Put too many rats in a cage, and they will fight in the most vicious manner, to death. 

Humans are no different. The cage is the planet. The planet can probably sustain, long term, with present technology, only a fraction of the existing human population. A consequence is the CO2 crisis, and several other pollution crises. The end product of these crises will be a devastated biosphere where advanced animal life will be difficult, if at all possible.

Thus there is only one optimal outcome: better technology… the very factor which makes hate problematic at this point of evolution.

Ecological crises have dominated human evolution for hundreds of thousands of years, ever since our ancestors became the dominant predators. As humans imploded the ecology, evolution discovered that it was more conducive to survival of the fittest to eliminate surpluses of humanity before eliminating the ecology supporting said humanity. This is how hatred became a dominant human instinct. Hate entices humans to kill humans. Hate renders highly performing humanity possible. Hate is an adaptative behavior so ingrained it became an instinct.

Astute observers will remember that ethologists also discovered that chimpanzees conducted wars of extermination in the next valley over. There too the deep root is the ecology… and this shows that hate is not just a human instinct, but most ancient. 

Add to this propensity for hatred the fact human beings are not just made to be free, but perform best when they are free. Thus humans hate to see their freedom curtailled. Moreover groups of free humans think in parallel, not in series, and thus are more intelligent.

As oligarchy, propped by ever more powerful technology, grows, so does hatred against those who rule. Hatred grows, both in those who see their freedom curtailled, and in those who see the dowthrodden rise against the privileges of the upper crust. And hatred tends to be fungible: once it has arisen, it goes around. 

Nothing new in the basic psychology, but, as Vlad the Mad is keen to remind us from the Kremlin… we have nukes now, and weapons like you have never seen before. This makes the full enjoyment of hate impossible, as, like the thugs around Putin remind us, “humanity could be turned into radioactive ashes“. 


So what to do practically? 

One has to understand that hate has a life of its own, once it is born. Understand also that hate has deep roots, reasons of its own. And that it is even noble in some sense: who doesn’t want to save the ecology? Well, hate wants to save it. Thus if one wants to prevent hate, one has to destroy the roots, and the processes which could lead to even more roots.

For example, when it became clear that the KGB/FSB, the Soviet-Russian secret police, was behind the rise of Putin, and once it became clear that they would do anything to grab power (the bombings in Russia and the Chechen genocidal war), it should also have been clear that, to feed Putin and his thesis that the disappearance of the genocidal USSR was the greatest tragedy of the 20C, was to feed hate large enough for a world war. I wrote about this for decades, so I was not surprised when it happened, as I had predicted.

The way to prevent Putin was to put maximum pressure on his regime from the start. The same applies to Xi’s genocidal regime. But what have we been doing? The opposite!

Hate is the gift which keeps on giving, we are getting smothered by its generosity. But the way out is not to hate hate, but to love sustainable solutions before they become problems.

Patrice Ayme

P/S: The first part above was published as a comment in NYT on “Where Does All That Hate We Feel Come From?“April 27, 2022 By Thomas B. Edsall starting with

“The story of the 21st century is less a story about exponential population growth than it is a story about differential growth — marked by a stark divide between the world’s richest and poorest countries,” Jennifer Sciubba, a professor of international studies at Rhodes College, writes in her new book, “8 Billion and Counting: How Sex, Death and Migration Shape Our World.”

Much of that differential is driven by tech prowess (for example hydrocarbon extraction is highly automatized, and involves relatively few, very well paid workers, so it encourages concentrations of wealth and power)… But also by hate, since, as we sketched tech to increase hate (just as it increases goodness and other extremes… but the equivallent of a nuclear bomb doesn’t exist with love!).

If I ate all the grass, my species would die off. Fortunately, predators will eat enough of my kind to prevent this. And who will kill the predators, if there are too many? Humans… Who also eat grass! We need something, somebody, to kill humans!

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  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    New theory of evil?


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