Not Sending Planes To Ukraine = Escalation By Promotion Of Nuclear Blackmail

Once the defenseless capital city of Bosnia, Sarajevo, was submitted to relentless bombing of its civilian population. French army peacekeepers finally got authorized to use counterbattery fire (tracking shells on the radar, and immediately firing at the point where they came from, before the guns could move significantly, thus destroying the aggressor). This is how the war against the war criminals and criminals against humanity in the ex-Yugoslavia started. That was the right thing to do. Now their three top war criminals from the ex-Yugoslavia  have been condemned to life in prison (and the dictator Milosevic died there).

Guess what? None of the Western allies of Ukraine had the cojones yet to equip, or a fortiori operate, counterbatteries in Ukraine, although civilian populations are massacred in war crimes, and although we now have radio messages and videos showing the preparation and execution of war crimes using Russian artillery and planes

The excuse for this ineptitude and cowardice is always the same: the wise and prudent would not want to upset Vlad the Mad, he may destroy the world, he already said he would. Ukraine has its own counterbattery equipment, but the western one is superior, for example the CAESAR French guns which are truck mounted. They and the M982 Excalibur from the US have a circular error probable (CEP) of 4 m. The shells can go more than 30 miles (50 kms).

Yet, everybody should upset Vlad the Mad, starting with Russian general officers… Or do we want to believe Vlad the Mad and decide that we are Nazis? The best solution to the present situation is a military coup against the Putin kleptocratic regime. But how can we ask Russian officers to rebel when we cannot even dare to act, lest it could possibly upset the madman?

In Korea or Vietnam Russian pilots fought US pilots. After World War II, there were many instances of air-to-air combat between the Soviet Union and the United States. In the Korean War, the Soviets claimed to have shot down more than 1,100 US planes (US recognizes only 146…) In Vietnam, Soviet instruct pilots were credied with shooting down 48 US planes. Ace pilot from the USSR, Col. Vadim Shcherbakov was credited with 6 air-to-air kills of US planes.

Ukraine needs more fighter planes. Democracy needs Ukraine to have more planes. Influential leaders pontificate instead that we cannot do that because we do not want to aggravate the aggressor, who is bad, very very bad, even radioactive, and thus should be kept in reasonable agreement… An attitude so despicable, and idiotic, that one should guess that’s it’s not the real reason.

We have seen that movie before, of not helping enough democracies attacked by invading fascists. The basic actors were the same: western plutocrats empowered dictators who then bit the hands who fed them.

Democracies did not help two democracies in a timely manner, Spain and Czechoslovakia, in 1936 and 1938. Instead, democracies let Spain and Czechoslovakia, fighting alone for their lives, confronted to a coalition of fascist countries.  

In Munich, in 1938, the democracies, France and Britain, let Hitler seize a piece of a democracy, Czechoslovakia. The equivalent happened in 2014, when Obama and Biden let Russia seize 7% of Ukraine, without fighting back.

The problem with Munich was not that some appeasement was found with Hitler. The problem with Munich 1938 is that the democracy, Czechoslovakia was left alone to struggle diplomatically with Hitler, enabling the latter to seize the entire country in 1939. That invasion made Hitler much stronger militarily and diplomatically. It also impressed the USSR and contributed to making its alliance with Hitler official and very efficient: Hitler invaded Western Europe, including France, the Netherlands and Norway,  on Soviet oil.

If Putin wins in Ukraine, Xi will be even more in love with Putin and his ways than he is already. Conversely, if Putin is decisively thrown out of Ukraine, Xi, who is compromise with Putin, may well not be re-elected by his colleagues, and China may become much more prudent diplomatically for a very long time to come… 

By not helping a democracy which fights for its survival, just because a tyranny makes a nuclear blackmail, we invite disaster, because we show that nuclear blackmail works, and we lose an ally, making the blackmailer stronger.

If only democracies had fought Hitler early! 

The more we delay confronting Putin, the nuclear blackmailer, the more he will find allies, as Hitler did… Putin will then ally himself to China. The worse the world war will get.  Indeed, the more Putin pursues his war criminality, the more individuals and countries will join him in criminality… as happened with Nazism. 

Russian criminal plane shot down over Kyiv by Ukrainian pilot, February 2022.

As Madeleine Albright, dead today of cancer at 84, said to the chief of the US army, Colin Powell: “What is the use of this great army if we can’t use it?

Ah, yes, scared rabbits can’t lead.

Come on, Man, Man up, Man!“…as Biden should say…

Patrice Ayme


2 Responses to “Not Sending Planes To Ukraine = Escalation By Promotion Of Nuclear Blackmail”

  1. Gmax Says:

    So trying desperately to avoid WW3 by appeasing Putin makes it more likely? Gee, isn’t the lesson of Munich? Those people don’t learn?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      They don’t. Watch them repeating Putin’s lies. The same you would have shown the chimneys in Auschwitz, smoking away, they would have told you it was to warm-up the Jews, a proof Nazis had good hearts…


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