Some Answers To Putin Collaborators

Putin parrots go around the Internet, repeating Putin’s mass murdering lies. Let’s dispell a few…

Who gave “assurances” for NATO not expanding eastward, to a state which stopped existing more than 30 years ago? NATO is a treaty among participating democracies, not a person giving “assurances”. Democracies are dynamic: they change opinons. NATO is not a fascist organization, with one chief at the top and robots executing below. Just the opposite. For several decades, France a  founding member of NATO slammed the door of the common military command… Until France went back to NATO, and cajoled it into joining France to intervene against the Serbian war crime, Muslim hating dictatorship.

NATO, a treaty among 30 democracies, a billion people, works by consensus: one country can block everything. As far as getting in wars, France, which often blocked NATO, for example about the Ukraine membership, has led (into war) much more than the USA (generally after getting OK from the UN).


That NATO gave “assurances” is a piece of criminal Putin propaganda, deforming completely a casual conversation about NATO and East Germany (DDR)… By claiming NATO lied, Putin tried to justify his “special military operation” (in truth a major crime against humanity). Finland and Sweden are preparing to join NATO, a defensive alliance… of democracies. Just for a an educated hint: “special” in SS, that is ZZ, linguo meant extermination… Now, outright Putin claims inside Russia that Ukraine was preparing to bomb Russia, so he had to act first. 

Here is an extract of an interview with the mother of a Russian soldier who died in Ukraine in Kyiv’s suburbs, given to Deutsche Welle. DW said they left it as is, because DW wanted to show the extent of Putin propaganda:

“Despite losing her son Yevgeny, Natalya (not her actual name) argues the invasion of Ukraine is justified. Yet she thinks Russia’s campaign amounts to a full-fledged war, rather than a “special operation.”

The mother of the 26 year old dead soldier says:

[Her son] Yevgeny was in Hostomel on February 24. He did not die on February 27, as his death certificate says. He was killed much earlier, probably on the night between February 24 and 25.

DW: What makes you think so?

I read online that our soldiers conquered Hostomel on February 24. All our boys were then sent there. But then they came under fire from Kyiv. Our boys were encircled and nobody came to their aid. They were shot at and bombed for a full day. Think about it, the airport is basically an open field.

On February 25, our soldiers regained control of Hostomel. On February 26, they found Yevgeny. But I was only informed on March 8. His unit called me around 1:30 p.m. and told me my son had died in a battle near Rostov [Rostov-on-Don, a city in southern Russia, some 60 kilometers from the Ukrainian border]. I almost lost my mind.

DW: Why did they say he died near Rostov-on-Don?

I do not know why they reported that. Maybe because his body was sent to a morgue in Rostov, and they had no verified information about his death.

DW: Did you ever discuss Ukraine with your son in the past?

To be honest, no. 

DW: Do you understand why this war was begun?

I think if we had not started bombing them, the Ukrainians would have bombed us. We had no choice. But something went wrong, nobody saw it coming. Now that so many soldiers have died, we cannot stop. We need to press on until we achieve victory.

DW: Do you understand why Russia is fighting in Ukraine? What was Yevgeny fighting for?

My son fought for us, for Russia and the Russians. So that we can keep using our phones, eat and drink like before. He did not die in vain, he died for us, so that we can lead long, happy lives, so that we don’t have to live through war and that bombs fall on us.

DW: In Russia, it is illegal to call this conflict a war. Do you regard this as a war or a “special operation”?

I do not see this as a “special operation.” This is a proper war. I am aware we are not supposed to call it that, but it is a war. It’s a bloodbath.”

Remarks: Putin wants Russian to believe Ukraine attacked Russia. This is why they claim they have soldiers dying in Rostoff, deep in Russia.


Evoking game theory for depicting Putin is too weak: Putin is way smarter than Game Theory specialists. Does Game Theory have people bombing giant building blocks to get elected? Does Game Theory flattens Grozny as a possibility? Use chemical weapons? Does game theory annex part of Georgia? (That’s the latest March 30, 2022) Does Game Theory include Horror Theory?  

Have you read the very detailed theory of nuclear escalation of the Russian army? I have. It’s not as simple as a massive nuclear exchange. It includes “escalate to deescalate“, a weird frown-down theory I use with wild, gullible predators… but I doubt it will work with NATO… which includes clever apes.

Do you know about the nuclear tipped hypersonic missiles in Kaliningrad? They have deployed by Putin, in complete violation of treaties on medium range ballistics for more than a decade. They reduce warning times over several European capitals to a few seconds. They are nearly impossible to intercept. They are why the US dropped the medium range ballistic treaty.

World War III already started: 141 countries, including ALL democracies agree Putin is a war criminal. 

On top of that, Putin, plutocrat in chief, loves to pose as the sword of justice, but Putin was empowered by WEF/Davos…   

This is exactly why so many of the NATO powers do not want Putin to lose: he is their man. Merkel made Europe dependent on Putin, because she obviously was a double agent (she slily said the KGB tried to recruit her, but she brushed them off by telling them she “couldn’t keep a secret”. Merkel, very officially, was employed by the same people Putin worked for. The Merkel betrayal extended to all of Europe, because the World Economic Forum pushed Putin as the provider of Europe’s energy… while knowing perfectly well he was a mafia and KGB thug. 

What is worse than a scum who threatened to annihilate all of humanity if we don’t do as he said? Are there excuses for the worst?

People justifying Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini or Pol Pot were once in the millions, including hundreds of thousands of intellectuals. This is now forgotten. 

