Forgetting History, Putin-Led Russia Compromises Siberia


Fascism is justified by war. The more war, the more fascism. So the popularity of a fascist leader appears to augment as a war becomes catastrophic, especially when the leader has involved his entire population in infamy. It is infamy to let oneself be persuaded that Ukraine was going to attack, just from believing a thief-in-chief as if he were god).

This fascism from war effect is why Hitler’s popularity augmented during WW2… while increasingly much of the entire German population grimly perceived they had wronged the Jews, and perhaps done even more than that… and that they were going to pay a heavy price.

As the US army fought through its first German villages and cities, GIs were surprised to see Germans come out, after the combat had moved down the street, and calmly sweep in front of their houses. As Germans swept the combat debris, they seem to be sweeping Nazism off their minds. By 1945, the Germans had few illusions about Nazism, yet, still, many fought through the bitter end. Especially many in the ill informed and culturally stupid and thus, criminal, youth.

But of course the young were more vulnerable to Nazi propaganda. Hitler used to boast that he didn’t care what adults thought about Nazism, because “we own the youth“. In some cases, US officers were faced with young Germans holed up in some house with Panzerfausts. The US commanders drafted local German school teachers to order their pupils to lay down their weapons. So there you had German matrons ordering by loudspeakers their students to stop their ruckus and come out hands up.


There have been many illusions regarding Putin’s tyranny: I fully predicted Putin’s attack, more than a decade ago… An autocracy is automatically evil. Yet most experts, completely drunk on neo-liberal, end of history, pipeline diplomacy, trade as master of the universe ideology,  believed it would not happen: well, their careers depended upon glorifying the fact everything, even peace, was for sale! Putin denial, like denial that, because they don’t experience limits to their powers, plutocrats are destroying democracy, or like denial about the CO2 crisis, have long been obvious, yet nothing is done about them, because that would doing something against the established order which plutocrats have captured (and this is why transferring arms to a democracy under attack by a fascist, racist genocidal regime is like pulling teeth…)  

Why did they think Putin modernized 80% of itsC nuclear forces, and developed, already 20 years ago, nuclear tipped hypersonic missiles? Putin was preparing his realm to exert nuclear blackmail, obviously. But the so-called “experts” had not noticed! They were paid, not to notice…

Another illusion is that the sanctions are hurting Russia real bad. Short term, no. Russia controls maybe 20% of the world’s arable land, and its gigantic land as all resources, except mangrove and coconut trees. Russia is an autocracy ready to live in autarky.. 

Could Russia end up like Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea or Iran. Isolated, forever inimical to most of the planet? No. Because Russia wants to be, and is, just from the land it controls, a superpower.

Notice this didn’t happen with China: After the Gang of 4 attempted takeover, China embarked in democratization… the opening of China to the world was recently interrupted by Xi, an ally of Putin… who discovered, like Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Hirohito and Franco before him, that global plutocrats were natural allies: see Bill Gates of the Gates (of hell?) foundation providing Xi with the most sophisticated security expertise. See Gates and Xi holding hands, see Xi visiting Gates’ mansion in Washington, and holding court there with other plutocrats from “Big Tech”, before Xi proceeded to Washington to tell Obama how it was going to be.

(Obama is a weakling, Xi, reared in part by the Red Guards, is tough, that’s why Xi gives orders to Obama: “Big Tech” plots with Xi, a man who can pretty much order the death of anybody, anywhere, then Xi goes to see someone who is afraid of his own shadow, except when sponsored by oligarchs).

The reason China did not isolate itself from the world has to do with Mao and Nixon… Nixon himself was pretty much doing what US oligarchs (say Kaiser) told him to do.

China is big, ambitious, and has been for 4,000 years. China got defeated by an expansionist Russia two centuries ago, losing immense territories at the Treaty of Aigun (1858 CE). The Russians threatened to open a second front while China was losing the Second Opium War, against Britain and France (which went on to destroy architecture in the Chinese capital to avenge various atrocities with petty war crimes of their own… 

China wants to be a superpower, that means: opening itself to the world. Russia will have the same problem, if it wants to keep on being a superpower. 

