New York Times Approves Comment On God, Seven (7) Years Later!

[The comment below was sent to the NYT on March 23, 2015, under the Obama presidency… It was authorized May 10, 2022! It was luckier than thousands of my comments censored by the NYT]

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Patrice Ayme | Unverified California

Both Islam and Christianity have in their sacred texts, “verses of the sword” where holly script recommends to “kill unbelievers”.

Once one has become so morally inferior as to be ready to do such terrible things to millions, for so little cause, one is ready for much worse.

Religions based on knowing god, and giving their followers deadly recommendations on how to deal with “unbelievers” incite human beings to the ultimate inhumanity.

Not just because of the potential, theoretical, experimental, and historical mayhem they are prone to.

How could one do something worse than being willing to kill millions for little cause?

Not simply by transforming human beings into vicious human beings. But into even worse creatures.

How could that be?

It is as monstrous as it gets. What is the definition of the human species? Intelligence.

What is dulling human beings’ sense of critique to the point that one would kill for a drawing, or for looking at ancient art, or listening to music?

It is very simple: religions that extreme in light of the lethal consequences their beliefs may bring, make human beings into stupid beasts.

And that, willful beastly stupidity, is the ultimate sin, because it is the ultimate denial of morality.

This is no coincidence: both Christianism and Islamism have been imposed by war chiefs (Roman emperors for Christianism; Muhammad & 4 first Caliphs). They had a vested interest to make those they ruled over credulous, immoral, subdued, and not smart.

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3 Responses to “New York Times Approves Comment On God, Seven (7) Years Later!”

  1. Gmax Says:

    No question this is crazy. Even if Musk buys twitter that will happen


  2. Ian Miller Says:

    Timely! They did it before you died of old age 🙂


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