his way.

On March 4 2022 , The European Union peacekeeping force in Bosnia (EUFOR) said that France would conduct fast-jet training flights over Bosnia in light of the deteriorating security situation internationally. Bosnia lies hundreds of miles from the fighting but is facing an increasingly assertive Bosnian Serb separatist movement that gets support from Moscow. Bosnia, like Ukraine, has long said it wants to join NATO – a position that has infuriated the Kremlin which said in March 2021 it would react if Bosnia took steps towards joining NATO. The Bosnian Serbs, led by pro-Russian Milorad Dodik, suddenly want to secede and join Serbia.

The Bosnian war started when “Serb” racist partisans tried to eliminate the Muslim population of Bosnia, much of it gathered in the capital, Sarajevo. The “Serbs” started a siege with more than 300 guns, from the mountains around. France intervened, under UN mandate, and exerted counter-strikes. UK helped morphed into a UN mandated NATO mission, dragging in a reluctant Clinton. All this infuriates Putin because his shamans told him all this should be under the sway of Moscow. Yes, Putin consults with shamans and “Old Believers”, such as Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov, a monk… And the irreplaceable Satanic “philosopher” Dugin...

In September 2021, Putin referenced at a school in Vladivostok “the tragedies” of the 1917 Russian revolution and the collapse of the Soviet Union. He suggested that had they not occurred, Russia’s population might now be 500 million strong (versus an actual 146 million). This matters because dwindling demographics pose a significant challenge to Russia’s long-term viability as a great power. Putin concluded that “It is necessary to look at what was the basis of these tragic events so that in no case can anything like this happen in the future. How can we strengthen ourselves, in what way, how can we build relationships with neighbors?”  

Well, in Putin’s deranged mind, “we” need a tyrant to get stronger…

Fascist political scientist John Mearsheimer, revered by the dim minded, opines that “If Ukraine becomes a pro-American liberal democracy, and a member of nato, and a member of the E.U., the Russians will consider that categorically unacceptable.” And why is this? Because the way of the stronger is most correct. Says the vile idiot: …”this is great-power politics. When you’re a country like Ukraine and you live next door to a great power like Russia, you have to pay careful attention to what the Russians think, because if you take a stick and you poke them in the eye, they’re going to retaliate. States in the Western hemisphere understand this full well with regard to the United States.

How did Ukraine poke the  Russians in the eye? Well, by associating to the EU. 

And what makes the Moscovite empire great? Fossil fuels, nukes and Putin? Wisdom is to get rid of all of them.

Those who hate NATO hate what is de facto the EU defense force. Moreover, the argument that Europe does not deserve an army and should be defenseless is simply racist. Europe minus Russia has 20 times the nominal GDP of Russia, and 4 times the population: it’s a greater power. 

Patrice Ayme 

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24 Responses to “Learn The Truth, Putin Loving Devils: NATO Is The European Army, And You Are Traitors To Democracy”

  1. Isaac Roccisano Says:

    Patrice Ayme I think labelling NATO as an EU army is slightly disingenuous.
    You seem to insinuate that coercion, puppet regimes, covert operations and rampant propaganda from the western front is nonexistent.
    Also to suggest the ussr ever ruled the planet is quite insulting, especially in consideration the cumulative power the west currently maintains in what quite obviously appears to be an inch away from totalitarianism.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I never insinuated “that coercion, puppet regimes, covert operations and rampant propaganda from the western front is nonexistent.”
      This is my bread and butter!
      Actually famous examples of puppets are Lenin, Stalin, Mussolinin, Hitler, Hirohito, and of course that WEF darling, the assassin and nuclear terrorist Putin…

      The USSR co-ruled the planet by the terror it inspired, and now Putin is trying to terrorize all as he has more nukes, and speak as if he was going to use some.


  2. Robert S Hughes Says:

    Yes the CIA was once wedded to the KGB in every bed they both made , but divorced when the USSR wound its’ Soverign Political existance up, back in 1991. Not sure who the KGB remarried but sure it has changed its name, even though being the same personality and pursuing the same ends. And possibly the ‘bit on the side’ Russia is trying to woo/war with is unfortunately Ukraine, one of the few and diminishing Beauties in our World still neighbouring close enough to Russia to suffer bullying and assult without fear of consequences. I hope there will be truth for Russian citizens to quote the old saying of the Independant Nations that ‘You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.


  3. Gmax Says:

    I don’t think those who love Putin like truth


  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    Let us not get carried away by the democracy in Ukraine. The current regime came in on a coup, then Zelenskyy won in a subsequent election. The coup and the subsequent cementing was based on $6 billion from the US (according to the US official responsible for overseeing it) and $6 billion should buy some enthusiasm.

    Look at Zelenskyy’s pledge towards democracy. Covid cut a swathe through the country but Zelenskyy refused to order mass vaccines from the West. His opposition leader, Medvedchuk, negotiated to have the Russian vaccine made freely by Ukrainian companies, so what happened next? Zelenskyy banned that. Medvedchuk told the country through his TV channel. Zelenskyy closed down any TV channel that criticised him. He subsequently placed Medvedchuk under house arrest, and took all his money. If you think that is the sign of democracy, I disagree. Ukraine is an oligarchy, they want NATO because that brings in US dollars, and the western media are falling over themselves to support such oligarchs because they think democracy is so important. Plato could easily have foreseen this mess in which it is the ordinary Ukrainian that is paying.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “Current regime came in on a coup?” Yes, of course, 73% votes for Zelinskyy can only be a coup (against preceding president, Pereshrenko). You are going to tell me that Zelinsky also bombs Ukrainian hospitals… As Putin just said. Fascist Kremlin propaganda is victimizing more than Ukrainians.