Now, of course, Xi is a personal ally of the Kremlin mongrel, but that’s precisely Xi’s problem: Xi carries the mark of infamy “Putin”…  that may make Xi less popular with his comrades of the Chinese leadership. 

In the fullness of time, China is a major threat for Russia, because Russia occupies or control immense territories on which China has exerted imperium, sometimes for centuries, and sometimes already two millennia ago (Rome and China basically touched at some point, and Romans notable made it all the way to East Asia; an allegation is that Roman prisoners settled in China). Two huge cities, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, sit very close to the Chinese border. Khabarovsk is full of descendants of Ukrainians deported to Siberia by Stalin (who also killed around four million Ukrainians, just to make sure Ukraine obeyed and agreed to be dispossessed… The Holodomor, one of these periodic genocides the Kremlin visits on Ukraine in its effort to keep as much of Eurasia under tits subjugation as possible).

Make no mistake: Siberia should be developed from the Russian base it has now, with the help of the European Union and its allies. I am not advocating a “return to China”. Actually Russia and the USSR seem to have been more respectful of Siberian peoples than 

Russia can’t depend upon China. The problem of Muscovite Russia is that, to realize its ginormous expansion to the east, the Kremlin embraced the ways of the Mongols. That was the opposite of the quasi-democracy of Kyivan Rus… which really got Russian civilization started. That tension remains. What we see with the cruel Moof scow attacking Kyiv is a civil war, and even more, a civilizational war, a war for saving the world…

As tech progresses, a point may happen where the formidable Russian nuclear arsenal may become obsolete. Much Russian military prowess rests on western electronics: that’s going to be cut off (hopefully; it remains to see how strong the embargo is going to be). 

Ukraine, a democracy assailed by plutocrats, must regain lost territory through military means… Because there are no other means, and the nuclear tyrant needs to be thoroughly defeated: Putin cannot be rewarded with some Sudetenland, as Hitler was… We know what happens in such a case.

So the democracies should help Ukraine militarily as much as possible. After having committed the worst threat, destroying all of humanity, Putin and his accomplices should be given no quarters: there is strictly no hope to be coming from this criminal organization. Democracies must choose between civilization and the only thing which can stop civilization, a rogue nuclear regime. 

World War Three is on. It is more serious than any which preceded.

Patrice Ayme

One of the big chunks of Eurasia China (actually the Manchus) used to have, and wants back very much. Actually Stalin himself saw Mao maneuver to acquire it, and after that the relationship ended in near-war in 1969. All of central Asia, owned by the Han 2,000 years ago, is in play too…

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13 Responses to “Forgetting History, Putin-Led Russia Compromises Siberia”

  1. Gregory Lathrop Says:

    I’m beginning to wonder whether he intends to launch on the united states and go scorched earth…. Using this posturing toward other countries as a smoke and mirrors setup.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      There is much truth in what you say. I believe Putin wanted the Gates of Hell fully opened, but the dragon that launched out, collapsed under withering Ukrainian fire…


