Ecologically Fake, Plutocratically Correct

The present “ecological” policies of the West were made to fail. It was all a deep and subtle plot. Powers that be, dictators and financiers all tied in to fossil fuels, conspiredt to invest trillions in “renewables”… knowing full well that this couldn’t work as advertized. Intermittent renewables, absent nuclear and hydro, need fossil fuels as base power. This is why pseudo-“super green” California closed nuclear and is dismantling dams (which can be used as batteries for renewables). The present CA governor, who poses as an ecologist, emanates from the Getty Oil…


Official, admired “ecologists” were paid by the Kremlin dictatorship, for decades. The greatest revenue and source of military power of the Kremlin is also fossil fuels. Watch German ecologists, presently the government in Germany, close three perfectly safe, functional and fueled nuclear power plants in Germany. The “Greens” will replace those reactors with coal plants. 


So vicious are these pseudo-ecologists and Kremlin servants that they prefer to dispose of unused nuclear fuel, at great cost, ecological and financial… rather than letting that nuclear fuel be used in plants, making energy. It is as if they seeked the opportunity to make more CO2…. and help nuclear dictator Putin make more money to purchase electronics on the black market, to equip his rockets, and kill Ukrainian civilians.


Those devious plots are increasing considerably the production of CO2, now well above 50 gigatons per year. Thus they make the CO2 catastrophe worse, and thus foster wars, the first of which is the invasion of Ukraine, which is motivated by the fact that well irrigated Ukraine will stay a world sized breadbasket while other countries roast. Recently, Ukraine was providing enough grain to feed 400 million people. It could produce even more.


The CO2 catastrophe, wars and an enormous, stealthy yet indispensable fossil fuels infrastructure thanks to the  “renewables” trick will make the powers that be ever more powerful.  


As it is, after spending trillions which should have been spent on hydrogen and nuclear instead of sun and wind, “renewables” are less than 4% of the world primary energy production, and all they did was to make advanced countries more fossil fuels dependent: nuclear energy production has gone down 10% in the US, and much more in Europe, as enormous subsidies went to sun, wind and blah blah blah tricks to transfer more money to the wealthiest through “carbon” exchange tricks.


Not only do conspiracies drive history, but they are enacted through plots… Helped by disinformation and myths…Nothing new here. What’s new is nukes, CO2 levels not seen since before the dawn of humanity, the sixth extinction, and the various forms of pollution driving it…

Patrice Ayme

Let there be wind, say corrupt ecologists paid by Kremlin dictators and other tyrants.

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10 Responses to “Ecologically Fake, Plutocratically Correct”

  1. nigelsouthway Says:


    Although I agree with the outcome, I don’t agree with the reasons….

    I wish it was a conspiracy that we could expose, but its more likely to be stupidity and group think brought on by the cult of woke. This is feeding political correctness and a lack of backbone by western leaders to say NO to CO2 mitigation and do nothing on climate change. The only leader that got it right and shunned the nonsense was Trump. He said no to the Paris accord and pushed for energy independence and would have pushed nuclear if he had got a 2nd term..

    Climate change is real…. but the “emergency” is a hoax

    The climate is always changing, and its slowly warming as we are coming out of an ice age. Global temperatures and CO2 are both at the average lowest for 250 million years. Temperatures have been 3 degrees higher than now for at least two periods in the last two thousand years when civilization flourished. We have had at least two periods when temperatures were colder than now, and they were miserable periods in human existence.

    The recent increase in CO2 is good news as its greening the planet and improving our food supply

    Also, more people die from cold than heat by a factor of five

    Also, environmental issues such as forest fires and tornados are at their lowest level for the last two hundred years.

    So, we certainly don’t need any climate mitigation and only minimal near-term adaptation projects.

    Pollution does need work. We will still need oil for products, but we need to burn it less to reduce pollution. The solution is to focus on the electrification of our transportation systems and migrate as quickly as practical to a nuclear solution.

