Must Win World War Of Plutocracy Against Democracy

The nuclear tyranny in Moscow is the sort of regime civilization cannot share the planet with: to conquer land it fancied, Putin threatened “any country which intervened with consequences you have never seen in your history”

To surrender to the threat of the usage of nuclear weapons from one’s opponent after first resisting a war of conquest, is worse than surrendering to any previous tyranny in history. Indeed no tyranny in history had the means to destroy humanity, nor expressed the explicit desire to do so as Putin and his accomplices did.

What is democracy? The attempt by civilization to set people free from oligarchy (the rule of the few). What is plutocracy? Literally, hell-power. Oligarchies aren’t sustainable, without  calling upon evil power, because people are not made to be slaves, and they increasingly resist (inside the dictatorship, or outside).

Historical dictators are in general proof of this turn to hell-power: their methods get worse with time,  until they get destroyed.

Civilization was rendered possible by power, but, without democracy, that power can exponentiate in the hands of a few, who then, absolutely corrupted by power, will use ever more evil methods until they become so stupid, they are finally destroyed.

Nuclear energy and other new powerful tech made oligarchs more powerful than ever, and the plutocratic culmination it brings to the planet is so dangerous that civilization will not be able to survive it.

Only democracy makes civilization sustainable. Giving Putin a reward, any reward, for his evil ways invites future dictators to be even worse with threats of nuclear war. 

Because Putin threatened civilization explicitly with annihilation is the ultimate crime. This is why he and his mentality must be destroyed. Nuclear war will not be avoided by doing what those who threaten it want democracies to do. Our survival requires punishment.

Star Fish nuclear explosion at 11 pm, fifteen seconds after detonation over Johnson Island as seen from Maui at on top of the volcano, at 3,000 meter elevation, 1200 kilometers away. The nuke was exploded 400kms above ground, in space, instantaneously shutting down much electronics in Hawaii from E-M blast..

Patrice Ayme


P/S: A shorter version of the comment above replied to a NYT editorial calling to surrender Ukraine to Putin. My comment, mostly what is above, was carefully censored. Now traitor president Macron of France, apparently a small greedy mind, called to once again for the victory of Putin (not as something that he wishes, but as something that he, and his German sidekick, Chancellor Olaf Scholtz see as ineluctable… while pointing out, in complete contradiction, that Putin should not be humiliated (if Putin can’t be defeated, how could he be humiliated?) I was deeply irritated by the NYT censorship, so I sent another comment, which was published immediately… I will show this one next, because it encapsulate the problem.

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3 Responses to “Must Win World War Of Plutocracy Against Democracy”

  1. Gmax Says:

    There have been several articles in Times advocating surrender to Putin and adopting the ideas of Gaino, an adviser to Sarkozy. So it’s like critical race theory, it all comes from France
    Also Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii should be tried for treason and Tucker Carlson who doesn’t know the difference between democracy in Ukraine and dictatorship in Moscow

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  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Macron is a disappointment as 🇺🇦 said

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