Anything Less Than Hating Putin Is Treason Against Civilization

Abstract: Hate, by itself is strong enough a motivation, in some human beings, to dominate any other consideration, or emotion. The roots of this psychobiology are millions years old This is why Hitler risked having a world war he couldn’t win: the world war enabled Hitler to feed his hatred. Putin is a similar individual, similarly motivated by hatred. His real aim, proximally, is not to win in the “Western” military sense, but to feed his hatred, and that means his hatred for the Ukrainian People, or all other “gnats” found inside Russia. Putin’s hate wants to eradicate the Ukrainian People. That some “Western” leaders do not understand this, although it’s happening in front of their eyes, is not just a civilizational problem, it’s a strategic problem.


During WW2, Churchill joked that he hated “nobody but Hitler… but that’s professional.” Well in retrospect the killing of 5% of humanity by Hitler (100 millions), directly, or through inciting allies, was well worth hating. Hate can be noble. At the last count, 17 millions civilians died in extermination camps, directly at the hands of the Nazis (including 6 million “Jews”). Many millions of other civilians died from other causes, and so did more than twenty million soldiers. Meanwhile in China, the other “master race” Hirohito’s devoted goons, killed another 40 million civilians or so. 

As Ukraine democratically elected president Zelinskyy said, “there are no words“… He had just been told by various “Western” authorities that sanctions would be increased if Putin used weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine… So basically the Ukrainian president was told to pray that Putin will use WMDs, and then Europeans would scratch a bit more sanctions in the direction of Putin (but no tanks, said a scared, uncivilized Macron, peeing in his pants, that would be going too far). As if the crimes against Humanity committed by Putin were not obvious enough, and as if Ukrainian cities had not been erased already…. Putin’s objective, long proclaimed, is to eradicate Ukraine… His apparently bungled military campaign achieves just that. Enlisting in the process the clueless “Western””leaders”, led by the nose by a crafty mass murdering monster.

Treason Against Civilization

So why did Hitler kill so many, including more than ten million ethnic Germans? Hate… Hate of Germans! Hate of self! Not just hate of Jews, Slavs, French, Russians, etc… Same with Putin!

When considering Hitler, and the holocaust he brought, pseudo-thinkers pontificate that one thing led to another, and there is somemerit to the idea. However, the Nazis themselves used that argument, somethig which should arose suspicion… The Nazis accused the French Republic to have caused World War Two, and thus the Holocaust, by intervening when Poland got attacked by Hitler…

This argument is superficially true, but neglects the fact that the Nazis had started mass executions in the name of humanity (the most ethnic way Nazis defined humanity!) before 1939. Also, the program of mass extermination of the Poles was formally (and secretly, of course) launched September 1, 1939, 56 hours or so before the French declaration of war (which took the top Nazi leadership by surprise, as it meant that France was simultaneously, by her own choice, at war with Germany, Italy, Japan, the USSR, Spain, etc…).

But let’s get deeper in human, all too human, psychology, and discard Nazi logic. What were Hitler’s motivations? Yes Hitler exposed official motivations for threatening a world war: Germany needed to liberate, save and be reunified with oppressed German minorities (Austria, Czechoslovakia, Dantzig, Prussia, etc.). Nuclear tyrant Putin uses the exact same ethnic argument: he needs to be reunified and to save Russian and Slavic minorities all over… All the way to Kosovo! Even the Poles have to be saved from being converted to Catholicism!

However, doing so by force risked war: the main achievement of the Versailles Treaty had been the liberation from the subjugation of German speaking overlords of many nations of Eastern Europe. France was behind it. France’s preoccupation with Eastern Europe came all the way from Charlemagne. Roman emperor Augustus had said in his testament to never try it again. Trajan begged to differ, conquering Dacia, now called Romania (but the emperor suffered an early natural death). The conquest of Eastern Europe by Charlemagne had been a security, economic, and even financial achievement which had eluded the Roman state… and made it so that Europe has been unconquered ever since. 

Starting towards the end of Charlemagne’s rule, and as a consequence of it, directly and not,  the Viking invaded all over. In particular, the Varingians, coming out of southern and easter Sweden, created a state east of the “March” states of the Carolingian empire: Kyivan Rus. The Normans also established themselves all over Western Europe’s sea front, from Normandy to Sicily. France then allied herself with Ukraine (Eleventh Century), the highly educated, polyglot Kyivan princess became queen and ruled over what she viewed as the French savages.

