Great Leader Obama Teaches Ambitious Killers Like Himself To “Lead” Us All The Way To Hell

Obama has founded a school of “leaders”.

“The program will build lasting relationships among emerging leaders who are committed to working together to solve the most pressing challenges of our time, thereby creating a global network that reaches across issues and borders. After completing the program, Obama Foundation Scholars will:

  • Return to work on their global issue of focus and implement their personalized action plan to accelerate positive change within their community
  •  Have an opportunity to play a role in the Obama Foundation’s efforts to inspire, empower, and connect rising leaders from around the globe.

You can get to know our previous classes of Obama Foundation Scholars”

Obama went on a vacation to the Netherlands, all expenses and CO2 paid, to select European “Obama Leaders”.

Yes, modestly, Obama calls those future servants of the established order, “Obama Leaders”.

The idea is apparently that Obama knows how to “lead” (… so as to please the powers that be, and “navigate” better). So Obama can teach that leadership quality that he has. 

Where did Obama, the great leader, lead us to? Did he lead us to Putin v2.0?

Well, he led Putin into Crimea, that was the famous “reset” with Putin which Hilarious Clinton presented to war criminal Lavrov. Obama, the great leader, in a famous hot mike leak had instructed, as the great leader he is, Medvedev, the Putin understudy, to “tell Vladimir he would have more freedom after the elections” That freedom was to send Meal Ready To Eat to Ukraine, when Ukraine was invaded by Putin in 2014…

Here the comparison with Trump and Biden is clear: Trump and Biden sent very effective weapons to Ukraine.. Instead Obama, great leader he is, sent a few meals.


Another Obama great leadership, most profitable, was Obamacare, which boosted profits of the private healthcare industry… and the salaries of non-profit healthcare administrators… Ever since US life expectancy has collapsed, by making healthcare even more impossible to more US citizens. As intended, very officially.

Obama also led in the usage of drones to kill innocent civilians and children in countries the US was not at war with… No doubt very instructive, and inspirational to Mr, Putin… Especially because Mr. Obama was widely, not to say wildly, admired for it… Everybody knew about Obama considering carefully, with his fake deep thought frown on his face, whether that wedding in Yemen with 200 people, would be blown to smithereens, or not, and then deciding in the affirmative.

The slide detailing the kill chain indicates that while Great Leader Obama approved each target, the Great Leader did not approve each individual strike, although news accounts have previously reported that the president personally “signed off” on strikes outside of Afghanistan or Pakistan. However, the slide does appear to be consistent with Obama’s comment in 2012 that “ultimately I’m responsible for the process.”

In October 2011, a 16-year-old U.S. citizen named Abdulrahman Awlaki, the son of Anwar al Awlaki, died in an Obama strike while eating dinner with his cousins, two weeks after his father was killed by a CIA drone. Other children were also killed in that strike. Leadership leading to hell, indeed…

Yes, war is hell… But this was not war… It was Obama leading in his own special way. The way he wants to teach.

Obama’s Leader Principle is not fundamentally different from that of Hitler, with the same exact name. Hitler was obsessed with “leaders”, just as Obama.

Democracy, however, has no leader, As a principle.

Modern tech has made leaders more dangerous than ever, and unsustainably dangerous. Obama’s first name basis friend, Vladimir Putin, the one Obama encouraged, is a perfect illustration of that.

Patrice Ayme


Obama Led The Kill Chain

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