    A prosperous civilization can cope with future adaption projects, but if we waste our wealth on failed mitigation projects, we will not have the ability to support whatever adaptation projects may make sense. Also, we will have plenty of time to react, so let’s get on with national prosperity and improved global sustainability of our economies, our societies, and our environment, but with far more realistic policies.

    Nigel Southway


    Helping Organizations find that lever for change and improvement

    905 464 5517


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Conspiracy means breathing together, something the international elite does plenty of. Stupidity is a coverup: there was a deliberate plot in, say, no state funded research in hydrogen and nuclear… To this day. Killing hydrogen RESEARCH was a day one decison of Barack Obama.

      Much of California’s forests have been DEVASTATED by climate warming.This was obvious to me before it got to the media. That led to the collapse of California pretending it was storing carbon (it went up in smoke)…

      FRANCE, BTW, is already TWO (2) Celsius above the late 19th C reference….

      Your assertions about moving averages, although true, are irrelevant. A moving average doesn’t capture a catastrophe, by design. The CO2 is above anything seen in the last 3 million years. When one looks at GHG in CO2 equivalents, we are above 600ppm.

      This is an absolute emergency but the solution is RESEARCH… and deploying carbon taxes (say on air transportation, private jets), and hydrogen, and nuclear. And emergency stopping the destruction of dams (California is destroying dams). Carbon credits and the like is just smoke and mirrors….

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I predicted in 2017 that giant fires would come to California. At the time nobody believed it, but the forests were dying from mega drought and pest unkilled by tepid winters. The fires came in the meantime, turning California skies unbreathable for weeks at a time….


    • Gerrit Says:

      Pollution and soil erosion are not taken seriously enough. And yes, I think that is a problem. For many forms of pollution, however, we know that nature will recover within decades if the pollution is stopped. With CO2 and erosion, on the other hand, the self-healing takes many millennia.

      You wrote: “Global temperatures and CO2 are both at the average lowest for 250 million years.”
      Throughout the Quaternary (from 2.58 million years ago to today), we had only very short periods of time when it was warmer than today. Most of the time it was significantly cooler. In about the year 2060, we are expected to exceed the previous Quaternary maximum (Eemian warm period) and not stop there. During the Eemian, sea level was about 6 to 9 meters above present levels.

      The problem with understanding climate change is that many problematic phenomena, such as increased extreme weather events, have an exponential relationship to temperature. However, many people have no sense of exponential relationships. Linear extrapolation of known data leads to massive underestimation of climate impacts. We can easily end up by the end of the century with temperatures that were last common 4 million years ago.

      “A prosperous civilization can cope with future adaption projects[…]”.
      That is true, but I fear that wealth will be distributed more and more unequally in the future and will also decrease in its entirety. Those who are not rich enough will not be able to afford the adaptation effort. There will be many dead and even more displaced people.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I am confused. You wrote that somebody said: “Global temperatures and CO2 are both at the average lowest for 250 million years.”
        That’s sort of true, if by “today” one means the average of the last 3 million years…
        More than a billion years, there were the snowball Earths episodes:


        • Gerrit Says:

          The above quote is from Nigel Southway. It is true, but probably irrelevant to our situation, because almost all of the higher lifeforms from back then have since died out or have adapted to the new conditions. The geography has chagend quite a bit too. The blog post from Ian Miller you cited in “Limits to Growth” describes the problem space better and more comprehensively than I could.

          I think Nigel Southway is trying to make a similar argument to Bjørn Lomborg. I also think he is misguided.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            So do I. It may be a new approach: instead of denying global heating, which is becoming blatant, a little industry of proclaiming that it is not an emergency is surfacing. Soon they are going to say sea level rise is not a problem, we just need to buy a boat.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        POWER is unequally distributed, and increasingly so, as there are few “leaders”… but tech is getting ever more powerful… So DIRECT, REAL DEMOS-KRATIA is becoming ever more a necessity, a TECHNICAL necessity…


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Rishi Sunak, top contender for UK Prime Minister didn’t pay any tax on 200 million dollars of income, or so! Long live greed! A perfect leader for our times!


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