Real Reason For Massive Electric Vehicles Push: Diverting Worthy Anti Fossil Fuels Efforts Down Rabbit Holes

Friend Ian Miller pointed out on July 8, 2022:
“Politicians are keen on EVs because they gave Musk huge grants. There are insufficient raw materials to make EVs a total solution, and they are doing very little for the alternatives because, well, they backed Musk.”

Fortunes and massive insider trading by politicians and allies were indeed made by giving subsidies to “renewable investment” that would have had no value if not given enough government support and money. However, that’s itself a coverup for the much more sinister reason hidden below the murky waters of plutocratic thinking and plotting…

My own interpretation is that any expert conversation shows that EVs can’t be a proximally optimal solution to the climate catastrophe… and suck up funding for real solutions. And THAT is the main reason why EVs are pushed: besides all the corruption, etc., EVs are pushed precisely because they solve nothing much in the dependance to fossil fuels but SUCK up the funds to implement real solutions…

EVs are fossil fuels in disguise, a Machiavellian plot.
One more plot… In plain sight, and the reason people do not see it, is that they have been told there are no plots. One can’t see what one has been brainwashed to believe does not exist. Manipulating people is about manipulating their minds. Advanced thinking is about proof of existence of concepts. Mathematicians spend a huge amount of time on existence proofs. If one is certain something does not exist, one can’t see it.

One of the many Tesla Lithium mines in Western Australia, far from prying eyes… Tesla also needs Cobalt mines, best left to kids who are best snaking down rabbit holes, and since they are Congolese, nobody know when they die… And Manganese, Nickel, Copper, Graphite, etc… All running out… The slaves will have to dig harder, so that pseudo-ecologists can display their virtue better, between 2 jet set vacations… Look at the tini tiny cars, for scale…

To a great extent, Electric Vehicles are fake news. Make no mistake: long term electric motors will replace ICE, Internal Combustion Engines, and that will be good for the climate. However, as it is, making EVs the number one priority, as is the case, is a delaying trick to keep on going with fossil fuels as replacement solutions in primary energy production are not researched, or deployed… EVs having sucked up all the government funding.

Yes children going down rabbit holes in Africa, digging for poisonous elements: the truth about EVs… (Smartphones too, but quantities are different…)

Nice trick.

Patrice Ayme

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3 Responses to “Real Reason For Massive Electric Vehicles Push: Diverting Worthy Anti Fossil Fuels Efforts Down Rabbit Holes”

  1. nigelsouthway Says:

    There is no plot just stupidity.. the climate change emergency is hoax and enables the extortion mentioned.

    Nigel Southway


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  2. Gmax Says:

    In a way it’s all pretty hilarious. EVS are a major distraction. Biden wants station all over the West. Are they universal for all cars? Tesla has different chargers, I looked into it.


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