Putin’s Genocide As His Preferred Strategy

To the untrained Western mind, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine looks incompetent and idiotic, an undeniable failure. But may be Putin has found a pretext to do what he really wants to do, genocide.

True, Putin’s Blitzkrieg did not work. Ukrainian forces defeated the initial Russian campaign of this war. Putin assumed he could take major airports around Kyiv, and land large forces there. However, the Ukrainians retook the airports and shot down several large transport planes. As armored thrusts were launched deep into Ukraine, they met fierce resistance, while they got cut from behind.  The Russian campaign conducted airborne and mechanized operations to seize Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and other major Ukrainian cities to force a change of government in Ukraine. None of them worked.

Was Putin disappointed? Not necessarily. He may have secretly rejoiced. Putin insisted several times to French president Macron that his invasion of Ukraine, in appearance a failure, was going according to plan. Clearly, Putin was not talking about his plan A, the easy grabbing of Kyiv and installation of a collaborating government. Plan A assumed that Putin’s official lies about Ukraine were true. But of course Putin knew his lies were lies, so he had to be ready for the truth, and have a plan B. 

Putin knows his Blitzkrieg has failed,  but he doesn’t care, because actually, he fell back on a bigger, and, the way he looks at it, even better strategy, plan B.

Putin wants to look like an unpredictable, thoroughly blundering mass murdering war criminal, and his apparent incompetence enables him to do so, because apparent incompetence excuses him, and presents his planned genocide as a big accident. Putin’s bigger goal is to terrify the world into submission, and inure it to further invasion. It is better that it looks as if he stumbled into genocide, rather than to reveal it was his plan all along.  

Surely, some will say, Putin can’t achieve victory now? Well, one could only say this, only if one has not read the nuclear war manual of the Russian army, in conjunction with not properly interpreting the appeasing mood of several major western leaders. 

What counts the most for Putin, as it did for Hitler, or the other most bloodthirsty tyrants, is victory. Victory, for such monsters means destruction of the enemy, whom Putin calls “Nazis”. And the more deaths to get there, the greater the tyrant’s glory and wisdom (the way Putin, and other bloodthirsty tyrants look at it). Putin’s aim is to empty Ukraine.

By going slow and rubbling Ukrainian cities, Putin achieves this. When his supposed opponents claim that he is failing, they provide him, Putin, with a coverup and the time, for his genocide. So one can view the chorus of no-no-fly over Ukraine as much pro-Putin as Putin’s presence in Davos and at the World Economic Forum, for two decades, up to last year, 2021

That same method was used by Putin in Syria, kicking out more than 50% of the population. In Ukraine, Putin already got 10% of the population to flee, mostly young families who have never known the USSR, and who view Russia as a foreign, dictatorial power.


The Russian escalation strategy anticipates using nukes to apply “fear-induced deterrence”. Meanwhile those weal and simplistic, not to say corrupt, Western leaders have claimed they will do anything to avoid world war three. 

Attacking a nuclear power plant is considered just the last step before a nuclear strike, in the Russian escalation doctrine. And Putin’s force attacked two nuclear power plants with shells and rockets for hours, before seizing control. Using hypersonic missiles of several types is also an indication: the same ones can carry nukes. Russia announced the use of its new Kinzhal hypersonic missile to strike an ammunition depot in Ivano-Frankivsk on March 18.[7] Using such an expensive, rare, and high-end system to hit an ammunition depot was likely signaling and demonstrating intent and capability to escalate rather than seeking to achieve a concrete military objective. The Kinzhal is a dual-use missile that can carry a nuclear payload, and its main interest is that the West can’t intercept it, so it could strike pre-emptively nuclear installations of the US, UK and France. Its use likely signaled Moscow’s willingness to strike with low-yield nuclear weapons in addition to demonstrating the capability to use (non-interceptable) hypersonic weapons.

The theater was clearly isolated from other buildings but was bombed with high precision. There may have been 1,500 civilians inside at the time. 130 came out before further shooting prevented rescue. The pilot(s) who annihilated the theater are war criminals: “KIDS” was written clearly, and was visible by satellites. Reports are that 20,000 civilians have already been killed in Mariupol, where more than half a million Russian speaking civilians were surrounded by Putin’s thugs. On top of that, 7,000 civilians from Mariupol were viewed as potential opponents, and deported to Russia. Mariupol is Russian speaking.

As it is, some in the West seem determined to make a show of avoiding “World War Three”. This desperate denial of reality empowers Putin, because Putin can keep on pushing, by exposing his opponents as willing to cause “World War Three”, and thus Putin gets what he wants, namely killing all those who resist him, who, by his definition, are all “Nazis”… Putin is happy as it is, turning major Ukrainian cities into extermination camps.

Putin can slowly escalate, while killing and chasing off a maximum of Ukrainians, “spitting them out like flies which flew accidentally in one one’s mouth” as Putin depicted his own opponents inside Russia in a speech vowing to “cleanse… scums and traitors”… [1]

In the end, when Putin uses weapons of even bigger mass destruction, will leaders in the West still desperately try to avoid “world war three”? The war that is already here? 

