Putin Propagandists Are Criminal Against Humanity, Block Them!

Example of assertion made publicly against yours truly (by DK):

A few examples of assertions made publicly against yours truly (by DK), a little bit of anti-Patrice hatred, while feeling the love for Putin. That was published, against me, on Facebook, for all to see. : “You refuse to recognize the suffering of the people in eastern Ukraine, now western Russia. You refuse to recognize truth. My inescapable conclusion: You are a Nazi. You should get some nostalgia out of this. The Bandera followers helped the German Nazis do this… Woke madness is not peaceful or productive. It’s pure stupidity. Much of the war is about Russia being mostly straight. Putin is not against gays, except when they try to influence children… Your statements are hysteria. Your hatred is in common with the Nazis in Ukraine, and you don’t have a problem with that. You shame yourself.”

The only Nazis in Ukraine are of course the thugs in Putin’s invasion force… Multiple commissions of the United Nations point to that conclusion. 

The sort of hateful nonsense directed towards me is published, quite frequently… My feelings are not hurt, I don’t feel bad at all. Quite the opposite, rather amused. I am happy to see that Putin’s own deranged servants feel that it is so important to insult me. My own family’s anti-Nazi credentials are impeccable. More than 100 Jews saved; all the family, at huge risks, fought the Nazis, in uniform of or not.

But this sort of insult, calling those who oppose the tyrant Putin “Nazis” can affect those who are weaker in culture, knowledge, history and temparement. They may believe it is smart, as Elon Musk proposed, to give Putin whatever he wants to appease him. Anybody who knows a bit of history knows one doesn’t feed an angry bear with one’s bare hands.

The likes of oligarch Elon Musk, who have not studied the situation on their own and depend, unwittingly, upon Putin’s propaganda to assess it, are vulnerable. All the more when they view themselves for geniuses. In turn, their learned arrogance caused by their own success at dominating people, makes them into dangerous propagators of oligarchic lies! (…and, to boot, Musk was financed by Obama, himself a Putin partisan, de facto, if not de jure… Obama plotted with Putin and refused to help Ukraine in 2014… differently from Trump and Biden) 

This is a serious matter, this vulnerability of the mentally weak. The situation with Putin is incredibly bad, potentially way worse than the worse Hitler ever planned. Indeed, although Hitler threatened the Jews with terrible consequences for the ludicrous reason that Hitler falsely accused the Jews to have caused a World War… before, armed with those anti-factual lies, sending 6 millions of them to gas chambers…

Even though Hitler was a barely conceivable horror, Hitler never threatened all of humanity with terrible consequences. Putin did threaten humanity with extinction, making him, arguably, worse than Hitler, and worse than any preceding tyrant.

All this is rendered possible, at least in Putin’s deranged mind, by horrible, 100% misdirected insults throughout the Internet against individuals who, as yours truly try to tell the truth. That, in turn, has a chilling effect on the truth.

A famous blogger in Australia, with millions of followers, paid by Putin several times wrote publicly to me, and I quote:”Are you out of your fucking mind?” or:”What the fuck is wrong with you?” She published daily extensive, well crafted pieces prepared by Putin propagandists. She has a devoted public. 

Such people are agents of a criminal against humanity (see below) and should be put out of commission. 

Putin attacked and invaded Ukraine (starting 8 years ago). That’s a war crime. Eight years ago the US president who implicitly presented himself as a friend of Putin, did nothing. He was not experienced enough, nor correctly educated (all he did in high school was dope) , little educated, and a self-described “navigator” (so no principles besides self-advancement). His tow successors, Trump and Biden did send weapons to Ukraine. Trump sent enough to stop Putin. However, after Biden came to power, the Democratic Congress stalled a Javelin anti-tank missile sale to Ukraine scheduled under Trump. At that point, over summer, Putin discreetly made it so that Europe, in particular Germany, could not store enough natural gas for the following winter. In other words, there is thus implied proof that Putin intended to invade the rest of Ukraine the following winter. Then Putin wrote a 5,000 words historically biased essay which eradicated Ukraine from history and made Kremlin Russia god, asserting it had the right to recover all its lost territories.

At that point, cherry on the cake, Biden shamefully dropped Afghan women in the maws of the Taliban, leaving behind 90 billion dollars of US equipment (so now there is such a thing as a Taliban air force). Hence, Biden projected abject, senile weakness.

Putin knew very well that the Europeans had begged Biden not to pull out of Bagram Air Force base, as that condemned the Afghan air force to not being able to repair its planes, hence, as the Afghan army couldn’t do without the air force, Afghanistan would fall to the savages. Europeans proposed to leave 10,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, and Bagram was the safest base of the US military, worldwide. However, like a senile old fool, Biden persisted, basically saying that it was better to lose a war than to go on with it. 

The autocrat in the Kremlin, self assured but not very smart, swallowed the whole thing, bait, hook, line, sinker and even the boat. 

So Putin attacked, but then it turned out that the Ukrainians, who had accomplished remarkable feats of war when Putin attacked them in 2014, and nobody would help them, repeated the performance. But this time the Ukrainians had thousands of Western rockets, soon to turn into more than seventeen thousands. 

Putin propaganda presented by Putinophiles as truth claims: if you talk Russian in Ukraine, you are executed. However many top Ukrainian officials, president, defense minister, etc, are native Russian speakers, and use their Russian… to address Russians! Presidents and Prime Minister are Jewish, Putin claims they are Nazis. And so on: in Putin’s world what is true is false and what’s false is true!


Giant Poster of Putin propaganda in Crimea after he invaded it, and organized a sham referendum. The title reads: “On March 16, we choose”…. Either a NAZI Crimea, on the left, “or “OR” (the 3 letters in between) Russian Crimea….