All of this to say that Hitler, by fostering ethnic supremacy over Eastern Europe, was going against some of the deepest principles of European construction… Hitler the hater risked his puny military against the mighty French army. Thus Hitler took the challenge seriously and trained his army in Spain, crushing the local democracy. However the odds were against Germany in such a huge way that his own generals (some of them authentic Nazis!) plotted to “remove” (talking like Biden) in 1937… Indeed France was not alone, but fully united with her ex-vassal and creation, the United Kingdom… And then there was the looming question of that other French creation, the USA… An obvious potential rescuer of its own parents, France and Britain… 

Hitler’s generals may have been Nazi, but they didn’t feel suicidal, nor were they particularly interested in destroying Germany. That’s why they plotted in 1937 to get rid of the Nazis.

By not been conquered by the unifying Roman state, the German people were left to the tender mercies of tribalism,and obscurantism, making them more susceptible to the leadership of Luther and Hitler. Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler are inseparably linked with their extreme anti-Judaism, racism, and strident nationalism. It is impossible to assume that Luther did not have an enormous influence on Hitler, directly or not. Anti-Judaism was cultivated during the creation of Germany under Bismarck: unification through common hate.

But once again, the question remains: why the madness of engaging in a war Germany was most probably going to lose? First, because it was already tried in 1914. The  world war planned in 1912 by the Prussian high command, was launched in 1914, after a sort of US encouragement (riding the Sarajevo incident and its consequences as a pretext and coverup). For Germany to win that world war, the Prussian High Command decided to follow a strict schedule: first defeat France, then defeat Russia, and finally Britain. That rested on the military mobilizations: France had a large and ferocious army, readily mobilized. Russia had a gigantic army, but obsolete and extremely slow to mobilize (a month, not days). “Britain had no army” (as Lord Kichener, UK defense secretary, put it): it would take many months for the UK to draft an army.

So the German world war plan of 1914 was foolhardy. Hitler’s plan was even more foolhardy: it assumed that France and Britain would calmly wait until 1945, when Hitler was ready to wage a world war… Because in 1914, France and Britain were clearly not getting ready for war, by being extremely unwilling to wage war, calculating then that Germany would not miscalculate. Instead, Germany calculated carefully that the impreparation of Britain, France and Russia made a surprise world war win possible.   

Hitler, self-persuading that democracies were cowardly, unwilling and degenerate, thought that, like the German generals of 1914, it would be in his power to choose the day world war will start. Instead, France and Britain declared war to him on September 3, 1939, six years before the Nazis planned to be ready to fight them.

Putin made a roughly similar calculation, after the debacle of Afghanistan, the insistence of Biden and his partisans that Trump was too rough, and the pushing back of weapons deliveries to Ukraine in 2021, to not irritate the ruler of the Kremlin.

So Hitler took the risk. However, a cursory look at the numbers would have shown him that the military might of France and Britain left no chance whatsoever to Germany (the defeat of France in may-June 1940 was caused by the confluence of several extraordinary events, including, but not limited to betrayals of various sorts). 

Moreover, France and Britain were backed up by gigantic empires powerful economically and militarily (Senegalese troops in 1918 were extremely feared and hated by the Germans)… Let alone their rambunctious child on the other side of the Atlantic.

But Hitler hated. Yes, he hated the Jews. But he also hated the Slavs, the French, the Germans, and himself. After Pearl Harbor, in a fit of hatred supreme, Hitler declared war on the world economic superpower, the USA (right, he had something to be angry about: the US military industrial complex had been feeding the UK and the USSR).  

Salvador Dali said Hitler launched world war two, just to lose it. This is not exactly what happened, but close. Hitler didn’t mind to go down in defeat as much as being able to express his hatred

For years, Hitler, like Putin, was driven by hate. The origins of these two buffoons is somewhat similar: somewhat difficult events in their childhoods and early adulthoods. Hitler was destitute, rejected, WW1 saved him, but also the French nearly killed him. Putin was put back in a more modest place by the KGB twice at least, and presided over the debacle of the fall of the Iron Curtain in his KGB office… Burning papers frantically… Putin was very clear that the fall of the USSR was worse than any Holocaust or World War… Putin’s hate is as clear as Hitler’s anger. Hate is, of course, worse than anger…

Underestimating hate is the shortcoming of traditional humanism. The silly ones come around and ask: what is hate good for? Well, hate fosters the continuation of the species, by periodically culling it, so that the ecology the human species needs can survive. That makes hate a crucial safety mechanism of humanity.

But of course now we can turn around hate, by diminishing the ecological load with more advanced techs, for example by augmenting considerably the area at our disposal, with the colonization of Mars, the Moon, Vesta, etc…

Hate has become obsolete… But Russia is owned by a hater, and haters such as him and Xi prevent the advancement of tech… except of course, when democracies make new weapons to defeat them… By preventing the advancement of tech, hateful tyrants create the very ecology which makes them prosper…

Patrice Ayme  

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