If a lunatic threatens to blow up the planet, is it wise to do what he wants, and what he expects? Some think so, and they pontificate. What is certain: the genocidal war launched by Putin will wreck Ukraine and Russia. The Kremlin tyrant will be victorious only because of his usage of nuclear blackmail which makes cowards tremble

Indeed Ukraine is resisting as much as it can, only weapons of mass destruction can overwhelm it. Ukraine’s spineless allies, afraid of Russia’s army, which is bogged down in Ukraine, are not giving Ukraine weapons equivalent to those of the genocidal invader… Only because they are afraid of Putin’s gesticulations with nuclear weapons. 

The Russians have used nuclear blackmail before: during the Suez Canal crisis, Krutschev, the Soviet dictator, threatened to atom bomb London and Paris. In that particular crisis, the USSR was allied with the USA (So-called “decolonization”!). US foreign policy and the CIA were led by the Dulles brothers, who made their fortune as corporate lawyers for the Nazis before WW2 (and then went on to lead a pseudo-“denazification” from Berlin, and the CIA from Washington). 

The reason why these two, USSR and USA were allied, was a pursuit of a policy going all the way back to Lenin, an alliance between the most powerful US plutocrats and the Bolshevik gang, developing in common the Baku oil fields, and industrializing the USSR. 


During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the Russian ambassador threatened France with nuclear annihilation, if France sided with the USA. To which French president De Gaulle, a general who led an armored division against seven Nazi armored divisions in WW2, replied gaily: “Et bien, dans ce cas, nous mourrons ensemble. Au revoir,  monsieur l’ambassadeur,”[1].

In this case, we will die together, bye.  

This is the only answer Putin deserves: in this case, tyrant, we will die together.

Kremlin potentates cannot be empowered by taking seriously their demented discourses and outrageous demands. Kremlin potentates invaded a major democracy, democratic leaders should not obey the orders the invaders give, to enable tthem to go around and destroy the country they invaded.

Kremlin potentates are doing now exactly what the Nazis did in Ukraine, 81 years ago: besiege and cut the food, water and power of the cities to starve populations into submission; floowed by massive shelling. 

The Kremlin potentates and their servants are the Nazis in Ukraine, as Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president pointed out, because they behave like Nazis. In WW2 Zelinskyy’s Jewish family fought Nazism, and was nearly entirely killed [2].

It is crucial that, in this Third World War, the US is on the side of democracy, from the start, in complete contrast with WW1 and WW2, where US help to its parents, UK and France, happened years too late (and deliberately so). 


Some congratulate themselves already about winning the present war. But, in the end, the problem with Munich was not just that Hitler was appeased, thus encouraged; Hitler in the end conquered Czechoslovakia: that was the problem. 

Consider France. France was on the side of democracy in 1936 (while Britain and the US collaborated with Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco)… But France did not do enough (it was hard for the Jewish French Prime Minister, Léon Blum, a Socialist, to contradict the mildly pro-Nazi Anglo-Saxon plutocrats in power in London and Washington; Blum preferred to give priority to his socialist agenda of paid vacations, etc.).


Nuclear blackmail, if successful, will be repeated, because Putin plutocracy will have to satisfy its military enablers (who would have suffered, while being empowered)… and Putin’s realm will be wrecked. 

So ultimately, NATO will have to surrender to Putin plutocracy, or then finally fight… After Putin plutocracy gets much more powerful than it is today, with Xi’s China by its side, under the umbrella of 6,257 Russian nukes. 


So, in recapitulation, living under Putin nuclear blackmail is impossible. Russia has around 1,600 warheads deployed, ready for us. Let’s hope NATO has every single one of them targeted. 

In the Cuban crisis, De Gaulle thought, correctly enough, that “there will be no war”. This time, the situation is grave: we already have a war, and it’s starting with a tyrant obsessed by “genocide” and “cleansing”… Both concepts of genocide and cleansing have been used repeatedly, obsessively by nuclear tyrant Putin. He is trying to inure us, including himself and his own captive audience, to their use.

It is also a world war: 141 countries voted at the United Nations against Russia. The resolution, which needed 90 votes to pass, demands that Russia “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

Submission to genocide and cleansing is not sustainable, thus not moral. And so spoke wisdom. Tough, but there is no alternative. Wisdom under tyrants such as Putin is not possible. 

It is high time to lock up the sky above Ukraine (and thus ramp up the production of anti-ballistic missile missiles…) It can be done without pilot involvement initially. 

If we prefer to die quietly on our knees, than to resist infamy while standing, civilization will not survive nihilistic brutes drawn by power and the evil seduction of total destruction, because those monsters coallesce and know nothing else.

