WW2 Could Have Been Avoided If The United States’ Deep State Had Not Intended To Use WW2 To Seize World Power! A Most Brutal Truth About World War 2!

Both in World War One and World War Two, the US economic and diplomatic might was originally allied, for years, with various German and European fascism regimes, including the USSR, and thus enemy with “representative” democracies France and the UK… The US de facto help to fascism weakened both France and the UK crucially… as intended.., because the US Deep State wanted to subjugate the world, and that started with the subjugation of Europe. All the more as Europe had established gigantic protectorates around the world, which adminstratively hindered giant US corporations (but fascist regimes, just as China today, and for the same reasons, were enthusiastic in cooperating with US plutocracy! [1]) US plutocrats could not muster armies to invade Europe directly, as the US is a offshoot of Europe, and especially of France and Britain. The solution for US plutocrats, and it presented them with many opportunities, was to foster fascism in Europe, from Moscow to Lisbon.

In particular, US busting of the blockade of Germany and Austria-Hungary enabled those fascist powers to keep on waging war (when the blockade became effective after the US had finally joined France and Britain, German explosive production collapsed to a tenth (10%) of the French one, which enabled the French to crush the last, and most massive German attack on Paris in a deluge of steel (second batle of the Marne, July-August 1918). 

So great was the pull of German fascism that it succeeded to put Lenin in power, and then, until Hitler attacked the USSR, the latter was an ally of German fascism… And US plutocracy… which heaped gigantic investments on all European fascist regimes (mostly Italy, the USSR, Germany, and Spain in this chronological order).

The US Deep State (prominently represented by oligarchic heirs such as the Harriman brothers, etc…), wittingly or not, pulled the strings just right, so that the world order came to be ruled after the war… by the USA. Even Stalin, initially allied to Hitler, was helped by the US government in a way the French Republic was not… and just a year after France fell to Nazi tanks fueled by Russian oil… [2].

Had the US directly helped France and Great Britain in 1939 or 1940, the war would have turned completely differently: the Nazi Reich would have been promptly defeated, Japan would not have attacked the US… Instead the US applied sanctions for belligerence, in 1939… against France and Britain, for having declared war to the Nazis. Later in the war, starting as early as mid-1941, massive US governmental help to Stalin, extending the private help from US plutocrats, blossomed into the Yalta Treaty, which gave half of Europe to Stalin. Then FDR rushed to make another evil pact, this time with Ibn Saud, a triangular exchange of fostering Fundamental Islamism against oil, the revenues of which would be placed on Wall Street.

Harriman was viewed by many Soviet leaders as more important than Stalin, and the real Czar, because the American enabled the Baku oil fields production to thrive, through massive investment providing US know-how. Many other US plutocrats played similar roles in fascist Italy, Germany and Spain. A lot of the help was provided with credit lines, nit just direct investment. Harriman was the only one to get the top honors of both the Reich and the USSR. Harriman was also the puppet master of the Democratic Party.

This world order has been in place since. It is covered up by the blanket declaration that only lunatics make theories about conspiracies, and impudent US declarations against colonialism and genocides, supposedly historically committed by the Europeans, in the grand hypocritical tradition founded by Washington and Jefferson. But actually the country that committed the greatest colonialism and genocide was the US itself (Australia and Canada are very distant second). This is why, historically speaking, the US was white and Latin America much less so.

The US strategy of favoring fascism in the 1930s was clearly evidenced in the way in which FDR treated his own ambassador in Berlin, his friend, the University of Chicago historian Dodd. Dodd, a Southerly gentleman specialist of the Secession War, and excellent friend to the French ambassador Francois-Poncet, thought the Nazis had to be fought to death, and could not be negotiated with. He so informed Roosevelt in 1937, and FDR reacted by replacing his ambassadors in Berlin and London by Nazi friendly characters (the one in London was Kennedy, father of JFK). When France made a cease-fire with the Nazis at the end of June 1940, FDR sent his right hand man, 4 star admiral William Leahy, to Vichy, thus recognizing that fascist dictatorship collaborating with Hitler as a legitimate regime (it was not).

Some will contest the very notions of conspiracies, plots, uppermost classes, social networks, plutocratic universities, corporations and corporate board class, old boys network, and how all these social connections created a US upper class which longed to help fascism and undermine democracy, knowing full well it was a win-win situation [3].  

It is a hard pill to swallow that Auschwitz and its ilk were among the deliberate costs for establishing the US world empire (the US Deep State and its media hid the holocaust the Nazis organized. Indeed, they were told explicitly by French, Polish and Jewish authorities, among others, of millions already assassinated). But, as long as reality is not faced, it can’t be improved.

Blitzkrieg: German armor, fueled by RUSSIAN oil, invades France in 1940. The proximal reason for the fall of France in May-June was the effective betrayal by the top general, Gamelin. The basic reason for the fall was that the US Deep State did its best to make it happen, including giving guarantees to France which the FDR government then ignored.

In the 1930s, obsessed by its own advancement, the US government and its pupett master, the US Deep State, betrayed democracy. It is a most brutal truth. It is also true that the Biden adminstration did not repeat the mistake in 2022. Why? Things have changed, and the confused knowledge of what went wrong in the 1930s, although the US profited from it, is slowly rising to the surface, as is the notion that, with weapons more powerful than ever, fascism, especially of the invasive type, is better nipped in the bud.

Humanity progresses, one wisdom at a time…

Patrice Ayme


The US Deep State, ever since Obama day number one, has pushed frantically for transitioning to a 100% battery economy (by contrast to partly green hydrogen or nuclear). This is an example of a maneuver to cooperate with fascism, disguised as its exact opposite: more than 80% of the batteries, worldwide, are made in China; 7% in the USA. Watch what they do, not what they say they do..


[2] There was private US help to France and Britain, the best example being the fighter bomber Mustang, originally a Franco-British government contract with a private US company… The plane was so well designed from Franco-British requirements, that it became the best US fighter later.


[3].  (They will prefer to talk about the Ku Klux Klan… because the latter did not achieve to do much, in the end, and turned into a clownish distraction.).  

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  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Quora: Why doesn’t France buy American fighter jets?
    A look at the betrayal of the French Republic by the US administration in 1939–41 answers this question. France had US “guarantees”, but in 1939, after France had declared war to the Nazis, the US president and Congress considered France a “belligerent”, and applied sanctions… for having declared war to Hitler! From there everything flows, including Auschwitz. By the way the root of the Manhattan project was in France, 1938, after the discovery of the chain reaction by 1935 Laureate Irene Curie.



  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    In 1936, the Nazis attacked the Spanish Republic . They had allies (Franco’s rogue army and Mussolini). The Spanish Republic cried for help. It got none from fellow democracies. Four years later, the Nazis attacked Western Europe. Although the Nazis’ forces were inferior in quantity and quality, the Nazis had trained for four years in how to make them work well (use radio, reconnaissance, and coordinate tanks and aviation, etc.). In an amphetamine driven attack, the Nazis rushed in a mad week, night and day, behind the elite armies of France and Britain, cutting them off.

    The result was the death of 5% of humanity.

    The democracies seem to have learned from this tragedy. This time, democracies are sending weapons, and this time, the USA is not betraying democracy… As it did in 1939-1941… And even Sweden is leading the good fight…


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