On The Moral Necessity Of The Aggressive Method. Earth Against Apes.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing

(Paraphrasing a well known expression of reality.)

Why? Bad people -evil- or individuals behaving diabolically are guaranteed: indeed not just are there zillions of ways to be bad, and they are hard to avoid… But there is a most fundamental psychological reason for evil:

Evil generates conflict, and conflict masters the human condition. Si vis bellum, para pacem. War generates neurological peace.

You will ask me: why don’t we humans want harmony instead? Because harmony brings the mental space for the contemplation of one’s human condition, that is of human’s desperately ominous fate. Harmony brings thus, neurologically speaking… nothing. Neurological peace is nihilism. Only the most debasing subjugation justifies it neurologically.

Neurology is made to be active: fight or flight is its friend, so is building, achieving, and, overall, strongly emoting. And not just that: neurology is made to handle complication, and, overall, debate, which means beat thoroughly.

Hence the seduction of mayhem, even when it makes no apparent sense, because that other, deeper, sense, filling up a metaphysical void, is always there. 

All this mayhem makes Putin a friend of nerves, indeed… Too much of a good thing in this case, of course. Russian gas has been cut off in France weeks ago. France is perfectly OK, didn’t even notice. The current account of Russia, from a deluge of oil, is catastrophically positive. The world war against the demented nuclear tyrant has to be won. All this is known. Repeating faithfully the insanities of Putin makes one a criminally insane fascist. All such matters are good neurological stuff, excellent material to forget that life ia scream told by an idiot, signifying nothing… Something that neurology knows is false, or it won’t exist…

A dominant way of achieving evil is through studied nonchalance, politeness galore. Politeness is what made the polis possible, except now old fashion politeness is killing the polis.


So here I was, confronting a number of authoritative types, elected to various functions and owners of this, that and the other thing, who had concocted in combination with landscape architects, arborists, board members, and official government organization (French ONF, Office National des Forets) and the like, a plan to cut more than 60% of the trees in a park, some of them 100 feet tall. All the reasons they gave are bogus. My preferred one was that, if one did not cut some of the trees now, they may die in ten or twenty years.

Unfortunately for these learned powers, I have used this park for decades, often writing below the trees. And so did my dying mom. A number of individuals, very much in opposition to the project, tried many things to block it, and then sued (I am part of the lawsuit). At a party, though, I had the occasion to meet with some of the proponent of the project, who head some board(s), acted important, and hid their cut-60%-of-trees determination behind nebulous considerations about the elective process.

My position: those who cut large trees without extremely good reasons are criminals, and nebulous hypocrisy or authoritative mines are no refuge. I duly expressed very loudly my decisive position, adding that the governmental ONF was corrupt (it makes money and power from cutting trees).


Many participants were outraged by my outrage… But, this is the sixth extinction. And the invasion of Ukraine is part of it (Putin wants to grab one of the world’s wealthiest agricultural regions).  

Truth and reality is what will save us, as determined through debates. If authorities can’t dominate a debate and all they do is to use the Führerprinzip (we the authorities rule absolutely), they should be, at least, attacked verbally.


Long ago, I knew a very high level (C suite) executive of a major oil company (Total). A major real estate development was going to happen next to his birthplace, in the Calanques (seeadjoined picture). He used his considerable technical knowledge, and James Bond like personality, to physically sabotage the project, causing millions of dollars of destruction to enemy machinery. The project was abandoned as a result, and the area is now part of the National Park of Calanques… This was long ago, passed all legal delays, and my friend died (violently, for principle in an unrelated matter as he refused unethical orders). 


Eco-terrorism is sometimes terrorization of eco-criminals and that’s terror, as deserved and ethically required.

We, and our planet, are past the time of niceties. Or even the time of blahblahblah, as Greta Thunberg pointed out…

Most of the leaders of the planet exude stupidity, arrogance, mediocrity and astronomic vileness. Those infamous inclinations are not just their motivation, but their propellant. The very way according to which leadership is established, that is the present leadership by greedy, haughty apes, instead of a leadership by strong debates and creative ideas is what is bringing disaster.

