US Pluto Media Pretends to Worry About French “Right” 

And what if the “Right” was right, and, to put it in one horrendous word, popular… Also known as “populist”. In Hungary, Orban “right wing” party won the legislative elections, for the fourth time in a row, with 54%… (Lest I be accused of being pro-Orban, just from observing reality, let me point out that Orban said, after his re-election, that Zelinskyy was an “opponent”… I am definitely pro-Zelinskyy)

The French extreme right, on the big practical items is left of the US extrme left…Why is US media so worried about the French “extreme right”?

The short of it: because France is a welfare state owned by oligarchs, who are busy destroying the middle class and even the lower class, in the same way as it was done in Russia between over centuries, until most Russians became “serfs” under Catherine II “the Great” Best way to optimize plutocracy! (The distant ancestors of these serfs, six centuries earlier, used to be free.) The same Catherine conquered Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries, etc…

The following comment to the article The Man at the Center of the French Election Isn’t Even on the Ballot, April 7, 2022… was censored by the New York Times [1]: 

The French extreme right is on the left of the US left. It does not want to weaken the French welfare state with free healthcare, free education, all the way to professional degrees, free medical drugs. The existing French welfare state can indeed be abused. As a partly overseas French, I had to pay for the (difficult, by mandatory C section) birth of my (French) daughter, more than ten thousand dollars. The Albanian woman next door didn’t pay a dime. She had entered France, as many do, on the last day of her pregnancy, and was driven by ambulance from the border with Italy as is the usage of the French border police. Now her child was French, and she was free to go back to Albania (which is not in the EU). This is typical, very frequent, and one of the many ways in which the French welfare state has been abused.

Another is male Africans with many wives, gathering welfare checks from their many claimed children.  

In exchange for all this, the abusers of the French welfare state claim to have been abused, or, if not themselves, their ancestors ten generations ago. Law abiding citizens, though, can’t abuse the system, so genuine French citizens have fewer children than the replacement rate, as the welfare state is not generous with parents anymore… while the taxation rate in France is the highest in wealthy countries… And those taxes strike the middle class: the oligarchs do not have to pay inheritance tax, for example, while poor people pay inheritance tax as high as 60%. Oligarchs write the laws: owning a castle, works of art, factories exclude them from taxation….

A practical result is that French per capita GDP is going down relative to peer countries…


By censoring the previous, all true and unadorned comment, the plutocratic NYT showed how correct it was, and how wrong their posing as the adjudicators of virtue, is.

Patrice Ayme



From 1950 to 2006, REAL French GDP per capita went up steadily at a clip of nearly 5% a year. Since then, it has stalled. What happened? De-industrialization and stupidification from plutocratization!

[1] On the NYT piece typical of anti-French propaganda these days:

PARIS — Like the rest of Europe, France is gripped by the war in Ukraine…

But for all the talk of a united West, the truth is that a noxious blend of oligarchy, nostalgia and bellicose nationalism is ever more ubiquitous on this side of the new Iron Curtain. In France, it is led by a buoyant and confident new right, represented in this election by Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Rally; Valérie Pécresse of the ostensibly moderate Republicans; and Éric Zemmour, the pugilistic proto-fascist commentator turned [presidential] candidate.

… a sideshow in a broader attempt to remake French politics. Behind them all, to one degree or another, is someone not even on the ballot: the media mogul Vincent Bolloré. The scion of an old industrial family, Mr. Bolloré wields a fearsome agenda-setting power; his outlets, known for adopting the flair, tics and style of Fox News, play an outsize role in directing the national debate.

A few remarks: all the French media is owned by oligarchs, but for the French state TV. It’s not just Bolloré. For example Le Figaro is owned by Dassault. Le Monde has several wealthy investors, not all French… Libération is owned by French telecoms giant Altice…  

Bolloré, who is worth around ten billion dollars, roughly 5% of the worth of the wealthiest French oligarch, like other French oligarchs, did not have to pay inheritance tax. Normal French citizens of the lowest middle class can pay more than 65% inheritance tax… For example there is minimum mandatory 5% of the value of total inheritance for “furniture”… even if there is no furniture… It’s Kafkaesque… And the result of Kafka is what happened in Eastern Europe and Russia: the systematic destruction of the middle and lower class, to leave only an underclass, the Lumpenproletariat of Marx…… And the noble oligo-plutocrats on top, owning everything, even minds, hearts and souls…

Amusingly, the NYT talks, correctly, about France, the way it should, but would not, dare to talk about the USA:

“Those trying to get a handle on developments in France… look to Mr. Bolloré, whose name is a byword for the political power of French oligarchs. Mr. Bolloré is a bellwether of a dangerous mood at the top of French society, one that extends far beyond the conservative wing of the elite. Fearful of decline, anxious about movements and ideas from below, the broader French establishment is eager to capitalize on the country’s divisions to cling to power.

Mr. Bolloré himself has ties in the most exclusive circles of the Parisian elite. After inheriting and reviving his family’s struggling paper business with his brother in the early 1980s, he developed a near monopoly on West African ports and logistics—activities from which he appears to be withdrawing. In the early 2000s, Mr. Bolloré set about building his media empire, which today encompasses two of France’s largest publishing houses, a major advertising agency, an array of society magazines and weeklies, a national radio network and the premium TV production group Canal+. Then there’s the jewel in the crown: the hard-right 24-hour news station, CNews.”

Mr. Bolloré portrays himself as above the partisan fray, yet by building an integrated media apparatus for a hysteric, inflamed conservatism, he has reshaped French political life. France, according to CNews, is on the cusp of a breakdown of order and civility, one spark away from civil war. American-inspired “wokistes” and “islamo-leftists” — terms wantonly used as synonyms for progressive activists, intellectuals and politicians — are concocting a plot to emasculate France and its republican traditions. Immigrants are the massed bearers of collapse… In January, to cite just one recent example, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer gave the introductory speech at a two-day colloquium at the Sorbonne on the perils of “wokisme” and progressive identity politics.


My comment to the NYT was all true, just as it is, and as it was. Censored. Putinized. 

Day after day the NYT publishes these anti-French articles. That particular piece of Americano-fascism was by Harrison Stetler, a journalist who writes about French politics.

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