Schröder, Merkel, Plutocracy: New York Times Censorship Series

As long as the West gives a billion dollars a day to Putin, by purchasing Russian hydrocarbons, Putin knows the West is not serious about opposing him. The Russian economy has become a war economy, with weapons factories going 24/7. Paradoxically, the Western sanctions help that way. So everybody is happy: Putin runs a stronger and more lethal dictatorship, and failed to conquer Ukraine in a clean manner, enabling him to destroy it completely instead… which is what he truly wants to do [1].

Corruption in politicians is a big problem. Politicians should be legally obligated not to profit from the office they have been elected, or selected for… For the rest of their lives.

Putin genocides in Chechnya and Ukraine are part and parcel of the general plutocratic problem which ruins the West, democracy, the climate, and even the biosphere. Putin was long the darling of the WEF, World Economic Forum and Davos. The WEF conspiracy to feed and empower the Russian oligarchy, headed by the KGB/FSB, dates from the 1990s. Putin should have become known as a genocidal tyrant after he killed one Chechen out of six.

However, Germany made itself fully dependent upon the genocidal tyrant, years after the genocide, and while fully cognisant of said genocide. It was apparently assumed by German leaders that greed would fix hate, and the will to kill. Now Germany and other European genocidal collaborators are sending more than a billion dollars a day to feed the genocidal tyrant’s war crime factory.

In light of this, and her personal, murky history, one may wonder whether Angela Merkel was not a double agent (truly working for Putin’s KGB). She declared that, when the KGB approached her, she brushed them off by telling them that “she talked too much”. This sounds like disinformation to me: Merkel knew that the fact that the KGB tried to recruit her would come up, so she planted plausible denial. She had junior dictatorial positions and became spokesperson for the Stalinian East German state. Putin and his Western enablers have to be stopped, arrested.


The preceding comment to an article about the corruption of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder,was censored by the New York Times. Why, we don’t know. Was it because I insinuated that Putin was an adored child and instrument of the WEF?

Censoring without good legal basis should be illegal, be it on Internet social media, or conventional media. Censorship can be used to steer public opinion, which is a violation of democracy. Moreover media can get to know some ideas and then steal them (personally observed many times). For example I will not be surprised that in a distant future, if higher ups decided she is past her expiration date, the same ideas will surface about Merkel (I had excoriated Schröder and his greed for years, as I had that of Obama, etc.)


Here are extracts of

The Former Chancellor Who Became Putin’s Man in Germany
Gerhard Schröder, who is paid almost $1 million a year by Russian-controlled energy companies, has become a pariah. But he is also a symbol of Germany’s Russia policy. (April 23, 2022.)

HANOVER, Germany — On the evening of Dec. 9, 2005, 17 days after Gerhard Schröder left office as chancellor of Germany, he got a call on his cellphone. It was his friend President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Mr. Putin was pressing Mr. Schröder to accept an offer to lead the shareholder committee of Nord Stream, the Russian-controlled company in charge of building the first undersea gas pipeline directly connecting Russia and Germany.

“Are you afraid to work for us?” Mr. Putin had joked. Mr. Schröder might well have been, given the appearance of possible impropriety — the pipeline he was now being asked to head had been agreed to in the final weeks of his chancellorship, with his strong support.

He took the job anyway.

Seventeen years later, the former chancellor, who recounted the events himself in a pair of rare interviews, remains as defiant as ever…

Germany is deeply reliant on Russian gas, giving Mr. Putin coercive leverage over Europe while filling the Kremlin’s war chest.

That dependency grew out of a German belief — embraced by a long succession of chancellors, industry leaders, journalists and the public — that a Russia bound in trade would have too much to risk in conflict with Europe, making Germany more secure while also profiting its economy.

“He took advantage of the reputation and influence of the chancellor’s office and offered himself up as an agent for Russian interests to get rich,” said Norbert Röttgen, a conservative lawmaker, former minister and longtime Russia hawk.

Mr. Schröder, now 78, spoke with undiminished swagger, cracking jokes but arguing in essence that, well, if he got rich, then so did his country. When it came to Russian gas, everyone was on board: “They all went along with it for the last 30 years,” he said. “But suddenly everyone knows better.”….

