“Democracy” By “Representatives” Is Intrinsically Corrupt!

Elected politicians are generally individuals obsessed by a thirst for power. Few elected politicians can turn elected office into a sinecure as Joe Biden did, elected Senator while still too young to serve, with a half century career as a politician (Biden made a huge amount of money during Trump, in his first bout in four decades without a top office, his only interruption).

To get elected the greedy need a lot of money, given by the financial establishment, in exchange for future favors.

But worse than that, politicians are not sure they can stay in office forever, so they need to get on boards, or become very friendly with the wealthy and powerful, etc. Now we learn a EU commissioner negotiated her future position at Uber, while still in office. 

Thousands of leaked files have exposed how Uber courted top politicians, and how far Uber went to avoid justice.

Many so-called “tech” monopolies are just organizations violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the law. Recently two-third of media revenue in the US went through Google and Facebook. 

When Macron was helping Uber, he was not even elected, just selected by elected dictator Hollande. Macron’s first elected office was the presidency…

The Uber files detail the extensive help Uber got from leaders such as Emmanuel Macron and ex-EU commissioner Neelie Kroes.  Uber’s long time boss personally ordered the use of a “kill switch” to prevent raiding police from accessing computers.

The Uber Files are a trove of more than 124,000 records, including 83,000 emails and 1,000 other files involving conversations, spanning 2013 to 2017.

They were leaked to the Guardian, and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Elected office selects for greedy individuals. Abe, the powerful Japanese PM who got assassinated, resigned of his own volition… However he was still pulling the strings as a not-so secret Shogun. I have less against Abe than many other politicians, and regret his assassination (for no good reason). However resentment against the present elected representative system is justified. Acting in anger against these powerful  Shoguns, elected or not, is part of democracy… Not democracy through dictatorial representatives, but people-power, demos-kratia, in its raw form. 

This is why violent street protests are part of the French revolutionary tradition: direct democracy at its rawest, and roughest. The US does not have as much violence in the street (except for the independence and secession wars)… But that’s because one can install two billion people in the US before arriving at the stress level of say, China (which has more reduced arable land than it looks)… or Western Europe.

As the climate crisis unfolds, dragging behind it wars such as the grabbing of Ukraine, violent strife will augment considerably, and the elected dictators will have to try catching the next plane, as just happened in Sri Lanka…

Just as we need an absolute wealth limit, one needs an absolute power limit, and term limits are not enough. One needs influence limits. One also needs, as Greek and Roman democracies had it, other types of offices limiting the power of elected representatives… Some by drawing lots.

And one needs more debate, more isegoria and parrhesia…. 

 Patrice Ayme


That Mark MacGann was a lobbyist for Uber. At the time Macron, ex-Rothschild super banker, ex-Inspector Of Finance of France, was Economy and Finace Minster nominated by president Hollande…

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