Respect for said leaders and how they got selected (by the powers that be, mustering elections) is what ciments the process. 

Aggressively denouncing that violence, or aggressively counterattacking it, is the only way to get out of it. 

Far from calling for stoicism, the insufferable, when there is still hope, doesn’t call for the other cheek, but for stabbing through the heart, as John Snow does to his lover and queen, who “always will be his queen”, the beautiful and heroic warrior queen in Games Of Thrones, Mother of Dragons, after she says, all mesmerized by her own power:”they don’t get to choose”… Speaking of everybody else.

John Snow was doing the aggressive thing, the most aggressive thing, as advised by his closest counselors, and flowing down from his two sisters… And he did it in a fully timely manner. We are all victim of our beautiful queen, this so-called “democratic” system, which doesn’t work: it fed Putin, and this year the emissions of Greenhouse Gasses will probably be the highest, ever (so much for the ridiculous Paris Accord). 

There is still hope for saving the biosphere. But there is no hope for the present world political system. We must act accordingly. 

Saving all big trees from destruction should be one of the tenets of the new religion we need to rest our ethical system upon [1]… That and another few hundred ecological commands.

And we should call them commandments, as the old religions had it.

As it is, our self-congratulating leaders are just apes. We, and the planet, deserve better. We deserve debate… ethymologically the most aggressive thing, neurologically speaking….

Patrice Ayme

What my friend saved through eco-sabotage.

[1] In its biased and soporifically soothing climate projections, the UN climate panel (GIEC in French; IPCC, International Panel of Climate Experts) always stuffs in a mysterious, and misleading carbon capture mechanism. In truth, that man-made carbon capture does not, and will not exist (before we get free energy, say from fusion, freeze the CO2 out of the air, and inject it in basalt). The only carbon capture mechanism we have is forests made of large trees (besides plankton in the sea, and deep ocean currents, for now). Big trees are not enough per se, but they will certainly mitigate… even before using genetic engineering to grow fast really enormous trees… which is one modest solution I would propose….

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3 Responses to “On The Moral Necessity Of The Aggressive Method. Earth Against Apes.”

  1. Gerrit Says:

    Yesterday I read George Orwell’s 1940 Review of Mein Kampf. It could be that one of his observations is universal: “Hitler, because in his own joyless mind he feels it with exceptional strength, knows that human beings don’t only want comfort, safety, short working-hours, hygiene, birth-control and, in general, common sense; they also, at least intermittently, want struggle and self-sacrifice, not to mention drums, flags and loyalty-parades.”

    Preserving our environment is common sense even in purely economic-material terms. One of my personal observations suggests that in the printed circuit board industry, this realization was much more widespread at the end of the 1980s than it is today. Many employees and managers not only advocated cleaner and more efficient production, but also implemented it. That this trend has not continued is partly due to globalization, pressure from financial investors, but also due to misguided and, in name only, ‘conservative’ policies over several decades.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      As I alluded once again in my latest essay, I believe this was all a plot. I have personally clashed with some of the main actors with PhDs, prestigious presidential counselling or professorship positions…
      I am certain that they are in BAD FAITH.
      They know very well that they are liars.
      They also know that these lies make them wealthy and influential.
      I could be in their shoes if I had chosen to: I went to three of the world’s most prestigious universities, I just had to prostitute myself. So could hev my spouse, who was even in a better position (Obama childhood and teenage friend, biophysics PhD, college computer science dept founder and chair, law doctorate, SCOTUS lawyer, etc.) We did not.
      So the present system selects the corrupt ones, to put them in charge.
      The Obama years were particularly instructive that way.
      The system is set up in such a way that the greediest and lowest are the most successful…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In my California house, I use a 50 year old dish washing machine (bought by a preceding owner). It’s superficially completely broken up and repaired with glue and tapes. But it works flawlessly. A neighbor keeps buying equivalent machines, which break quickly… And have to be replaced…
      The EU just passed legislation forcing industrialists to sell repairable devices… Including Apple phones…
      Musk, rightly thinks that the rule of MBAs is at fault…


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