  2. Roden Eugen Says:

    I wonder, does the CIA knows who is the second man with the keys to the nukes?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I would believe it’s a bit more complicated than that, in practice..
      Defense Primer: Command and Control of Nuclear Forces
      The U.S. President has sole authority to authorize the use of
      U.S. nuclear weapons. This authority is inherent in his
      constitutional role as Commander in Chief. The President
      can seek counsel from his military advisors; those advisors
      are then required to transmit and implement the orders
      authorizing nuclear use. But, as General John Hyten, then
      the Commander of U.S. Strategic Command
      (STRATCOM), noted, his job is to give advice, while the
      authority to order a launch lies with the President.
      General Milley, the current Commander of the Joint Chiefs
      of Staff (CJCS), made a similar point in a memo he
      provided to Congress in September 2021. He noted that he
      is a part of the “chain of communication,” in his role as the
      President’s primary military advisor, but he is not in the
      “chain of command” for authorizing a nuclear launch. He
      also noted that, if the President ordered a launch, the CJCS
      would participate in a “decision conference” to authenticate
      the presidential orders and to ensure that the President was
      “fully informed” about the implications of the launch.
      The President, however, does not need the concurrence of
      either his military advisors or the U.S. Congress to order the
      launch of nuclear weapons. Neither the military nor
      Congress can overrule these orders. As former
      STRATCOM Commander General Robert Kehler has
      noted, members of the military are bound by the Uniform
      Code of Military Justice “to follow orders provided they are
      legal and have come from competent authority.” But
      questions about the legality of the order—whether it is
      consistent with the requirements, under the laws of armed
      conflict (LOAC), for necessity, proportionality, and
      distinction—are more likely to lead to consultations and
      changes in the President’s order than to a refusal by the
      military to execute the order.
      The Nuclear Command and Control
      System (NCCS)
      According to DOD’s Nuclear Matters Handbook, the
      elements of the nuclear command and control system
      (NCCS) “support the President, through his military
      commanders, in exercising presidential authority over U.S.
      nuclear weapons operations.” The system relies on “a
      collection of activities, processes, and procedures
      performed by appropriate military commanders and support
      personnel that, through the chain of command, allow for
      senior-level decisions on nuclear weapons employment.”
      Specifically, the NCCS provides the President “with the
      means to authorize the use of nuclear weapons in a crisis
      and to prevent unauthorized or accidental use.”


  3. Nathan Curry Says:

    Hence the ego changing payment from petulant countries to his gas sales – into roubles. And sharing the spoils of his invasion with his buddies. He knows how to manipulate the media. Pure plutocracy and kleptocracy – he has the resources to flaunt it and the tech has shifted to Russian hackers.

    But yes he lacks vision horrendously in his lackluster depleted country.

    He knows it. And his plutocratic Davao buddies know it.

    So he runs the wolves into the ground.

    Opinion | Ukraine Is the First Real World War


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Pope -rightly- called a “potentate” (Putin) “infantile”, “anachronistic”, etc…

      Putin is fundamentally using as defense and pretext the fact he is at best ten years old, and his teacher was a Slavic version of Hitler (there are plenty of those around him)… The real objective is to go on with the kleptocracy which his whole entourage is engaged in, not just the girlfriends’ friends, or the ex husband of one of his daughters (the youngest billionaite) or his music teacher (multi billionaire in the West alone…)

      I commented on that article, and the NYT published my comment after a long delay, and it was not appreciated…


  4. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Very disappointing prestation by Macron here in France saying one should not send tanks or planes to Ukraine to avoid becoming ‘co-belligerent’. I decided not to vote for him bcs of that position which seems dictated by Putin. Even Biden is sending tanks.
    These heads of state are real cowards. Or maybe that’s what you say, it’s all Davos, 25/7. They all know each other.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Macron is disappointing in his insistence for no heavy weapons for Ukraine.
      Banker is showing his Davos/Putin side…
      However he just accused “Russian authorities” of “war crimes”…


  5. Nathan Curry Says:

    Oh well he will fall
    The question is: Will China go back to war with Russia?


  6. Nathan Curry Says:

    Have you ever printed out your work

    Reread it

    Edited it

    Sent the best to a publisher?


  7. Gregory Golberg Says:

    If you can’t virtue signal about BLM and how Trump is omg hitler, why bother facing reality about an actual real Hitler of 21st century.
    But they can go follow the Russian warship

    We know some people tried
    But when the “search for truth” really just meant the virtue signaling (this was becoming quite apparent quickly) – there’s only one way this could have ended up
    Learning experience for some. Terminal for others.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, to equate Trump with the devil incarnate was unreal… But then goes hand in hand with no being worried about Putin as deserved. Actually the latter preceded the former: Clinton, Bush and Obama were unreally benign about Putin… So being unreal about Trump was more of the same. Obama sent Ukraine US cuisine to fight Russia in 2014 (MREs, meals ready to eat). Trump sent Javellin antitank missiles, secretly….


      • Gregory Golberg Says:

        Patrice Ayme and of course, therefore, the above must never be mentioned ever again.
        oh and of course on the trump subject (if any of our friends still have the courage to hear):…/trump-lashes-germany-over-gas…
        how does that smart diplomacy sound now?
        but no, trump is literally hitler and also white supremacy.


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