Was Putin Tricked Into Attacking Ukraine?

[The title above was “restricted for diffusion” or “shadow banned” on the Internet; a more accurate title should have been: Was Putin Deliberately Misled By His Own Intelligence Services Into Attacking Ukraine? Shadow banning is ultra modern censorship: learn everything about some brainless celebrities, famous for being famous, who are “trending”, and learn not to care about anything else]

Putin arrested several of his top intelligence officers, for misleading him about the situation in Ukraine. Putin and his top people had been told it would take five days at most to defeat Ukraine. One may wonder if those officers were genuinely in error, or told Putin stories which he did not just want to hear, but also would bring him to launch a war so big that he could not win it. Because that was the only path to regime change, the way those intelligence officers looked at it.

Putin is most vile, but the tyrant is too well defended for a direct coup or assasination: his close guard of millionaires and billionaires are personally tied to him, and some were his accomplices not just from the KGB, but all the way in Saint Petersburg since before Putin became a lawyer! So how to bring him down? By enticing the tyrant to make a terrible mistake by making him believe he was advancing his dream of Russian hyper power while engaging in a war crime he could not fail to profit from


Real Russian patriots will resist the Putin tyranny by sabotaging it. Sabotaging a tyranny is what real patriots do, it happened in Nazi Germany extensively and in various ways. Sabotage in its simplest form is lack of zeal… which can show up as “low morale” of troops engaged in combat. 

The most elite, thus fanatical troops engaged by Putin suffered heavy losses during their assault on Kyiv. The same phenomenon happened with Nazi Germany: 50,000 of the most dedicated Nazis died during the battle of France of May-June 1940, followed by another victory less than a year later in Crete, where most Nazi paratroopers died while winning. At Stalingrad, the elite Nazi Sixth Army was annihilated. Too many dead elite Nazis weakened considerably the might of Hitler’s forces, and it was even worse with pilots (who couldn’t train from lack of fuel after declaring war to their ally the USSR).


In the grand scheme of things, the nuclear armed tyrannies are an unsustainable danger for democracy. When France and Britain declared war to Hitler in 1939, the latter was not ready. Nor was Putin.


So one may wonder about the possibility of the ultimate sabotage: what if elements opposed to Putin within Russia had deliberately misrepresented the situation to Putin so that the tyrant would engage in a war too ambitious for him to win? Indeed, if Putin had concentrated all his elite forces on the Donbas from the start, he could have won. But now most of these forces are severely degraded. Are only nukes left to exhibit some Kremlin tyrannical superiority?


Oooppsss… Russian T 72 tank experiencing “tandem” anti-tank warheads. Putin came to believe Ukraine was full of Nazis… thus stupid brutish orcs… it turns out the orcs were his own troops. In the city of Bucha alone, ten Russian soldiers were already thoroughly identified as war criminals. One used to be a firefighter in Siberia…

This is what Deep Machiavellian really means. Now were some US Deep State actors involved into this? Something like that happened in 1914 (Colonel House; maybe president Wilson himself), and in the ramp up to World War Two (FDR, who wanted to own the French empire replaced his anti-Nazi ambassadors by pro-Nazi ambassador to the Reich and UK… He also sent his right hand man… a four star admiral to Vichy). Could it be that Biden was encouraged to show weakness in Afghanistan?… to encourage Putin into believing the US, thus NATO, was scared, weak and senile? Time may tell…

Patrice Ayme

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18 Responses to “Was Putin Tricked Into Attacking Ukraine?”

  1. Gmax Says:

    This would be really horrendous Killing millions to get rid of just one man?
    I shudder just thinking about it


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Was Putin manipulated by his own intelligence services into a war which would help bring him down? An affirmative answer would explain many otherwise unexplainable facts of the war of Putin on Ukraine. It is very strange that this content was viewed as offensive & banned by Quora!


  3. William Gliem Says:

    Putin tricked himself into it. He was already convinced I. His predetermined mind was stuck back in the 1980’s and he believed in his invincibility We thoughts if his through cancer and his age. he wanted to return Russia to the glory days of an Empire ruling as much territory as possible with a military living the delusion of WWII.

    That’s what happens to dictators who come to believe in their own propaganda and an image of riding to greatness on resurrecting the old as gold and the modern as decadent


  4. Paul Conway Says:

    studied at University of Hull
    By his own narcissistic delusions of grandeur, yes. It was easy for him because he has no empathy for those suffering or dying as a result of his decision.


  5. Xuanzi Zerene (Еремей Сенько) (選子 ジェレミー) Says:

    , Ruthenian Eurasian History minor.


    The Russian government knew very well what they were getting themselves into when the declared recognition and support for the breakaway Donbas territories. As these territories were heavily shelled for the past 8 years, there are supporters of the was based in that. Still, offering a conflict zone alliance is almost always immediately going to drag oneself into war, this is not something one was tricked into.

    In the Mid-Long game however, Western-backed increases in tension and Western-backed Euromaidan ousting the democratically-elected president when a long back and forth of bartering didn’t go in the West’s favour led to Western meddling and a Russian counterresponse. The West again, repeatedly increased tensions in what I have routinely described as pushing for conflict, not deëscalation, over the past eight years. Russia’s positions in response to this coup, were not favourable and set the stage for a no-win exit. There were few ‘good moves’ for Russian interests after the West flipped the board on fair play (money, contracts and other such deals). So in this sense, sure. That we got here makes sense, But again, the short term was determined by Russia, and I mean, see the first paragraph. This was greatly regrettable.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the answer. I sort of agree, to some extent with your points, but I agree even more with counterpoints… My main point was whether Putin’s own intelligence agencies, interested by getting rid of him, spurred him into a full blown attack which he could not win. See my “answer”. At this point Quora told me the question was “offensive” and “restricted”. I don’t know why.