Yet, civilization is worth saving. In the present state of technology, only civilization enables us to live.

Patrice Ayme 


[1] The French were fully supportive of the US in the Cuba missile crisis, no question asked, De Gaulle took Kennedy at his word. Not so the British. PM Macmillan suggested his public thought the US exaggerated the Castro threat.

French scientists discovered and fabricated radioactive isotopes (Nobel 1935), and then the U 235 nuclear reaction. De Gaulle knew about the atom bomb, “une bombe, une ville”, a full year before US president Truman became aware of nuclear bombs. The French were shunted out of the main Manhattan effort for cause of the French nuclear patents and the usual anti-French racism.


[2] In January 2020, during the commemoration in Israel of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Zelenskyy told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu two stories of some of his country’s bravest heroes during the war: a Crimean Muslim woman and a Catholic priest who each saved scores of Jewish children. (My own family saved more than 100 Jews…)

Then, Zelinskyy said, he had one more story “about a family of four brothers.

Three of them, their parents and their families became victims of the Holocaust. All of them were shot by German occupiers who invaded Ukraine,” he said. “The fourth brother survived. … Two years after the war, he had a son, and in 31 years, he had a grandson. In 40 more years, that grandson became president, and he is standing before you today, Mr. Prime Minister.

A grandmother escaped in an evacuation of Jews to Kazakhstan, Zelinskyy said. She returned to the large city of Kryvyi Rih in southern Ukraine after the war and became a teacher. Zelensky said he grew up in an “ordinary Soviet Jewish family,” , not very religious, since “religion didn’t exist in the Soviet state as such.”

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial and Museum condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying Putin had “misrepresented and misappropriated Holocaust history.” More than one million Jewish Ukrainians were killed by the Nazis during WW2, most of them simply because they belonged to a category the Nazis had invented and hated.
Sedan test, Nevada, 1962: 104 kilotons TNT at 194 meters depth. 11 million metric tons of sediments thrown up in the air. Minimum nuclear warheads in NATO arsenal are of this power. A French nuclear sub carries 16 missiles with ten warheads each and a precision of 100 meters. Ohio class US subs carry 24 missiles with 12 warheads each (so 264)… and there are 18 of these subs… The US warheads are a minimum of 100KT but can be up to 475 KT…

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10 Responses to “KREMLIN NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL: GO TO HELL (where you belong!)”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Barack Obama pushes Putin propaganda disguised as brain marmelade, condemning no-fly zones over Ukraine. Hey, Vladimir could invite the Obamas at his palaces in Sochi!

    To impose no fly, enable the transfer of Mig 29s and long range anti-missile systems such as S300, Aster, Patriot… For the latter one could start by covering Western Ukraine.

    Obama is a traitor to democracy masquerading as moderate. There is no moderation when facing nuclear tyrants!


  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    There seems to be a consensus among the leaders of the West that if Putin gets too angry he should be obeyed. What you seem to be saying is that this invites escalation and nuclear war. So your position is not the consensus. But I am sure you are right. Reading Obama twitter feed you can see the complicity with Putin, disguised as ponderation.

    This bogus argument of Putin about Ukrainian biolabs repeated all over the Internet is revolting. Like Zelinski said it indicates that Russians are preparing to use these weapons.
    These were Soviet biolabs, with pathogens all over. They were shown to Senator Obama in 2006. Those Putin propagandists do not know that the disposal of bio weapons biolabs extended all over the USSR, including inside Russia.

    .Keep on with the good work. Glory to Ukraine!


  3. Gmax Says:

    Isn’t the idea of avoiding WORLD War two what is now called APPEASEMENT?
    So avoiding ww3 at all cost, pleasing Russia, is more of the same appeasement like you say. But bcs of nukes background, this is worse


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. VOX, CIA founded, has been financed by the same people who made deals with Putin for 2 decades, and up to last year. Putin was at the WEF and Davos for 20 years, where he plotted with the financiers and operators and founders of VOX. Through VOX, Obama promotes propaganda useful to Putin!… and deadly to Ukrainians!


  4. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Patrice Ayme: Thanks for that. Blackmail is simple; if you give in to it once then it comes back again and again until you make a stand – so you either accept to become a slave or make a stand the FIRST time.
    Russia is a totally disintegrating society moving towards NK emulation. When are the Russian masses going to wake up and react meaningfully? Of course, the regime controls most of the media and seems likely to extend its control to the internet, or cut Russia off from it entirely.


  5. Ian Miller Says:

    Sorry, but the US was the first to nuke anyone.


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