Kremlin Versus Democracy: How It Started, Eight Centuries Ago

ARMAGEDDON CALCULUS: Kremlin’s Way For Being Is Subjugation. 

The war between Putin and democracy is a confrontation between the Novgorod-Kievan democratic mentality, which is 13 centuries old, when the Republic of Novgorod was created, and the Kremlin fascist anti-democratic spirit. This vicious mindset grew from a collaboration with the Mongols. That mentality was inaugurated by Alexander Nevsky himself, around 750 years ago…. And this is why the Ukrainians are demolishing statues of Alexander Nevsky. 

The Mongols annihilated Kyiv in 1240 CE: only the commander of the Kyivian army was not assassinated, because of his courage, which the Mongols loudly admired self-congratulating for their magnanimity. 

Muscovy emerged as a principality of Kyivian Rus. The Kipchak Tatar annihilation of Kyiv in December 1240 CE destroyed what held Kievan Rus together, turning the individual principalities of the former into vassal states of the Kipchak Tatar Khanate (the Khanate of the Golden Horde). In 1241 CE, in a winter campaign, the northern Mongol army defeated the Europeans in Poland. However the victorious Mongolian invasion of Hungary the following summer 1241 turned out to be too costly and a bad omen.

Then Alexander Nevsky, founding hero and saint of Kremlin Rus, went up to subjugate democratic Novgorod in the name of the Khan. His grandson, Ivan I “Money bag” was given the monopoly of tax collection over Rus by the Mongols. Soon enough, the now wealthy Kremlin beat the Mongols at their own game (in 1380 CE).

The Kremlin stifled internal dissent with stringent anti-insurrection laws under the pretext of wars against dangerous aliens: Lithuanians, Poles, Ukrainians, Cossacks, Tatars, countless Muslim contradictors, Siberians, Chinese… Century after century a bellicose, violent and paranoid mentality was created, and reproduced itself: outside war was how to enact ukases to terrify inside.

Zaphorizian Cossacks were tricked by the Kremlin in 1654 CE, and the rest of Ukraine was outright colonized under the Great Catherine II, bringing suppression of Ukrainian language and culture.


Putin, victim of his own propaganda, forgot the genius of Ukraine and the horrors the Kremlin visited on Ukraine in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century (six million dead under the “holodomor” of 1932-33 inflicted by South Ossetian Stalin… Putin did allude to the horrors of the 19C…). All along Ukraine was, or tried to be, independent and Soviet defense depended a lot upon Ukrainian engineering. 

Now, this time, the Ukrainian state under assault from barbarity, finally got help from the West, which had been denied in 1240 CE, when the Mongols besieged Kyiv (although Anna of Kyiv had been ruling queen of France around 1050 CE, Europe had not declared a crusade against the Mongols, although the came around southern Russia since 1223 CE… Just the opposite: the Frankish commanders were allied to the Mongols… against the Muslims!).

Putin was propped up by Western plutocracy, its hydrocarbon lobby, and corrupt finance, which were and are happy to have Russian oligarchs exploit Russia for them. Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Franco and Stalin found themselves in the same comfortable position. However Hitler and Mussolini, full of hubris, forgot how powerful their true masters were. Hirohito took the first off ramp he saw: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Putin is now discovering where power lies:   

Power lies in plutocracy pretending to be democratic, not in outright tyrannic plutocracy.

Appeasing Hitler couldn’t work. Because Hitler like the better Kremlin tyrants, depended upon war, or the perspective thereof, to impose terror at home. And Hitler, like the better Kremlin tyrant, needed terror to survive at home, because Hitler, like the better Kremlin tyrants, had committed so many crimes, against his own people. 


Only nuclear weapons can save Putin, as I pointed out, dutifully informing our so-called “leaders”..

Putin would have to use many nukes on the battlefield, up to ten to neutralize a 5,000 soldiers brigade concentrated for attack (according to specialists). The opprobrium will be universal, even India and China would have to denounce him. Thus Putin would have little time to make tactical nuclear nukes strategy work. 

So then why not a nuclear decapitation strike? That’s what I suggested Putin is tempted to do, and I informed a number of politicians, including Biden, Macron, and Zelinsky. 

NATO would have no ready response, if that is not what it expects. So I advised Biden to advertise the Armageddon notion.

This policy is not what the think tanks expected, and I am glad Biden followed the suggestion.

Patrice Ayme


Here is some of Nevsky’s prose:

July 1240

Earlier in the month of June, the disdainful Swedish force landed on the banks of Neva.   They had scores of armed men.  They were supported by the menacing Germans and devilish Danes.  The Catholic Pope had clearly orchestrated the whole endeavor.

The army, led by a prince and bishops, intended to conquer all of Suzdalia and then forcibly oppress all who practiced Orthodoxy to submit to Catholicism.  Blasphemy! 

On the 15th day of that same month, my forces attacked those of the heretical Swedes.  And there fell a great multitude of the Nemtsty and of the Chud men, a countless number, while only 20 of my forces fell (The Chronicle of Novgorod, 104, 105).   On that day God was on our side.  With the help of God and St. Sophia and the Holy Martyrs Boris and Gleb, I succeeded in the Orthodox faith’s fight against Catholic aggression. 

