CLIMATE EMERGENCY: Global Heating Is Accelerating Considerably: Alpine Evidence.

GLOBAL HEATING is accelerating. How can we see this? In the Alps, glaciers are melting at an incredible rate. Just looking out, as I can in the French Alps, it’s clear all glaciers below 3.500 meters will be gone in a matter of years: one can see that their upper slopes, which feed them, are bare. Just look at the accompanying photo.

Now this disappearance of glaciers below 3,500 meters was the pessimistic prophecy of glaciologists for… 2100! It’s happening now! If extended globally, this means a global heating of seven (7) Centigrade…. Way outside of the worst IPCC/GIEC predictions… And it is happening, I repeat… now! 

The obvious plot to underestimate GLOBAL HEATING is increasingly contradicted by the facts:

Glacier du Casset. From where the picture was taken to the top of the mountain in the clouds, 2,200 meters, 1.3 mile. The glacier was going as low as the first pink granite rocks in the valley bottom. It has retreated arounf 1,000 meters in denivellation. More importantly, its feeding slopes are bare, so it will entirely die. The peak of the mountain is higher than the 3,500 meters below which glaciers are supposed to disappear according to glaciologists in… 2100! This would correspond to a retreat of nearly 2,000 meters in denivellation, thus a temperature rise of 14 Centigrades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pink snow is caused by deposition of Sahara sand.

“Experts” keep on talking as if a global temperature rise of 1.5C could be held… But France has officially already experienced a two (2) Centigrade rise. So how come France is already at +2C and the rest of the world at +1.3C? France is smack in the temperate zone (45 degree latitude). I would suggest that the French experts on temperature are more honest.

California Sierra Nevada forests are destroyed by heat. Pests and drought rise the heat wave. One has to see the astounding amount of destruction to believe it. Last year I took an hour to cover half a mile on a trail, so many trunks of giant trees being in the way, in confusing entanglements. Sometimes I had to walk on trunks, 20 feet above the ground.  

Meanwhile, in the Western Mediterranean, the sea reached considerably higher levels. In Corsica 30.7 Centigrades (5C above what the temperature used to be). The temperature is so high that several emblematic species of Mediterranean corals are threatened with extinction. As they can’t migrate north, they will forever disappear from life on Earth. In Greenland, temperatures have been 10 Centigrades above “normal”. There is no more “normal”. 

Abnormality is the new normal.

This accelerating pace of global heating is completely outside of the misleading picture that the IPCC gives. It is more than alarming. It looks as if the IPCC, anxious not to displease the established order, is deliberately tweaking the data by underestimating the present global heating..

The IPCC is certainly distorting its models of how temperature will evolve: the models all include Carbon Capture schemes… But those do not exist, except on a small scale, when the CO2 is already in pipes (as is done in Iceland). Carbon Capture at the needed scale will be possible only when we have nearly free energy (say H fusion). Not something happening before 2100…

84% of world primary energy production is from fossil fuels (The rest is mostly hydro and nuclear). That’s not negotiable. It is a fact, and a very hard one. Governments have to ask themselves how they will lower that number. It will not be with electric plugs and batteries. Nor fake carbon accounting a la California, counting as stored carbon, forests which have already burned…. Nor will primary energy become mostly carbon free thanks to a bit of sun, and a bit of wind. 

The International Energy Agency says coal burning in 2022 will tie with its old record of 2013. Next year, in 2023, the record in coal burning, worst contributor to the CO2 crisis, will be surpassed. Please thank all the opportunistic, lying pseudo-ecologists, sun-struck and wind blown…

We have to thank the politicians who walked away from nuclear and hydrogen (Obama on day one for the latter!)
They walked away because they were paid… Not just by oil majors, and major oil exporting countries, and the financial sectors attached to them, and oligarchs, but even paid by the Kremlin…

The planet is firmly united, in the matter of major corruption by self-declared leaders, imposed by the powers that be… who got where they are because, for them, the best way to forget about the precarity of their own human life is to visit hellfire and subjugation onto others. If imposing suffering is good, receiving it, not so bad, our dear leaders reason in their maleficent hearts. The metaphysics of pain and power dominate the fate of the biosphere.

