Hopeless Fight With European Union Is Why PM Boris Johnson Really Resigned

Superficialists have been going around saying superficial things about parties and booze. They argue that Boris Johnson, the Brexit architect and UK Prime Minister 2019-2022 resigned because he and his collaborators merrilly got drunk, without wearing masks, nor social distancing, while imposing those constraints fiercely on the British public. The PM got fined, a first for Britain… for lockdown violation. Sure, it didn’t help, but it was survivable. 


What people, including Members of Parliament, say is supposed to be what they think aloud, but it is not necessarily what their brains are fully in the process of considering. Just as there is a subconscious, there is also a preconscious. The PRECONSCIOUS, remember that notion, it’s important. Yes, there were scandals, especially about inebriation, but those were in the past.

What laid heavily on the present British government’s mind was Boris Johnson’s attempted violation of its international treaty with the European Union. 


Days before Boris’ resignation declaration, the EU gave him an ultimatum. Boris has been trying to cancel the international treaty with the EU regarding Northern Ireland which keeps the peace there

The EU commission, which is the managerial executive branch of the EU, threatened the PM with immediate retaliation, for example in the distribution of scientific funding to Britain… The UK is still part of the EU’s Horizon Program, and much prestigious British scientific research depends upon it. The immediate cessation of funding would have been disastrous, and could not have been compensated by the UK government for months, if at all.    


Johnson was Brexit’s main architect. Brexit, as conceived by him, a complete severance, has failed, and could only fail. The fundamental reason is that the British archipelago is part of Europe, not east of New Zealand

To become more reasonable, the next UK PM will have to bring the UK and EU closer together...

Patrice Ayme


Boris was not reasonable. Not at all. Violating international treaties is what the likes of dictators do. Ursula von den Leyen, President of the EU Commission for as long as Boris Johnson had been Prime Minister, since 2019, threatened to punish him, and Britain with him. So Boris had to go. Boris couldn’t get out of that one.

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4 Responses to “Hopeless Fight With European Union Is Why PM Boris Johnson Really Resigned”

  1. nigelsouthway Says:

    Good luck with this crazy thinking

    Nigel Southway


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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My thinking is informed thinking, not just insulting declarations, as yours seem to be. If you want to improve, you can point out what is crazy about it. The EU did give BoJo an ultimatum a couple of days before he resigned, and the crisis had heated up for weeks. This is what, deep down led 50 Bojo officials to resign… Not just that one minister of Bojo groped 2 guys while drunk… If you believe that, you pretty naive…


  2. Gmax Says:

    Those who wanted Brexit voted for Johnson. Neither worked out well, but the first caused the second. So they’re not going to admit that Brexit was hogwash


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