[Hence his name… Nevsky… of the Neva… What Nevsky does not say is that he was doing the Khan’s dirty work, by fighting Europeans while the Mongols had been invading since 1223 CE… The siege of Kiev by the Mongols took place between November 28 and December 6, 1240, and Kyiv was annihilated. It was a heavy morale and military blow to Halych-Volhynia and Europe. It allowed Batu Khan and his tumens to proceed westward into Europe. Poland was next, then Hungary where a European coalition was defeated… but only after inflicting heavy losses to the crack Mongol army, with its portable bridges and regiments of rocket launchers. The Mongols feared the Franks, they said and thus turned around in Croatia, thanks to the pretext of Genghis’ death.]

More Nevsky: 

1246 CE:

My father Knyaz Yaroslav Vsevolodits died in the Horde of the Khan.  I thus made my first voyage to the Tatars.      

I brought the khan many fine gifts including large barrels of honey, mead, fine furs, and various glass objects such as bracelets, beads and goblets.  My brother Andrew acted impertinently toward khan Baty.  I assuaged all of the khan’s concerns by providing our agreed upon tribute with an additional tribute from Vladimir and Kiev.  I was crowned the Grand Prince of all of Kiev.    


1252 CE:

In the second month of the year 1252, I returned to the Golden Horde.  The khan was far from satisfied with my brother Andrey’s contributions.  Nevryuy had sent an expedition against him. 

The Tatars expressed their gratitude for my consistent tributes.  They desired the tamga (chronicles of Novgorod, 93, customs-tax), on Vladimir.  Although cognizant of the agitation it would cause within my people, I realized it was the only way to protect Orthodoxy.  I was then crowned the Grand Prince of Vladimir with seniority over all of my brothers. 

In that same year, I returned to Vladimir where I was “met at the Golden Gates by the metropolitan and all the abbots and the citizens” (Fennel, 108).  I was placed upon the throne of my father Yaroslav and “there was great joy in the town of Vladimir and in all of the land of Suzdalia” as peace was finally established in our beautiful lands (Fennel, 108).

 [PA: The Great Khan made Andrey grand prince of Vladimir and Alexander prince of Kiev. When Andrey conspired against the Mongol overlords with other Russian princes and western European nations, Alexander went to Saray on the Volga and denounced his brother to Sartak, Batu’s son, who sent an army to depose Andrew and installed Alexander as grand prince. Henceforth, for over a century, no northeastern Russian prince challenged the Mongol occupation.]


1260 CE:

Metropolitan Kyrill arrived in Vladimir last week for the third time this year.  The ever so gracious and pious metropolitan has decided to assume residence in Vladimir at the Church of the Dormition rather than in the metropolitan of Kiev.   

Today we discussed the possibility of establishing a bishopric in Saray, the capital of the Golden Horde.  In this way, we may help save the souls of the heretical Tatars by bringing God there. 


Nevsky was a 100% collaborator of the Golden Horde… the fact that Nevsky is a saint of the Russian Orthodox Church means that collaboration with infamy was sanctified. Infamy? Well the Mongols annihilated several Russian cities, including Kyiv… 

With a church like that… One ends up with a head of said church who wants war with Ukraine, named, Kyrill. Kyrill signed recently an important document fostering war, but the photograph had to be electronically modified to hide the $50,000 dollar watch he was wearing…

Plutocracy is a world problem, and the present Russian oligarchic order was both created from NATO influence, and, reciprocally, permeated NATO in return. This is beyond Putin: besides the allegations against Biden’s son, and the financing of Le Pen in France, clearly Obama is on the obvious record with statements and policies grotesquely favoring Putin… better: the entire economic world order made the tyrannical regime in the Kremlin an essential cog, draining Russia of its substantific marrow… The hard work of its people.

The penetration of Russian oligarchy and thus Kremlin-Nevshy mentality in European economy and finance has been astounding. The collaboration of the West with Putin and Xi is reminscent  of that of nevsky with the Khans… Yes… But with fewer excuses: Nevsky, one can argue, acted out of necessity and weakness. Whereas clearly the cooperation of Western plutocracy with the Khans has been out of greed, strength, and failproof propaganda persuading the democraices that, whatever they, their media and obsequious politicians do, it’s always for the best in the best possible world… 

Patrice Ayme

Notice the inexistence of Moscow. At the time of the map, Anna, Princess of Kyiv, was ruling queen of France. She spoke six languages and found the Franks gross and culturally primitive. Ukraine actually was partially conquered by Kievan Rus’ whose prince Vladimir was baptized at Sevastopol starting the Christianization of Kievan Rus’. An arrangement was made between Vladimir and Basil II, Roman emperor in Constantinople: Vladimir subdued a rebellion in Crimea, Christianized Rus, and in exchange married Anna, sister of Basil II… At least in Arab versions of this history.

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