Limits to Growth

Limits to erroneous growth have been reached, and broken straight through.
We are above 600ppm of CO2 equivalent manmade GreenHouse Gasses (GHG). Two-thirds of the thermodynamics forcing which heats up the lower atmosphere through infrared confinement (“global warming”) is caused by CO2… one third is caused by other man-made GHG gasses.

We have more than doubled the GHG “forcing” (from 280 ppm of CO2 to 600+ ppm of GHG). At such GHG ppm, the melting of the poles is guaranteed. Ultimately a 70+ meters sea level rise. This is never said enough..

The answer is more growth, but the right growth. Growth of intelligence.

For example, the present “renewable” push is rather dumb: lots of wind, smoke and mirrors. It is an OK form of growth, but it is insufficient: nuclear, thorium, hydrogen, fusion and fundamental research have to be pushed incredibly more. Instead Biden wanted to spend 3.5 billion dollars on electric plugs for the wealthy… Of the money which should go to fundamental energy research (he had promised 10 billions, now it’s down to peanuts… So much for being a “progressive”)

All the more as most countries will refuse to be bound by the limits to growth.

So what will happen when nobody feel limited by limits, and crash through them? War. The invasion of Ukraine is the first blatant case, it’s motivated by Ukraine having sun, water, soil, a natural huge breadbasket. But more wars will come, and quickly. Brazil’s president, an ex-MP and army captain, told the military to expect a war with… France… about the Amazon. As France is helping Brazil build its first nuclear sub, we can see contradictions galore are all over…

To limit the growth of war, the leading democracies will have to keep a technological edge over the rest… As science and tech progress is where the solution lies… War will bring a resolution to the problems which caused it. Tech will vanquish those limits, by making them irrelevant…

Denali: 5 kilometers of ice going up in the sky… Enjoy while it lasts…. This is shot from the only road in the National Park. The area is full of grizzlies which can be observed in plain sight, roaming to the point getting out of a vehicle is forbidden… My astute dad went to fish as close to this place as it could, as nobody else was clever enough to realize that there would be plenty of fish where fishers could be devored. While we got back to the car, an enormous grizzly showed up, nose in the air, irresistibly attracted by trout smell…

Patrice Ayme


A little over fifty years ago, the Systems Dynamics group at MIT produced a 200-page book called The Limits to Growth. Their message was, continued economic and population growth would deplete Earth’s resources and lead to global economic collapse by 2070. At the time, this was considered heresy. The journal Nature was scathing (See vol 236, pp 47 – 49, 1972). How could the foundations of industrial civilization, such as coal mining, steel-making, oil production, crop spraying, cause lasting damage? It was accepted that such industries caused pollution, but such effects were considered to be only temporary. At the time computer modelling was looked down upon. This is understandable; at the time computers were quite primitive compared with now, and big computers were only available to the major organizations. I recall four years before that someone doing a chemical bond calculation and coming back from the computer with what…

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