Putin played the West. But first the West played Putin. Or more exactly the powers that be in the West played Putin [1].  This deliberate instrumentalization of Putin by the West became obvious early on. 

A number of events, perpetrators and witnesses revealed that Putin an the secret service he used to lead, the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti, lit. Committee for State Security, FSB/KGB the Russian/Soviet secret security political police, had orchestrated the bombing of appartment building blocks in Russia.


The KGB/FSB had constrained (elected) Russian president Yeltsin to choose and nominate Putin as Prime Minister, first. Then Yeltsin made Putin President. The KGB/FSB had made Yeltsin an offer he couldn’t refuse, obviously. 

However elections had to be conducted soon and Putin was pulling only 2%. One factor that had humiliated and weakened Yeltsin was the first war with Chechnya, which Russia had lost, giving that Muslim country de facto independence. Putin accused Chechnya to have done these multiple apartment building attacks, which killed hundreds of Russians, and viewing this as a casus belli, Putin attacked Chechnya with maximal force…. Conveniently discarding all rules about civilized warfare… in the grand old tradition of Russian wars, especially those conducted in the Caucasus mountains. 

One Chechnen out of six was killed, the capital, Grozny was leveled, and Putin won totally over his imaginary enemy. Putin became wildly popular and got elected Russian president in a landslide. Considering how he got elected, though, we should not view him as a legitimate president.

Western intelligence knew all of this, and it was obvious Putin had orchestrated it, as Chechnya had no interest whatsoever to disrupt the status quo… whereas Putin had. 

The West kept on shaking Putin’s hand, because the West knew the evil Putin did in Chechnya, and how he got in power, leveraging that. Knowing that he knew they knew, Western leaders thought Putin was their man, who would do their thing, namely a cheap energy policy. But minds, and, in particular evil, have an inertia of their own. So Putin kept on doing evil, what he did best, and the West kept hoping he was their man, providing cheap fossil fuel energy.

Then Putin became the darling of the West. A genocidal mass murderer became central to world energy policy. At first sight, this is counterintuitive and paradoxal: how could a tyrannical murderous evil monster become the friend of representative democracies?

Well, what if these representative democracies are mostly only democratic in name, and mostly represent global plutocrats?

There is nothing new in this strategy: in the 1930s, the Western plutocrats did the same with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and, less well-known, Stalin. Hirohito got oil to invade China from US plutocrats. Plutocracy means evil-power. It was evil to enable these evil-doesr, but most profitable to Western plutocrats.

Plutocrats love evil tyrants: their kind, writ large.

The Putin problem is a plutocratic problem. It’s global plutocracy which played us, and Putin was one of its pawns, as Hitler and Stalin were. 

Patrice Ayme


[1] (The French secret services were ordered in the 1990s, by elected leaders, not to have anything to do with Russia anymore; source the 25 years in the secret services” of “Pierre Siramy”, a top DGSE operative, who thought in 2010 that the policy of ignoring Russia was the gravest mistake; it is likely the same order was given to their US and UK colleagues.)


P/S 1: The essence of this comment, that many of the world’s tyrants, in the last century, were instruments of global plutocracy, was censored by the plutocratic New York Times. Hundreds of innocuous comments were allowed, though.

I then sent another comment, not directly accusing global plutocracy, the one in italics underlined above. It was immediately published.

One has to understand that the descendants of those who crucially helped Stalin and  Hitler to get or stay in power, are themselves in power… And act through countless schemes, foundations, universities, think tanks, corporate boards, etc… All this held by anonymous corporations… 


P/S 2: Many naive and ill-informed left leaning individuals, following sheepishly the propaganda they are submitted to by their minders in the Kremlin, believe that Putin is an opponent of the “West”… because that’s what he says. Hitler also pretended to be a defender of minorities, and just like Putin, was an instrument of global plutocracy. Hitler knew this, and told confidantes he was exasperated with making nice talk with plutocrats… For example before a dinner in Italy he told Rommel he resented having to sit next to some extremely wealthy Italian aristocrat…

Naive leftists have then made a weapon of global plutocracy, Putin, into their hero. 

