Putin And Hitler Rescuing Minorities: No Lie Is Big Enough

Russians are told that Putin is morally superior, just as Germans had been told that Hitler was morally superior. The Nazis said they were liberating oppressed (German) minorities. Putin is following the same method: rescuing Slavic minorities.

The worst thing about Putin’s propaganda is that so many in the West believe it. That turns them into collaborators of Putin. They do not just repeat fake news, false facts, and deep fakes, They also repeat viciously tweaked logic, much of it invented by the cruel and deranged proponents of Kremlin domination influencing Putin, one shaman at a time..

This is a major problem. Social media is inundated by counter-truths such as Ukraine is full of Nazis and not a democracy. Also that Ukrainians have committed genocide in Ukraine, killing thousands of Russophones. They link to fake pictures where Nazi flags have been crudely added. Now some of these western supporters of Putin have PhDs, or are radio hosts.

The French Republic has great experience in war, especially world wars (France spent 10% of the Twentieth Century waging world war). France knows one cannot win a war if one does not achieve moral superiority. But that is impossible if one believes all what Putin and his criminal organizations say. So France banned the Putin propaganda channels Sputnik and RT a few weeks ago, and the entire European Union followed. To end this horrendous war, Russians have to realize that they have been lied to by a gang of criminals who took over their country.

Patrice Ayme

[“Times Pick”]

Russian bombing in Sumy, Ukraine, February 24, 2022.

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