In the antique and medieval past, commanders would sack some cities, and sometimes utterly destroy others. However war criminal Putin has invented a new way of war, “rubbling”. Yes, even medieval warriors did not have it, because it was so useless, and inhuman. Yes Putin’s way necessitated a new verb! 

The deepest reason why Putin does this is not really new: Hitler invented it. War criminality is psychological control, through other means.

Rubbling turns cities into rubble, small piece of hard material pulverized by bombs. Putin rubbled Chechnya, Grozny, and much of Syria. Rubbling achieves three objectives: terrorizing the population, forcing it to flee, and hiding genocide. Indeed Putin and his colleagues claim that civilians who didn’t flee massive bombardment are obviously “enemy combatants”, so Putin feels legally entitled to kill all those “enemy combatants”. The end result is massive depopulation. That’s how Syria found itself with 14 million refugees, and how the large and ancient city of Aleppo was “rubbled”… with the benediction of US president Obama (the one whose main mission was to pose as in the White House while brown). 

Putin’s “rubbling” strategy is fundamentally criminal. The laws of war are not to strike civilian targets deliberately and exclusively. According to the World Health Organization, Putin forces struck more than 36 hospitals in Ukraine in the first three weeks of the conflict. The lame excuse, which was demonstrated to be a lie on the ground, was that the Ukrainian army is based in hospitals.

Putin forces search for and strike schools and food distribution and production centers. Striking food production is how the Nazis started their genocide in Poland, September 1, 1939. The Nazis in particular struck flour mills deliberately, to starve the Polish population to death. 

By bombing purely civilian objectives, Putin’s soldiers terrorize the civilian population by design

Terror is useful, indeed, but not just for terror’s sake. There is a deeper objective  pursued: transforming Putin’s army into an army of devils… and transforming Russia in an empire of self-conscious evil.

A Mongol army besieged and destroyed Kyiv in 9 days, starting November 28, 1240. 96% of the population was massacred… although the wounded commander was spared by the Mongols for his bravery. The Mongol army was an army of devils, probably animated by racial hatred for the rather blonde, white and tall Vikings of Rus. 

The problem that  homicidal dictators such as Hitler, Putin and Xi have, is that they rule over populations who have heard of racial hatred, human rights and genocides. Asking a Roman, Frankish or Mongol army to massacre an entire city was not difficult. 

However, for Putin to incite his army to massacre Ukraine is more difficult.

So the first thing Putin did was to persuade his own population that Russophones were the object of a genocide in Ukraine. However as Russian soldiers push through large Russian speaking cities such as Kharkiv, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia, Chernihiv, Sumy, they discover everybody hates them and they are taking part in a war of aggression, a war crime.

Hitler had the same problem: the progressive realization through the population of the Great Thousand Year Reich that accusing the Jews to have launched a world war couldn’t hide the fact Germany had become a huge war criminal enterprise. So how come the Germans kept on working hard for the demented dictator? Because, precisely, Hitler had made it so that millions of Germans engaged in war crimes. 

Modern dictators have weaponized the notion of war criminality. War crimes are committed not just to terrorize, but to initiate their perpetrators to criminal behavior. They are not just rites of passage, they are not just neurohormonal transformations, they are how to buy loyalty by becoming partners in crime. 

SS officers in training pierced the eyes of live kittens. That could be viewed as toughening them up, but the ultimate toughening was the moral Rubicon of committing war crimes. Once a crime has been committed, the deep human instinct of evil in action has been activated:

 the perpetrator has passed the tipping point into neurohormonal hell and its delights.

But not only that: those who have engaged in war crimes can be blackmailed by possible revelation, should their side falter so have interest to make sure to win by all and any menas, and leave no embarrassing witnesses behind.

War criminals have a neurological interest to depict his, or her, acts as morally justified… to make the perpetration of evil coherent with the love instinct. So it’s out of deep love and decency that the soldiers of Putin kill “Nazis” to save “Russians”. Similarly the original Nazis killed whoever was in the way to save Germans.

Where does it stop? It doesn’t. War criminality produces ever more war criminals. On the face of it, as Putin’s war of aggresion is the ultimate war crime, all those who obey his order to kill Ukrainians are themselves war criminals. To make sure that their war criminality will augment, orders have been given to loot civilians: one thing leads to another, reports have been made of rape-murder, summary execution, shooting on civilians, journalists, armored  vehicles have been caught on video crushing passenger cars with civilaians inside. Let alone bombing maternity and children hospitals… False flags operations have been conducted by the dozens, including strikes against Russia by Russians, or against Belarus (the Belarussian army has refused to fully attack Ukraine, although pressed hard to do so by Putin).

War criminality on an industrial scale is a factory and a chain reaction.

Putin’s hope is that, if he must use nuclear weapons, to force a victory, otherwise elusive, the top Russian generals will have been already involved deeply enough in Putin’s war criminality. Deeply enough, that the generals will be incapable of saying no when Putin orders nukes. 
War criminality is Putin’s safety psychological mechanism, key to his coming use of weapons of mass destruction. There is no other way for him to win.

Patrice Ayme 

Pregnant woman wounded in Russian aerial bombing of her maternity ward. Buildings are those of a hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, a Russian speaking port city of half a million people. She and her baby died the next day. You can see her torn flesh in the picture. Criminal Putin and his vile and criminal parrots insist that Ukrainians are self-bombing, or that hospitals are military facilities. The WHO said that more than 40 Ukrainian hospitals were systematically bombed. Another war crime. Those who think that, by doing nothing against war crimes, they will not fall victim to them, are not just vile cowards and criminals, they are also idiots.


One Response to “PUTIN WAR CRIMINAL FACTORY (short version)”

  1. Gmax Says:

    So you are saying that the more Biden drags his old feet, the worse it gets, bcs the more criminal Russia gets, same as Naxi Germany? That the Jews got killed bcs of delaying?


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