…Mr. Schröder is useful to the Russian leader as a cat’s paw to further his own interest in hooking Germany on cheap Russian gas.

Germany’s reliance on Russian gas surged to 55 percent before Russia’s attack on Ukraine began in February, from 39 percent in 2011, amounting to 200 million euros, or about $220 million, in energy payments every day to Russia.

It has helped make Mr. Putin perhaps one of the world’s richest men, has buoyed his otherwise feeble economy, and has enabled and emboldened him to pursue his aggression in Ukraine

Even as Mr. Putin was massing troops on the Ukraine border last fall, Mr. Schröder visited the Russian leader in Sochi, one of Mr. Putin’s favorite retreats, across from the Black Sea coast that Russian forces are now trying to rip from Ukraine.

Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine began, the entire staff of Mr. Schröder’s parliamentary office resigned in protest, including his chief of staff and speechwriter of 20 years, who had been with him since his days as chancellor.

He relinquished his honorary citizenship in Hanover before his home city could strip it from him — something it last did, posthumously, to Adolf Hitler.

But Mr. Schröder is undaunted. He remains chairman of the shareholder committee of Nord Stream, reportedly earning about $270,000 a year, and served as head of the supervisory board of Nord Stream 2…

Three weeks before Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, Gazprom — the Soviet energy ministry turned Russian state-controlled gas company, which owns 51 percent of Nord Stream and all of Nord Stream 2 — announced that Mr. Schröder would join its board, too… since 2017 he has also presided over the board of the Russian oil company Rosneft, earning another $600,000 a year, according to public records, on top of his monthly $9,000 government stipend as former chancellor.

But even his fiercest critics acknowledge that Mr. Schröder’s close and lucrative dealings with Russia are also emblematic of his country’s decades-old approach of engagement with Russia. Lobbied aggressively by Germany’s export industry and cheered on by labor unions, successive chancellors, including Ms. Merkel, collectively engineered Germany’s dependency on Russian energy.

“Schröder is the tip of the iceberg,” said Wolfgang Ischinger, a former ambassador to the United States and veteran diplomat. “But there is a whole iceberg below him.”

Matthias Warnig, the chief executive of Nord Stream 2, who took part in 19 of the meetings in the report, has acknowledged having been a former spy of the Stasi, the former secret police of Communist East Germany. Stasi records show that, in February 1988, both he and Mr. Putin, when he was stationed in Dresden as a K.G.B. officer, were awarded medals for their service. But Mr. Warnig has denied reports that he had recruited spies for Mr. Putin in their old days.

In February 2015, Mr. Schröder took Mr. Warnig to see Mr. Gabriel to discuss cooperation with Russia, according to the list of meetings provided in the report. He also accompanied Nord Stream 2 executives to see Mr. Steinmeier’s ambassadors to Moscow and Brussels at the time.

Steinmeier, who is Germany’s president told the NYT: added: “Should you put my visits and meetings in Russia in a different context, I want to inform you now that I will initiate legal steps.”

Is it why the NYT decided it shouldn’t publish my assertion of the obvious: Merkel a traitor?

Nord Stream 2 was approved in June 2015, the same year that Gazprom was also allowed under the Merkel government to buy Germany’s biggest strategic gas-storage facility, where it has kept levels of gas conspicuously low for the past year in what may have been preparation for providing leverage for Mr. Putin in his war.

But Mr. Schröder said he was unbothered by the growing dependency, or by American and Eastern European warnings about Mr. Putin weaponizing energy supplies.

German Chancellor Schröder explained the thesis that, while there may be masters and slaves, masters depend as much upon those they enslave, because they couldn’t be wealthy without them… So Putin may have enslaved Germany, but Putin needs his slave.

Just the boyfriend I needed! Chancellor Schröder, left, with Putin: make me rich, and you can kill whoever you want!

[1]  Khrushchev, an Ukrainian, was the mentor of Brezhnev, another Ukrainian. Putin is very aware of this, and apparently, ressents it (Putin has different ethnic roots).

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