  6. Igor S. R. Gleb Says:

    I strongly believe he acted irritated and tacticly ….and got into a trap! To me seems tthat he will try to make a lemonade out of this war! But it was and will not be good for the Russian neither to the Ukrainian people.


  7. Alexander Berri Says:

    Political and Economic Analyst
    Putin was metaphorically tugged and lured to attack Ukraine by the main NATO members which denied providing him with the required security assurance he he demanded initially (that Ukraine be barred from becoming a NATO member).

    At the same time you can also say that it was coming, but was hastened by the event I mentioned above.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Demanding that Ukraine be barred from NATO reflects a misunderstanding of the NATO Treaty, and a misunderstanding of the concept of sovereignty as found in the UN charter.
      What I was alluding to was the fact that his own services tricked Putin.


  8. Dave G Says:

    Yes it looks at if this is the case. This is all a setup by NATO and the US to take over russia. Clearly, putin attacking the Ukraine was the perfect window of opportunity.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, Putin was led to believe Ukrainians were weak, manipulated Nazis. It is the FSB which did that, not NATO. Why, Because they wanted to get rid of Putin!


  9. Raymond Beck Says:

    No. Putin brilliantly saw Biden’s fatal weakness and struck while the iron was hot.

    Putin didn’t dare attack the Ukraine when Trump was president. Putin felt free to attack when George W. Bush and Obama were president. He remembered their pathetic weakness. Then came Afghanistan, and Putin went all out, knowing what a wimpy, weak, wussy weasel Joe is. Why wouldn’t a dictator go for it all with such a pathetic US “president” in charge?

    Plus Putin has the green nut cases in control, so Europe & the US are puppets of Russia, as they rely on Russian oil. Putin has the West over a barrel, and whatever the West pretends to do in retaliatio is faker than fake news or suicidal or both.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I do agree with your points. However, please look at my own answer. All of this being true, then elements in the FSB could fatally incite Putin to launch a war he couln’t win… So that they could get rid of him!


  10. J Dillon Says:

    J Dillon, Engineering from Ireland

    Yes Trump told Putin that it would be easy to take Ukraine and that the US would not get involved as the Republicans would vote down any funds for any operation .


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Only 10 republicans voted against weapons lend-lease for Ukraine in April 2022… So the reps are solidly aligned with Biden (all Dems voted the law) My answer: the FSB… Mostly


  11. SDM Says:

    The US establishment (military-industrial- congressional complex) thoroughly enjoys the Russia invasion of Ukraine. Billions of dollars of defense contracts ready for the approval by the uni-party ruling in DC. NATO is a tool of the US defense industry, just another pathway to the public trough. Nothing like a good old proxy war. To the last Ukrainian!


  12. SDM Says:

    With all the Biden connected corruption and US/NATO manipulations – Maidan coup, son Hunter, Biden boasts of ending investigations, etc. – it would appear that Putin fell for the bait and now his slow motion destruction war may well be a result of “misinformation” from inside Russia. Time will tell.
    Also, the whole fossil fuel issue is not to be ignored as the US big oil and its fossil fuel allies are keen on getting the western Europe market all to themselves.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Maidan was a rebellion of a type I have myself been involved in.
      Ukraine wants to join the EU. Instead Putin had bought the Ukrainian president, who betrayed illegally preceding laws passed by Parliament to join Europe. Putin and his oligarchic goons bought people and celebrities all over, including probably Obama. Depardieu is a famous case: Putin himself gave him a Russian passport…

      The level of corruption is outright demented, and pervasive in the West. Putin was a gigantic part of it. See his wife NOT been sanctioned. She has 2 giant properties in Suisse: one above Lugano, one in Coligny.

      According to high class cleaning lady I know in Saint Tropez, Putin is absolutely charming in person. Another girlfriend owns the (helipad equipped) property… Airspace was restricted and there were supposedly AA equipment in the area…

      That corruption certainly penetrated French politicians who sold advanced weapons and pieces thereof to Putin, including since 2014 (in 2014, France cncelled the sale of 2 advanced aircraft carriers/disembarkment ships to Russia; went to Egypt insted… but Thales kept selling advanced electronics… Thales makes the electronics of the latest 2 large UK carriers, and also part of the most advanced US F 18 Super Hornet… In particular Thales sold nigh vision equipment to Putin…)

      It is VERY clear that there was a deliberate misinformation campaign directed at Putin inside Russia.
      Whether some really smart people manipulated Biden into the Afghan debacle in the hope it would encourage Putin is NOT clear. If it happened it’s one of the brighest Machiavellian move, ever, if not the very most spectacular.

      The world is NOT compatible with dictators. Destroy Putin now, then do Xi.

      As Putin was integral part of WEF, this is all part of the global anti-plutocracy war. TINA: There Is No Alternative. Better world war now than when Putin would be more ready: same situation as with Hitler…

      The fossil fuel situation in Europe is greatly self-imposed: France could frack for gas (has a century of reserves), they could all have very advanced nuclear (Instead of using nucleat tech from the 1950s).


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