Infamy tends to be forgotten… Perhaps, because, as Voltaire said, one must crush infamy. What has been crushed long ago is slimy, rotten and poisonous: history prefers to forget it. 


The Russian army justified its strike of this maternity in Mariupol, by claiming that it was full of “SS”. It was a full lie. There were, by coincidence, AP journalist team inside at the time… Of course SS looks like ZZ rotated, an inside joke…

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16 Responses to “Some Answers To Putin Collaborators”

  1. Ian Miller Says:

    On March 31, 2022:
    You cannot be smarter than mathematics 🙂


  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Good luck with Putin collabos! You will need it. This is a whole cottage industry, many paid by oligarchs. The whole west has been captured by oligarchs, it’s not just Russia. But that they can’t see the war crimes is astounding, so then they repeat fake technicalities like this NATO promise which never was and means nothing
    Putin and Lavrov are good at lying, they will say anything


  3. Nathan Curry Says:


  4. Nathan Curry Says:

    That article in the guardian stood out to me

    Where he says Putin is the face of a far more powerful Corporation and if you take him out you have to take then someone else similarly set up.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting article on/by Lonitza. He says things I have been saying for a long time. He doesn’t explain what the “corporation behind Putin” is. I can tell you: global plutocracy, and this is why the “Western” leaders (truly employees of the evil Globalocracy) are not sending enough weapons to Ukraine… They are not keen to see their fellow employee, now master plutocrat, Putin, lose…
      Biden has observed the wealthiest pay only 8% tax, a fraction of what normal people pay… He made noises that he wanted them to pay more… Why so little, so late? Maybe not a good idea to tax one’s employees?


      • Nathan Curry Says:

        That makes sense

        Funny the british military have said for years that russia is the biggest threat

        And as Obama left office he said It was North Korea


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Russia is in what I call the Kaiser Trap. Until Xi’s recent excesses, China was not . Kaiser Trap is when a country becomes so fascist that its power is a waning asset. Top leadership then opts for war, as their futre will get ever gloomier. Russia’s power is going down, because Putin spends all the money on corruption and the military, after having killed most of the private sector.


  5. SDM Says:

    “Putin collaborators” – just another ad hominem smear tactic familiar to the establishment media, the same media and politicians who previously reported that the Azov Battalion was a problematic Neo-Nazi white supremacist far right element in Ukraine. But now, even the ADL appears “ok” with Azov Battalion as they are not attacking Jews. (So Nazism is OK as long as Jews aren’t its victims?)
    Anyone who criticizes the US/NATO role in provoking war or perhaps even in keeping the war going (hey it’s great for defense contractors!) will be smeared – much as when the false flag chemical weapons attack attributed to Assad in Syria was revealed the comeback was Assad apologist.
    It is pretty obvious that Putin is brutal and a war criminal now- as are many US presidents for their illegal aggressions against sovereign nations – see Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Nicaragua, Libya- yet to point out that the US/NATO led Ukrainians down the primrose path and now are all in on it with “aide” -mostly in the form of weapons purchased to profit defense contractors- is somehow spreading Putin propaganda. It really is too rich to see all the Putin derangement syndrome. Putin may have sealed his fate for letting the provocations get the best of him, and deserves serious repercussions. Not as clever perhaps as some appear to believe! Looks like he has been outplayed but the innocent victims in Ukraine have been misled too.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hey, I just invented it. I like it: “Putin collaborators”. Conceived to ryle up, besides being accurate and fully depictive… Ad hominem can be good as some ancient philosopher (not me) noticed: man is the measure of all things…
      I sent lots of comments to the NYT, and most get intercepted by the plutocratic flak… I view US Deep State, NYT, Davos, EU, Merkel, etc… as the architects of Putin… They couldn’t have enough of him, all the way to last year…
      OK, more later, I am going to self congratulate more…


    • Gmax Says:

      Patrice mentioned that a Jew called Nathan was a leader of Azov… which has been integrated in the Ukrainian army in 2014. Before that it was made of Mariupol civilians who freed their cities from the Russian army in 2014.
      That people keep on repeating Azov is Nazi are talking heads for Putin.

      Anybody opposing Putin is called fascist, Nazi. SS or Neo Nazi. Funny thing is that he uses the same Nazi imagery, including Z…

      The forces Putin launched against Ukraine spell AZOV


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Azov was initially a bunch of guys defending their city. Some didn’t follow usual war methods… nd were prosecuted (in 2015). But soldiers geeting prosecuted is standard, even in the US. That’s why there is military court. Azov is not the war crime factory of the Putin extermination machine…

      Talking as if US/NATO caused this war is counterfactual: it’s a small clique in the Kremlin which caused that war, and it didn’t surprise me. According to my own theory of evil, they will stop only if they face their own extinction…

      Nasty US presidents attacked only, directly, dictatorships.
      Indirectly, the US Congress and FDR pretty much attacked France and the UK, in 1939, using Hitler as a WMD. And directly through condemning them as aggressors…

      Lybia was bad, worse than you know. My dad met with the dictator there, BTW. The problem is that they dropped it afterwards… Also there is an old war, more than 25 centuries old, part of it. Very complex.

      Putin was not provoked, except in the sense of not facing Trump. Putin wished to attack Ukraine for 33 years… Once the Kyiv Parliament put the KGB out of commission in Ukraine…


  6. Gmax Says:

    .those Putin collaborators won’t quit. Zelinsky fustigated them today


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, he accused them of betrayal. One fled his city when it was attacked, a general I think. The other is in the secret service and seems to have been asleep at the wheel during an attempt of Z’s life. He fired them, but prosecution is engaged…


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