EMOTIONAL IMPRINTING: Lies Fade Away, Emotions Stay


Why do so many believe the nuclear blackmailer, the tyrant Putin?

For the same reason as so many believe so many stupidities, all over.  

For the It is logic by innuendo, facts by fiction.

Truth has become a battlefield and civilization is not winning… because, ultimately, and basically, people reason emotionally. Ideas and facts, ultimately, are best remembered from the emotions they primarily suggest, and emotions are laid down by the so-called logic and alleged facts which get to the brain… chronologically first (this is well known, it’s called imprinting and was first studied rigorously by Konrad Lorenz who got the Nobel in medicine for it).

If the logic and facts turn out, in the fullness of time, have nothing to do with reality, it does not matter: the fake reality moves on, the false feelings, moods and emotions they induced stay behind.

This is not just brainwashing, it’s brain imprinting. Emotional imprinting. The key is not to present logic and facts emotionally contradicting fake logic and false facts. That’s why, in modern propaganda, the torrent of lies keeps on moving fast to ever more fantastic assertions, giving no time for careful considerations.

For example the assertion that all and any biolab can be weaponized is correct, and was made about biolabs in Ukraine… with the emotional inuendo that this was a huge emotional problem because of the implied laie that the US developed bio weapons in Ukraine… However, that a biolab, any biolab, can be weaponized does not mean it is a weapon (the same program from the US Department of defense which helped decommision Soviet biolabs in Ukraine operated in Russia…)

Any chemical plant, or dam can also be weaponized. But it’s not because it can be weaponized that it is a weapon. A truck can be weaponized, but it’s not a weapon.

Propagandists will leave half of the logic out, look really indignant, imprint the emotions of fear and outrage, and move on, before those lies can be dissected, leaving those negative emotions behind, as intended.

In the end, in the case of Putin, this pure product of the plutocratic system, just like Hitler, can present himself as its dedicated enemy, just as Hitler did before him… we have actually Hitler’s conversation with some of his subordinates where he reveals his disgust at having to play nice with foreign “plutocrats“, Hitler uses that exact word… because they made his Hitlerian adventure possible… In the case of Putin, it’s just as obvious, if not more, and yet, most of Putin admirers feel that this pure product of the World Economic Forum and Davos is its… dedicated enemy… because Putin was highly successful in imprinting that emotion.

So logic imprints emotions, and emotions are what’s left when one has forgotten the logic….

At fortiori if said logic is fake… Because what’s fake is harder to remember. Thus the very fact logic is fake facilitates imprinting by perversity… 

Patrice Ayme

Kyiv Under Bombing, March 2022. All the clouds one sees are actually smoke from Putin bombing. Thanks to enough Russians believing the lies of their tyrant whom they love dearly!

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10 Responses to “EMOTIONAL IMPRINTING: Lies Fade Away, Emotions Stay”

  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    These fascists learned from former masters of the art of ying and mass brainwashing.http://www.vervinomni.net/id/phil/nm/def.htm


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I don’t know if Hitler said this, but he clearly thought it. He said something worse, though, namely that people are used to little lies, and only little lies. They do not expect HUGE lies. Thus huge lies are believed by them, because, in their daily experience they do not happen, so do not exist.


  2. SDM Says:

    You ignore there is a Nazi element in Ukraine- the neo-nazi Azov Battalion is now integrated into Ukraine military and has killed over 14,000 Ukrainians. Now Zelensky bans 11 opposition parties and nationalizes news for a “unified information policy”, clear censorship. Appears there is a lot of nastiness on both sides in Ukraine invasion together with deep US corruption all around.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Proof that Azov killed 14,000 Ukrainians?
      Proof Azov is Neo-Nazi?
      Azov is led by a Jew called Nathan…
      Zelenskyy was right to ban lies, and the organizations which foment them. You are the best proof of this.
      Azov is heroically defending Mariupol. But, everybody opposing Putin is a “Nazi”… according to Putin and his goons. So Azov is Nazi, and me, too, and actually I made a splendid picture of Putin with another Z, completing the Swastika…
      Azov was initially a group of Russophone civilians who arose as a rsistance movement inside Mariupol, when the Russians occupied this city of 600,000 in 2014. Azov kicked the occupiers out, killing lots of them…

      France banned several Putin propaganda outfits in February and was follwed by the entire EU a week later. Censoship during world war is correct democratic practice. That you keep on diffusing Putin’s outrageousl lies, while everybody can see what is going on through OSINT is… astounding.


      • SDM Says:

        You sound imprinted. You rail against Nazism and plutocracy- how US plutocrats used Nazis for their own purposes to bring down Europe. Strange how history repeats itself. Now you are defending censorship because there is propaganda lurking out there. Tie yourself into knots, and if anyone raises an issue about US imperialism then they are Putin apologists! Surely Putin is brutal but NATO members play that game too.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          This is a war, a world war. It’s roughly the same situation as in the 1930s.

          Information which is 100% false, for example that Ukraine harbors Nazis are repeated as if they were true by lots of intellectuals. This is detrimental to the win of the good side, that of civilization. This sort of betrayal is how Europe ended up depending upon Putin for roughly 50% of its energy. Putin kept on being represented as a good guy fighting Nazis, when in truth he is a murderous thug. By coincidence he owns next to a place of mine in St Tropez. That enabled me to see the level of complicity he was given in the West.

          My hatred against Putin is all the way back from 1999, for what he did in the Caucasus (against Muslims, nota bene), and the fact that was covered up by his western pluto accomplices. Putin was also, just like Xi, crucial in the global pluto order. As say Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito, Mussolini and Franco, all part of the global US pluto order then, in the 1930s….

          Fortunately this time, from hubris, or maybe cancer, one of the fascist dictatorships, Russia, started early, before the other big one, China, was ready…

          But it’s very clear that the establishment doesn’t want Putin to lose… They are afraid of an armed people, like Ukraine…

          NATO is diverse. France is often very angry against the US inside NATO… and should be more so right now… Although of course, France could have developed, say, fracking… And also could have been much more imperialistic in Africa… instead of letting the Wagner group in…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:
      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        In all, and any country, there are all and any “elements”… Anyway. Ukraine is one of the least racist countries, as it has several official languages…
        Ukrainian, Belarusian Bulgarian Crimean Tatar Gagauz Greek Hebrew Hungarian Polish Romanian Russian Slovak Yiddish….


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Stay tuned, I have real bad news for you: is the entire war a coup against Putin?????


    • Gmax Says:

      Aren’t you tired of calling the defenders of Mariupol Nazis, as Putin does?


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