Merkel A Double Agent And Other Stories:

Putin should have become known as a  genocidal tyrant after he killed one Chechen out of six. However, Germany made itself fully dependent upon the genocidal tyrant, years after the genocide. Now Germany and other European genocidal collaborators are sending more than a billion dollars a day to feed the genocidal tyrant’s war crime factory.

In light of this, and her personal, murky history, one may wonder whether Angela Merkel was not a double agent (truly working for Putin’s KGB). She declared that, when the KGB approached her, she brushed them off by telling them that “she talked too much”. This sounds like disinformation to me: Merkel knew that the fact that the KGB tried to recruit her would come up, so she planted plausible denial. She made do with junior dictatorial positions and becoming spokesperson for the Stalinian East German state.

Putin calls Ukrainian nationalists, “Nazis. The pseudo-left in the US or Europe smear its nationalist opponents by calling them tribal (“ethnonationalists”). This flies in the face of common sense: “Ethnonationalism” is hard to come by in very multi-ethnic societies such as the US, UK, or France; ethnonationalists just can’t get elected. Another trick of the pseudo-left is to demonize its “populist” opposition by calling it “terrifying” (a label the NYT smears Le Pen with).

The French political system is similar to the US one: it’s Congress which passes laws. One could imagine (it won’t happen because Macron will be re-elected) a situation where Le Pen is president and her PM is Macron, and he does what he wants (this happened before: Mitterand-Balladur). Le Pen was a European MP for 13 years, she will not dismantle Europe (I will probably vote Macron; but calling her “terrifying” makes me feel like voting for her…). 

All of French politics, including its most extreme right, is on the left of Sanders and AOC. That may be terrifying to Americans, indeed.

One has to make a distinction between “oligarchy” (rule of the few) and “plutocracy” (evil-power). A junta is oligarchic, but not necessarily evil. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and those who financed them (many of them from the US) were plutocrats. Autocracy is the power of one, it necessarily entails plutocracy, as the innate sense of justice of the species makes such a rule unbearable, so it can only be maintained by force. Autocracy was enshrined by Nicholas I in the Russian constitution, and followed by Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and now Putin.

[A shorter version of this teaching comment was published by NYT after 20 hours delay.]

Patrice Ayme

P/S: Here is the context of the preceding. NYT and its Nobel Krugman find French presidential candidate Le Pen “terrifying”. I think what is terrifying is that the truth of Merkel and other collaborators of Putin (Schröder; ecologists, other politicians), cannot be looked in the face. Krugman wrote:

Now, it’s important to understand the context. France provides social benefits on a scale beyond the wildest dreams of U.S. progressives: universal health care, huge family benefits and more. Macron isn’t challenging the fundamentals of that system. He is, however, trying to trim some benefits… Le Pen, by contrast, actually wants to reduce the retirement age for some workers.

If she wins, the consequences for France, Europe and the world will be terrifying. But there is some genuine populism — advocacy of policies that might actually help workers — in her platform.”

Krugman does not describe why Le Pen is “terrifying“. Not even one element of “Le Pen terror” is rolled out. Actually he does not even bother with one element of disagreement he may have with Le Pen. The 53 year French blonde lawyer turned European and French elected representative, just “terrifies” the world, while Krugman and the New York Times still sing the praises of Obama, who “reset with Russia“, after Putin invaded Georgia, to empower Putin for eight years, inviting him in Syria and Ukraine, while Obama himself was killing thousand of civilians in emerging countries… Krugman insinuated that Le Pen was an “ethnonationalist“, a tribal nationalist:

Ron DeSantis would be Florida’s Orban if he could, state governors don’t have as much repressive power as rulers of sovereign nations.

Still, the comparison of European and U.S. ethnonationalists raises some interesting questions. In particular, as the G.O.P. has become a full-on antidemocratic party, why has it also remained the party of plutocrats and the enemy of any policy that might help its many working-class supporters?

To understand the puzzle, consider the policy positions of Marine Le Pen, who has a serious chance of becoming France’s next president. Her party, National Rally — previously called the National Front — is often described as right-wing. And on social issues it is; in particular, the party is largely defined by its hostility to immigrants and the alleged threat they pose to France’s national identity. On economic policy, however, Le Pen is if anything to the left of President Emmanuel Macron.

Orban, elected four times Hungarian Prime Minister, is the bête noire of the US pseudo-left, which is heavily financed by the plutocrat Soros, one of the world’s wealthiest person, a currency manipulator and frontrunner, with philosophical pretense, of Jewish and Hungarian origin (I own books of Soros murky Popper pseudo-philosophy, his fig leaf). Anybody from the US pseudo-left is supposed to hate Orban… So Krugman hates Orban, and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson loves Orban (I am more nuanced than either, but hate Orban’s Putinophilia). DeSantis is of Italian descent on both sides. Does that make him an “ethnoitalian”? The terror of eating pasta?

So I sent the comment, in a simpler version, and, naturally, it was delayed 20 hours. (My lawyer told me that my assertion about Merkel was legally problematic!) In the end, it was published,

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10 Responses to “Merkel A Double Agent And Other Stories:”

  1. Gerrit Says:

    What do you think of the French exit from the European electricity market?
    To me, it looks like populism. I can see that marginal cost selling can be problematic. But an exit could also make electricity more expensive and the energy transition to solar and wind more difficult for everybody.


  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    That those financed by autocrats are traitors, and should be prosecuted is not common wisdom. But it should be.

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  3. Gmax Says:

    Your hatred for Merkel is the gift that keeps on giving. The worst is that you are stating the obvious. What else? The woman tied up Europe and offered it to her friends in the Kremlin


  4. John Holzmann Says:

    Mmmmmm. . . . I should have forwarded you the article at Principia that I read BEFORE getting to the Raman Spectroscopy paper. You’re French and in France. Are you aware of the arrest of Virginie de Araujo Recchia because of her paper, RAPPORT DICTATURE 2020 ( . . . a story reported by Principia at ?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi John, thanks! I have not been in France for years. And I am not just French. I mostly grew up in Black Africa (though half of my family is from Algers). I am very suspicious with the evolution of free speech in the West and France in particular, so I wellcome your call…


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