Putin, believing his own propaganda, as autocratic regimes always do, because they can’t be told any better, suddenly found himself facing not just Ukraine, but NATO and 50 democracies. Putin had thought that his propaganda and financing giant elite capture operations and pernicious media operations such as RT, Russia Today, would paralyze enough his adversaries for these massive weapon transfers not to happen.

Fortunately, the US and Europe had finally seen that Putin was Hitler, just worse, because Putin has 6,200 nukes. 

Invading Ukraine was a war crime, so is targeting and attacking pure civilian infrastructure (collateral damage is not a war crime, targeting civilian infrastructure either civil services or facilities, is a war crime). There is plenty of evidence of crimes against humanity committed by Putin’s Orcs (Orkhas is a term that was used a millenium before the Lord of The Rings, to qualify the horrendous Hungarian raiders into Europe, all the way to France…. said raids finished when the Hungarian army was annihilated by Otto I, Roman emperor, at the battle of Lechfeld, in 956 CE, over three days).

At least 7,343 children have been deported to Russia and another 236 are still missing since the start of its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, said Ukraine’s Office of the Ombudsman in September 2022. Russia has forcibly deported more than 1.6 million Ukrainians….

Russian troops have raped and tortured children in Ukraine, carried out a “large number” of executions and committed other war crimes, according to a United Nations investigation by legal experts.

Set up by the U.N. to probe the conduct of the war on both sides, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry reported its chilling findings in Geneva, describing a long list of abuses and atrocities. “Based on the evidence gathered by the commission, it has concluded that war crimes have been committed in Ukraine,” Erik Mose, the chairman of the three-member commission, told the U.N. Human Rights Council. War crimes, and plenty of them, thousands. Inquiries are pursued to find out the chain of command. One commander In Buch was found to have ordered war crimes in Izium, nearly 1,000 kilometers away. Was he himself under orders?

Putin’s officials are not even as smart as Hitler’s Nazis, Franco’s fascists or the Argentinian Junta: so used are Putin’s goons to commit crimes against humanity, that they have widely advertized their kidnapping and “adoptions” of Ukrainian children. That is one activity qualified of “GENOCIDE” by the United Nations [1].

I am totally against censorship of tumultuous thoughts. But censoring criminals against humanity and their agents is not censorship, it’s survival. The survival of humanity. Sometimes, to survive, one has to kill. Killing media access to Putin’s agents is only prudent.

At this point all we need is to destroy the enemies of humanity. Their propaganda is a distraction and itself a crime against reality. They should be blocked. In World War One, the erratic aristocrat Bertrand Russell was sent in prison for suggesting that Europe should be given to Germany, in the name of peace. Putting such a vile emitter out of the power of glowing with lies was an excellent decision. The nuclear Armageddon Putin threatened us all with is worse than the Kaiser’s worst… and we should act accordingly.

The USA should follow Europe in banning Putin’s right to speak… And Europe and the US should insist at the UN that the ban be enforced worldwide. Also, it took around ten days to expell Russia from the League of Nations when, allied with Hitler as the Kremlin was, it invaded Finland, in November 1939. Why is it taking so long to start a procedure to expell Russia?

Patrice Ayme


As the Institute For the Study of War observed October 15, 2022: 

Russia continues to conduct massive, forced deportations of Ukrainians that likely amount to a deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign in addition to apparent violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin stated on October 14 that “several thousand” children from Kherson Oblast are “already in other regions of Russia, resting in rest homes and children’s camps.”[1] As ISW has previously reported, Russian authorities openly admitted to placing children from occupied areas of Ukraine up for adoption with Russian families in a manner that may constitute a violation of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.[2]

Russian authorities may additionally be engaged in a wider campaign of ethnic cleansing by depopulating Ukrainian territory through deportations and repopulating Ukrainian cities with imported Russian citizens. Ethnic cleansing has not in itself been specified as a crime under international law but has been defined by the United Nations Commission of Experts on violations of humanitarian law committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia as “rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using force or intimidation to remove persons of given groups from the area” and “a purposeful policy designed by one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror-inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas.”[3] According to the UN definition, ethnic cleansing may be carried out by forcible removal, among other methods.[4] These definitions of ethnic cleansing campaigns are consistent with reports of the forcible deportation and adoption of Ukrainian children, as well as reports by Ukrainian sources that reconstruction projects in Mariupol are intended to house “tens of thousands of Russians” who will move to Mariupol.[5]


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5 Responses to “Putin Propagandists Are Criminal Against Humanity, Block Them!”

  1. Gregory Lathrop Says:

    Hitler was working on nukes


  2. Don Kemerling Says:

    When the gods want to punish us they answer our prayers. -ancient Greek proverb


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed! Genocidal, children stealing Putin wants death, he will get it! Why does he want death? Because his entire mind is false, fake, built on perverse, pernicious and demented logic. He confusely feels it. So he wants to go to the end of his error… A deep human instinct: find the truth. Putin is on a mission to find the error of his own ways. And if millions have to die to demonstrate his error, so much the better. Not only will then the proof Putin’s false logic be blatant, as it was with Hitler… according to Hitler himself, among others… But also all those who followed him will be demonstrated to be fools…

      So what will have improve from Putin’s tragic demonstration? Human CULTURE and logic in general… Which progresses one error at a time… It is the entire Kremlin Rus culture, 750 years of it, which is on trial in Ukraine: imperial expansion insuring dictatorship at home through the imposition of war emergency powers, as prescribed by the church, a method inaugurated by “SAINT” Alexnader Nevsky, a Mongol Collaborator and oppressor and (imposed) “Prince” of Kyiv, and the Republic of Novgorod…


  3. karenaymeprisedeparole Says:

    T’as enfin pris connaissance des justificatifs???

    Envoyé depuis la toute nouvelle application AOL pour iOS


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