Wokism Is Fake, And That’s Why It’s Useful To The Establishment

What is the point of university? It used to be, when Harvard was founded in 1636, “to advance learning and perpetuate it to posterity”. But in recent years the university has taken on an altogether narrower character. Learning is no longer enough. Activism is demanded. Yale and Harvard have come to resemble the mythical Ouroboros, eating their own tails to satisfy an insatiable appetite for conformity…” Ayaan Hirsi Ali points out. She is a famous Islam critic, who had to flee her native Somalia, was elected Dutch MP, barely escaped assassination by enraged theologians, and is now a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Her latest book is Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women’s Rights.

New and better Veritas comes from debate… which originally meant beating thoroughly. So one cannot throw a light, lux, let alone establish veritas without a modicum of mental violence. New and better truth is always an aggression against the established mental… let alone financial or economic… order. This is why, historically speaking, most of humanity’s top thinkers blossomed in only a few places and times… And yet found themselves to be the object of violence, often fatal, at a rate much greater than the average population.

New truth, better veritas, always contradict the established order, this is what deep and genuine novelty does to minds

Instead, plutocratic universities, aka legacies universities, teach the established order, and how to get inserted within. Enough money and effort is deployed by students and, or their families to attend elite universities, so as to ensure that students have the appropriate mentality of, and for, plutocratic insertion. Thus rebellion within is unlikely. Wokism has become a purity test of dedication to the fake truth of the established order. Exhibiting enough wokism demonstrates that one is eager, and one can display enough hypocrisy and polish, to rule the gullible masses… and thus join the master class.

Theories adverse to the established order are adverse to the plutocratic universities’ sponsors, thus will be discouraged by administrators and teaching staff. Whereas theories which make no sense or are deeply regressive are friends of the established order, and will be encouraged. 

This will go on until, and if, the established order is wiped out by a tsunami of veritas… or then total civilizational collapse… something easily engineered with nukes… Harvard did play an important role in establishing Yeltsin’s Russia… which then installed Vlad, modulo a genocidal war in Chechnya… It all fits together nicely.

Wokism is a mood of explaining all what matters most as mostly flowing from racial prejudice and discrimination… Thus hiding deeper causes. Wokism is greatly fake, but so has been the fight against the pollution crisis (in particular the CO2 crisis, aka acidifying global heating), or, for that matter, the taxation schemes which have only ensured ever greater global power and wealth inequality in the hands of the few… A fake and silly universe, such as wokism, will often hide another, much more dangerous, such as increasing feudalism. 

Ayaan Ali got married to historian Niall Ferguson in 2011. He divorced for the occasion his wealthy and powerful long time wife… They have two sons. Ferguson teaches at Harvard and gets $100,000 for one hour speeches to hedge funds… That’s what a book about the Rothschild will do to you, if well written in a way pleasing to the powers that be… Wokism does not like Ferguson for his ideas… And now Ferguson’s own life with Ali shows that Ferguson’s ideas did not emerge from racism… Thus disproving the fundamental thesis of wokism…

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One Response to “Wokism Is Fake, And That’s Why It’s Useful To The Establishment”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    What a story this Aylaan Ali! Astounding Wokism has long existed in 🇫🇷 France they just didn’t use the word. Islamophobia is wokism by another name. Failings of Muslim ☪️ countries are explained with Islamophobia


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