Nazis Often Exhibited The Characteristics They Condemned: Not A Coincidence, But Sadomasochism. See Putin.

Intriguingly, many Nazis ressemble more the parodies of “Jews” that they depicted, condemned, rejected and despised… whereas often the “Jews” look like ordinary people. One reason for this is that many Western European Jews had ancestors who converted to Judaism, so their distant ethnic origins were not necessarily exclusively from the Middle East. 

This is true even for superman super Nazi Reinhard Heydrich… and certainly for Nazi photographer Herman Heukels. Dr. Goebbels, Hitler’s fanatical Nazi chief propagandists and successor, who killed  his 6 children, aged 4 to 12 years old… started to hate Jews after he was rejected by a Jewish girl. Goebbels also advocated the assassination of handicapped people… although he himself was so handicapped that the German army refused him for military service… And so on. Nazis seem to have been so full of hatred that they hated even themselves, and thus pretended to not be who they were, or looked like. Hitler asked himself whether the “Jews” were German… And deduced that they were not… Although Hitler was certainly not a German, as he was born and educated as an Austrian… And besides Hitler could not prove that he was not a “Jew” according to the Nazi definition of “Jew”, as one of his paternal grandmother was employed by a wealthy Jew, and got a child of unkown male parentage.

The most famous example of an “Aryan” baby was actually the picture of a… Jewish baby… which throned as the cover of a Nazi propaganda magazine (I have written an essay on this, years ago).

Nazism was then also an adventure in sadomasochism, rejection of reality and self-rejection, not just racial hatred… As seen in today’s war, that invasion of Ukraine officially motivated by claiming Ukrainian nationalists are Nazis…

Obviouly those massively engaging in “Nazi” behavior in Ukraine are those obsessed by Nazism in Ukraine, namely Putin and his orcs.

Sadomasochism is one concept. The sadist extolls pain, giving pain, but then receiving it belongs to the same universe… One doesn’t go without the other…

Patrice Ayme

Reference: Photos That Helped to Document the Holocaust Were Taken by a Nazi

Historians have relied on Herman Heukels’s pictures of Jewish persecution in World War II, but it’s not widely known that the Dutch photographer shot them as Nazi propaganda.

Herman Heukels looked more like the Jewish archetype which he condemned to extinction… than the pictures of Jews he himself took… The latter looked quite often like fully ordinary Europeans… This may be why the Nazis, ultimately did not use the pictures he made…

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