Why Putin Will Use Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Putin Does As Evil Wants

War writes history. Always had, always will. The war in Ukraine is the largest sort of war, a world war: 141 countries, and all democracies, voted against Russia accusing it of war of aggression, the fundamental crime against humanity ( a legal, philosophical, and UN conviction). The two largest wheat producers are at war, famine has a high probability to follow in many parts of the world, which eat mostly cereals, and produce none or too little [1].

The perpetrator, an oligarchy, is controlling the Kremlin by reinstalling the mentality of its mentor, Ivan The Terrible (no, I am not trying to be funny, Ivan IV is really the hero and role model of Putin’s more cerebral advisers)… This perpetrator has a powerful ally, Xi, the dictator of China. All other autocrats, worldwide are tempted to ally themselves with the Kremlin.

This is a war of democracy against fascism, similar to that of the Greek cities fighting the Persian empire, 25 centuries ago. The Achemenid Persians had established an immense empire, resting on fascism and local oligarchies, from Central Asia to Ethiopia, and the Mediterranean to India.  Greek cities were free and more intelligent: the Persians couldn’t stand their insolence… and the fact that the superiority of their innovations and ideas contradicted the Persian civilizational model. 

The Russian oligarchy has embraced a bellicose ethnic ideology to instigate wars and militarization to distract from its capture of the country, and justify the terror it exerts inside.

The alliance of all democracies is the most powerful, but fascism has nuclear weapons, plenty of them, and the advertised will to use them. Several US presidents ago, the Kremlin dictator developed nuclear armed hypersonic weapons, detectable only at the last moment, making intermediate ballistic missiles obsolete.

Worse: the war against Ukraine was engaged for ethnic reasons, the displayed conviction of a small oligarchy that another ethnicity, a democracy with its own language, does not have a right to exist, and thus should be under the control of said oligarchy. It is rare that the advertized goal of a war is the extermination of an ethnicity.

All Russians are supposed to approve the notion: otherwise they are “scums and traitors”, to be spit out like a gant which comes accidentally into one’s mouth” as Putin himself put it.

So, to justify its war, the oligarchy built an argument which is essentially racist: another ethnicity doesn’t deserve to exist. Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant to the main effect: it makes racism into a virtue, and impells everybody in Russia to partake into evil, thus an accomplice of the evil oligarchy, an evil-power, a plutocracy.

Of course, the plutocracy is in it to gorge itself on riches and power, it’s evil, and thus to become part of the landscape, needs the entire landscape to be evil too.

These sorts of situations have happened before: history is full of hundreds of plutocracies, from all continents and islands. Still now is different, because of the powers vested into just one man. The greatest emperors had armies, bodyguards, secret services… But a modern emperor such as Putin has powers no emperor had before. Some of these powers are cognitive powers. Putin persuaded most of the Russian population, and much of the world, that he was fighting Nazis in Ukraine.

The situation is also without precedent: the Russian government has expressed the opinion that, should it lose a war, it would reduce the rest of the world to “radioactive ashes“. Putin threatened those who interfere with his war of aggression on tribal “with seen never seen in history“.

This astoundingly evil attitude, never seen before in history, indeed, with such a level of demonicity, has predictive value: it makes it likely that weapons of mass destruction will be used.

Putin’s entire vision of civilization, something embodied by the KGB, a direct descendant of Ivan The Terrible’s secret police, is unraveling in Ukraine… Lest, by sheer will, he can call the greatest evil, “never seen before in history”, to the rescue.

Our best hope is a coup in Moscow, and soon. Let’s hope many Russian generals are thinking the same.

If that does not work, and in the meantime, democracies have to stand so firm, resolute and unafraid, that they will leave no hope that the “escalate to des-escalate” doctrine of the Russian military relative to WMDs could work.

Patrice Ayme

One Russian “Large Landing Ship”, Saratov on fire after March 2022 attack, with Ropucha-class Caesar Kunikov and Novocherkassk (built in Poland) steaming out of port of Berdyansk, sea of Azov, after the attack by the Ukrainian army. They were unloading armored vehicles… Another ship seems to have been damaged too. How the Ukrainians did it is not clear…

[1] MENA, Middle East North Africa eats mostly cereals, half of them coming from Ukraine-Russia…

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6 Responses to “Why Putin Will Use Weapons Of Mass Destruction”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Biden just called Putin a butcher. He is a butcher he said from Warsaw. Nice, no?


  2. Gerrit Says:

    The port is called Berdiansk (Ukr.: Бердя́нськ; Google Maps calls it Berdyans’k). 46°45’N 36°47’E

    I am ashamed of the German politicians right now. They had settled very comfortably into the idea that Ukraine will lose anyway and therefore arms deliveries will only increase the suffering. Now that it’s clear that this doesn’t have to happen, they are not prepared to supply Ukraine with offensive weapons. They are still willing to accept that Russia wins.

    Macron somehow doesn’t seem to have a plan either.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Germans don’t learn that dictators have to de destroyed.
      Macron, like Germany and the UK are weak. They think their size ot the US will protect them.
      Smaller European countries are stronger because they see the existential threat: those who read Putin knows he wants to destroy Kosovo.. A fortiori Finland, Sweden, Poland, etc… He extensively treated Poland: exists, but shouldn’t.

      Losing Ukraine is Munich 1938 redux. As I said, it’s not the Sudeten which was important, it’s what follow irresistibly from the Sudeten: giving in to a dictator, just because he threatens with a world war. These fools do not grasp history. They do not see what’s plain. They do not understand that, once an armed maniac has threatened to kill uou about nothing much, he will kill you for something bigger.


  3. Patrick Hughes Says:

    Omw what American bull shit

    Putin has numerous nations waiting to support him when needed. I believe half of Africa and most of Asia probably half of south America will support Russia as they liberate us from fait currency & lowering morals in the west

    LGBTQ+ abortion & many other immortals will fall under this new dispensation


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      FIAT, not “fait” (the latter being what you wrote!) You call for “BS”, but you do not roll out one fact. You seem to be of the persuasion that genocide improves “morals”.

      You sound like a Putin agent. Funny thing is that naked torso Putin, self-body obsessed Putin, had a huge “gay” following among many deviants, in the past, before his genocidal mass sadism became too large for comforts. I understand rattlesnakes have to eat. I thank you for furthering smarts in the democracies, as they face the evil you advertize…


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