Patrice Ayme

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14 Responses to “CLIMATE EMERGENCY: Global Heating Is Accelerating Considerably: Alpine Evidence.”

  1. Gerrit Says:

    The Alpine region has experienced a warming of +1.5 °C (reference period 1850 to 1900). The observed retreat of the alpine glaciers has been expected for this temperature increase. +1.5 °C is also the mean global warming for land areas.

    Greenland was already at +2.0 °C in 2007 but then remained stable until 2017 (NASA OMG mission). This is explainable by Ice–albedo feedback on the surrounding seas. The arctic sea lies at +3.1 °C.

    Global temperatures were +1.1 °C at the beginning of the year.

    These figures match the IPPC RCP 8.5 scenario.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My personal observation right now is that in the crucial July-August period, the present warming during “canicules” (multi-day episodes of extreme warming) in the Alps is in EXCESS of SEVEN (7) CENTIGRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      THAT, the IPCC does not have, and it’s all that matter…


  2. Gerrit Says:

    IPPC has a nice interactive map, that can visualize many datasets. Here is a near-term temperature change one:


  3. Gerrit Says:

    Alpine glaciers seem to be complicated. There is evidence for the waxing and waning of Alpine glaciers in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres throughout the Holocene. CO₂ levels been relatively constant during that time (±20 ppm). Most glaciers haven’t reached their shortest length of the last 5000 years yet. Volcanic eruptions might have played a role. Heat waves like the current one seem to have a big effect.


  4. Paul Handover Says:

    Originally published at Yale Climate Connections this item is of interest -The Future of Global Catastrophic Risk Events from Climate Change. The link is:

    I would appreciate Patrice having a read and commenting.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Very interesting, Paul.
      I sped read it: I am familiar with all the notions, which are not new (for me). BUT the article is indeed well put together, and a must-read, for those unawares (which is 99.9% of people at least…)

      My own change in assessment was in the last 2 weeks, when I saw the state of the local mountains I am familiar with. It is WAY more disastrous than I expected (and I was already super pessimistic). Just yesterday I witnessed two huge catastrophic glacial avalanches. My comclusion is that we are easily in a “FORCING” (technical term in climate science) of SEVEN (7) CENTIGRADES… NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      In other words, the slow evolution of climate out there is caused ONLY by THERMAL INERTIA. BTW, a halt to the AMOC (which happened several times around the end of the last glacial maximum) will have little effect, in view of the enormous forcing.

      Biden ought to declare a climate emergency.


      • Paul Handover Says:

        Biden won’t declare a climate emergency. No politician, from any country, will. Because politics is all about the short-term, as in under 5 years. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

        Thermal inertia is at the root of the issue. Maybe ordinary folk are starting to realise the problem but that is a long way from having the politicians act. We need open and vociferous debate led by climate scientists and we need it now. Correction: We need open and vociferous action!

        It is going to get worse and we have passed so-called tipping points. I was born in 1944 and am too old to do anything (other than spout words) but anyone 50 years or younger is going to have one wild ride. That includes my grandson, aged 11, living with his mum (my daughter) and father in England.

        So good night nurse from me!


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Doing the right thing transcends mortality, aging and ephemerality.

          From the mountains I love I can see tremendous change, just as science fiction, nightmarish version… From the Africa I knew, now dessicated, the Alps to the Sierra Nevada of California…

          The wild ride is already present: Putin attacked Ukraine, primordially, for its water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow that escaped the senses of pundits

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  5. Musings from a 77 year old! – Learning from Dogs Says:

    […] it does seem as though the political leaders are not taking the future of the planet seriously. As Patrice Ayme concluded recently in a remark to that post: “Biden ought to declare a climate […]


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      International Energy Agency says coal burning in 2022 will tie with its old record of 2013. Next year, in 2023, the record will be surpassed. Please thank all the pseudo-ecologists, sun-struck and wind blown…


  6. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, do you think the recent US Climate Bill will make a positive difference? And more generally how do you see the next 30 or so years panning out?


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