  5. G. Viehmann Says:

    I’ve read the Mearsheimer Conversation:
    I agree that China is the bigger problem for the US, but I don’t think that the USA should work together with a war criminal of Putin’s caliber to counter China. China’s population will decline in time, the US (but maybe not Taiwan) is powerfull enough to wait that long.
    I agree that going after Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was Hybris, but more important was that the US, and later most of the West, were lying about why they started that war (WDMs) and what they (supposedly) wanted to achieve (Freedom and Democracy). There seems to be confusion in the West about what our ideals and goals are.
    I agree that sending the Ukrainian men in the Russian meatgrinder and suffering all that horror and destruction is irrational. But that is not our decision to make. Now we should support a young, instable, european democracy fighting for its life (preferably without starting WW3).
    Let’s speak softly and carry a big stick.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Putin and Xi have long been allies. This is not about the generality of Russia and China, Dimwits like Mearsheimer talk that way, hiding the fact that this is a plutocratic and even autocratic phenomenon.
      China under Chou En Lai or Deng Tsiaoping was no problem. It has become a problem with Xi.

      I was stridently against the Iraq war. But it was against a dictator, one whom the West baited and switched.
      France prevented a UN war authorization, so the opposition to the US was large.

      All those who equate Ukraine and Iraq are either parroting Putin, or don’t know the difference between dictatorship and democracy. Notice the Ian Miller comment where Z is accused by inuendo of a coup…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      If one is going to die, one may as well die for something valuable, such as freedom.


  6. Don Kemerling Says:

    The search engines confirm that “the final solution” was devised after the war was going full scale. Certainly there was mass killing of Jews before that, but it was much less organized. It isn’t important what Nazis say, but what they do. The Nazis are in Ukraine, fighting the Russians.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You do not know the history of Nazism well. Using search engines to find the truth is possible, only to an extent, and requires skill. Perpetrators have no interest to make their crimes blatant. To this day there are real fascists active, and they hide their tracks. Dugin, Putin’s philosopher, is a good example. These are NUCLEAR NAZIS, a new species.

      That you keep on spreading the lie of the nuclear fascist from the Kremlin that he is fighting Nazis in Ukraine makes you an accomplice of baby killing in Ukraine, a democracy. How did you like the maternity bombing?


  7. Don Kemerling Says:

    I bet you haven’t listened to the interviews conducted by Oliver Stone, as I suggested.
    You keep complaining about the plutocracy. Our plutocracy mangled the economy of the recently fallen Soviet Union, and created enormous chaos in the country. Their political operatives were there, in person, making sure they had their own plutocracy. The pathetic drunkard, Boris Yeltsin, took over, and we witnessed the shelling of the parliament because the people elected socialists. There was little concern from the west, obviously because they were socialists.
    It’s hard to say how Yeltsin chose Putin as his successor. Maybe someone convinced him while he was drunk.
    In any case, Putin had enormous problems to deal with. It was an ongoing catastrophe. That seems to be what the west wanted. Vladimir Posner makes a pretty good argument that the west created Putin, the phenomenon. There’s a YouTube video where he makes the argument.
    Soon Putin was diverging from the will of the west. It’s interesting that you say you became ferociously anti-Putin for 20 years, because the author of the book The Plot to Scapegoat Russia, says that his first act that annoyed the west was the vote against permitting the Iraq War, in the UN Security Council. If you were against the war, that should have earned a point from you. If only that had stopped the war.
    Putin has a regard for history that is important to his decision making. He remembers hugely destructive invasions from the west, and that has everything to do with what’s going on in Ukraine. One should not dismiss what the Biden Administration knew would happen when they refused to push the Minsk Agreements and armed the Ukrainians. Not Biden, but the neocons calculated this terror we are witnessing. It’s all part of the plan. Biden is just a foolish puppet.


    • Gregory Golberg Says:

      Don Kemerling “Putin has a regard for history that is important to his decision making. He remembers hugely destructive invasions from the west”
      Like which one?
      I have a regard for history that includes snuffboxes and celebrations of Drs Cheyne and Stokes 😉


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Don Kemerling You are wonderful. Instead of talking to nuclear war criminal Putin, we can talk to you. I have generally adressed these questions in great detail… in the last 20 years. But you regurgitate not just fascist Putin lies… but also you re… See more


  8. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Hard to believe how fanatical and devious Putin partisans are, like some writing here and on your Facebook. I thought about what you said, that Putin will go nuclear to win. That he can’t afford to lose. This is scarier than the Cuban missile crisis.


  9. Don Kemerling Says:

    Patrice Ayme ok, I can play that game. Patrice wants the world to end in nuclear war.


  10. Gregory Golberg Says:

    Apparently I got banned from facebook for 30 days for the comment saying “if you want to know what Putin thinks open his skull and take the brain out, while he’s still alive preferably on Pay Per View”


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