Just as Hitler, or Mao, or Hirohito, Putin, forgetting that he is where he is because of Western plutocracy, has gone rogue.

Amusingly the French secret services (DGSE) knew very well that, in the 1990s, Western ecologists were paid by Putin and his ilk, the Russian intelligence services. So follow this: Putin and his ilk are put in power by Western fossil fuel plutocrats, and then, on their (apparent) own, feed ecologists, who, not by coincidence, demolish nuclear industry and nuclear research (for better nuclear industry)… With the final effect of ostering fossil fuels domination by Western plutocracy and its proxies (say ARAMCO)….

Putin did this in Chechnya, here is Grozny, 23 years ago. Then he did it in Aleppo an ancient metropolis in Syria, then in many places over Ukraine. The point is that Western leaders knew very well about Chechnya… and it excited them… Western elected politicians are selected, then elected, becuase they are most qualified to represent eil power. In Putin, they seriously saw their man, and kept shaking his hand. And this is not just a case of the big bad evil US governing classes… German and French leadership obviously look at the Warsaw-Kyiv axis with a jaundiced eye. Those who know history well know that, for centuries, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania were the same imperial power. Hence the diatribe of the French leader against the Polishone, and unfounded accusation of corruption against Ukraine on French “service public” TV… While the blatant corruption in France (how come the hyper wealthy pays no tax, and thus kept getting wealtheir and more influenctial?) is carefully not adressed…

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10 Responses to “PUTIN, PLUTOCRACY & The WEST (Standard)”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Anti-Ukraine propaganda is on French TV occasionally, with ludicrously unsupported accusations of corruption in Kiev. French and German support for Ukraine has been lukewarm.

    Germany sent antiaircraft tanks without any ammunition.

    Macron keeps talking with Putin and saying we have to provide him with succor, help, face saving gestures.
    All French politicians are like that, pro-Putin, although they know better. Why do you think it is?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The answer is very complex. No time now…
      Just this: France leads the Franco-German European engine. An axis Warsaw-Kyiv is not appreciated, hence the fight with Warsaw…

      As elsewhere, France is dominated by global plutocracy… although protesting its US part…


  2. Dan, Lafayette Says:

    @Patrice Ayme “The West kept on shaking Putin’s hand, because the West knew the evil Putin did in Chenchnya, and how he got in power, leveraging that.”

    That makes no sense.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      @Dan If one is naive, and one does not realize who is really pulling the strings in the West, indeed, it makes no sense knowing the evil Putin did in Chechnya was itself an asset that the Western leadership instrumentalized. However, if one is more aware that evil power (plutocracy, Pluto Kratia) is in power in the West, it makes sense that evil power would approve of, and foster, one of its helpers, namely, Putin.

      Moreover, the Western powers may have felt they had a way to manipulate Putin, by exposing his crimes. So Putin would have to do what the West wanted. However, as the Western leaders did not expose and condemn the crimes of Putin, which they were perfectly aware of, they themselves became part of that criminal cover up… and Putin knew it, so that Putin may have felt in turn that, if Western leadership exposed him, they would actually expose themselves… To their own public opinions and the world, so he could get away with wars of aggression, as they had tolerated the first one he engaged in…


  3. benign Says:

    The primary blame must lie with the US & NATO neocons and their childish provocation. Period.

    And now they think they’re going to nail down their unipolar moment for this century.

    They think they’re going to take down Russia and China.

    Criminal madness. Just watch.


  4. nilo checchi Says:

    nilo checchi
    buenos aires argentina
    @Patrice Ayme and now the world pay the price. and is going to be heavy very heavy.
    he or ours?
    both impossible


  5. Dan, Lafayette Says:


    Thanks to you and Patrice. I guess I’m just not clever enough to see how anyone could think that knowing Putin was a butcher would give us leverage over him. It’s not like it was a secret.


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