One Way To Spot Selfish People… Essence Of Femininity Fosters Thought

One Way To Spot Selfish People… Essence Of Femininity Fosters ThoughtSome people are fascinated by the world, what’s beautiful, exciting, natural, intriguing… All centers of interest outside of their own condition: such individuals are intrinsically NOT self-centered. Selfishness implies self-centeredness

Reciprocally, people who bring back all of cognition, issues, interests, feelings to themselves are, by definition self-centered, attributing an exaggerated importance to themselves. Self-centeredness is a strong warning for selfishness. A navel is not all that exists, however rotund (Buddhism with its obsession with avoiding pain and navels, is fundamentally selfish, even more so than Christo-Islamism, with its eternal life…) 

Obvious mitigating exemptions are inexperienced youth, nostalgic, experienced seniors anxious to pass their cultural inheritance, etc… all of them more self-centered per necessity.


XX = XY, the fabulous equation which denies l’éternel féminin, brings back the feminine condition, something found in every single cell of a female XX, down to nothingness. Talk about selfishness on the part of males who suppressed some testosterone for 12 months!

There is something worse: the denial of Vive La Difference! If femininity, and even femaleness can be synthetically produced, if it is just an ersatz, the very notion of different thinking is attacked…

Mephistopheles wants to steal Faust’s soul. Faust is saved from damnation by the prayers of Margaret. Faust concludes: the eternal feminine pulls us up: « l’éternel féminin nous élève » (« das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan »).

The idea that eternal femaleness pulled up human thinking was forged by aristocratic female thinkers in the courts d’amour [1].

Patrice Ayme 


[1] Courtly love theory was developed in the castle life of four regions: Aquitaine, Provence, Champagne and ducal Burgundy, from around the time of the First Crusade (1099). The extremely liberated Eleanor of Aquitaine (1124–1204) brought ideals of courtly love from Aquitaine first to the court of France, then to England (she became queen-consort in each of these two realms in succession). Her daughter Marie, Countess of Champagne (1145–1198) brought courtly behavior to the Count of Champagne’s court. Courtly love found expression in the lyric poems written by troubadours, such as William IX, Duke of Aquitaine (1071–1126), one of the first troubadour poets. The “courts d’amour” managed and organized by women, studied in detail the theory of how to subjugate the violence (and harems!) of the old Frankish ways… This was the oldest feminism as an object of study, and a change of ways (although many an important Greek, such as Aspasia, or Roman, such as Augustus’ wife, or Agripina the Younger, and several Augusta, plus seven reigning queens of the Franks in the 6C and 7C, played an arguably even bigger role… 


Poets adopted the conceptology and terminology of feudalism, declaring themselves the vassal of the lady, etc…

Giant Blue Gum Tasmanian Eucalyptus climbng to the sun. A different sight: vive la difference! Appreciating XX brains… and XY brains, independently, gives us a better grip on the world, and thus a better appreciation, and further, deeper happiness…

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  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Vive la difference is an old French proverb. Do you feel 🇫🇷 is at the heart of civilization?


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