Hundreds of Putin oligarchs spent more than two decades corrupting the West… And nobody is seizing their properties, while the West is sending Putin 700 million dollars a day, so that his factories of evil can build flat out thousands of missiles. Up to last year, 2021, and for more than two decades, Vladimir Putin, dictator of Russia and certified mass murderer, was a most honored lead participant of the World Economic Forum, and “Davos”. 

Deliberate Russian targeting of civilian infrastructure and attacks on unarmed civilians are war crimes. Hundreds of these crimes are already documented, besides war of invasion by choice, the “ultimate war crime”.

Those who appease mass murderers, criminals against humanity, those collaborators of infamy, have not been generally viewed by history in a better light than those they empowered. And the question is: have they been compromised? 

Patrice Ayme



P/S: NYT censored the essence of this comment, specifically that genocide and emptying Ukraine of his opponents was Putin’s plan. In the opinion of the NYT, to dare say that Putin has a genocidal plan in Ukraine, and that it is implemented is provocative, and outlandish. In 1940, to publish that the Nazis had a similar plan was viewed as unwise at the NYT, which kept as secret as it could the various genocides the Nazis conducted (Poles, Jews, Handicapped, Gypsies, “Communists”, etc.) This enabled the Nazis to implement such genocides (US intervention at the side of France in 1939, or early 1940 would have killed World War Two and its genocides, in the egg). It is hard to believe the refined analysis of the official thought which is only allowed to go through by official media. Maybe I should start with a few insults against Trump if I want to be published by the NYT?


[1] “Any people, and particularly the Russian people, will always be able to tell apart the patriots from the scum and traitors and spit them out like a fly that accidentally flew into their mouths,” Putin said during a televised address on Wednesday. “I am convinced that this natural and necessary self-cleansing of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, cohesion, and readiness to meet any challenge.”Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added that people “are disappearing from our lives by themselves…” 

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3 Responses to “Putin’s Genocide As His Preferred Strategy”

  1. Gerrit Says:

    “Those who appease mass murderers, criminals against humanity, those collaborators of infamy, have not been generally viewed by history in a better light than those they empowered. And the question is: have they been compromised?”
    That is true, but who do you mean? Tucker Carlson? Donald Trump? Then the answer is yes.
    My view of economic leaders was pretty dim already. Most are greedy short-term thinkers but not stupid. They know that open business in Russia will generate bad press and calls for boycotts.

    The US administration is leaning heavily on former Warsaw Pact states to arm Ukraine with Sowjet/Russian high-tech anti-air. The MiG-29 transfer was mismanaged by Poland, not the US. Russia has air superiority, for now, the MiGs wouldn’t have changed that.
    Zelenskyy repeatedly hinted at retaking Crimea, for which he has not the forces needed. Maybe Zelenskyy knows something we don’t, maybe he is just posturing. He certainly wouldn’t be credible without western backing.
    The US plan looks like creating a killing field for the Russian forces, so they lose the ability to attack NATO conventionally for a long time. The only thing Russia really can do is to rubble some cities and hope for Ukrainian surrender. Even Lukashenko seems to be disinterested in joining the war.
    As someone remarked in December last year: “NATO is willing to defend Ukraine to the last Ukrainian soldier.” That’s cynical but still true.

    The Ukrainians should learn to be more careful. Yesterday they’ve lost another large military barrack full of people for stupid reasons. All larger barracks should be dispersed by now, despite the cold. The same is true for munition depots. Ukrainian artillery seems to have run low because of that.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I have an all encompassing view of history. Carlson repeats lots of the things I have been saying for decades, often word for word, so I am not going to condemn him globally. But than he was once facing a famous Republican and asked the “sincere question” of why supporting Ukraine. And not Russia. Well, all too many people do not point out Ukraine is a D E M O C R A C Y. That Carlson and his backroom writers have not figured that out is so dismal, that, since then, I have not watched him at all. Does not matter how much he parrots me. Even Hannity looks like an intellectual genius relative to him.
      Dishonest anchors are legions, like say blonde Pamela Brown on CNN, who invites guests and then insists they just said the opposite of what they really said…

      What worries me more is the censorship at the NYT. They steer my comment line by line. For example, as I said, that Putin is genociding deliberately and the present situation right now in Ukraine is genius, with officially TEN (10) million refugees, they block, because it makes Biden and the Deep State looks bad.

      Of Trump I would say this: if he was so bad, how come Biden changed none of Trump’s biggest policies? All Biden changes are cosmetic, so far, except for the Afgan debacle and the blocking of weapons to Ukraine (twice last year; Trump instead sent Javelins discreetly before Congress OKed it).


      • Gerrit Says:

        The problem with Tucker Carlson is not that he is often counterfactual and amplifying conspiracy theories, but that he is correct, from a certain point of view, without being clear about the consequences for the world order and the self-image of the US.

        That there is so little pushback against far-reaching censorship worries me too. It is already more difficult to access opposing views. And I fear censorship will become an integral part of the political toolset.


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