Democracy Against Fascism. So Boost Defenses: This Is World War Three.

This is a world war of democracy against fascism, it has to be taken with the utmost seriousness. Islamist Iran has chosen to help the Kremlin, and should be treated accordingly. Iran should be fought, and Israel should be aware that Iran is training in Ukraine. Silly Iranian drones produced in great quantity with tech grabbed all around the world, are having devastating effects. Not just in killing civilians, but in draining stocks of Ukrainian air defenses (which are refurbished S300 from the USSR, mostly).

Europe should not turn over-confident that Ukraine will win. Rifts may be appearing, because Germany is more willing to finance the US military-industrial complex… by purchasing US made systems rather than financing existing European ones which are similar or even better [1]. 

China is staying out of full involvement in Ukraine, but not out of sympathy for democracy. China is presently helping Russia a lot, for example, by buying hydrocarbons to Russia. Some experts claim that Russia would collapse in three weeks without Chinese help. An historical reminder: without Russian oil, Nazi Germany could not have fought, at all, in 1940. The Nazi tanks and planes would have stayed nailed to the ground. (Nazi Germany developped massive production from secret US Standard Oil process only later, and only later did Nazi Germany gain access to Rumanian oil fields, also in consequence of the defeat of France… Even then, Germany was not producing enough fuel, and thus, later in the war, German pilots could not be trained for little more than basic flying… This means that the alliance between the Nazis and Russia was crucial in 1939 to 1941… crucial to Nazu aggression…)

China is careful in not sending weapons to Russia that we know of, because it knows that it would lose if hostilities culminated into all out nuclear war. (In an all-out nuclear war with Russia, Western forces would direct nuclear fire not against cities, but against Russian nuclear forces. By precaution, they would also have to annihilate Chinese nuclear forces.) 

Fortunately, differently from what happened in WW1 and WW2, most democracies are reacting accordingly. Most democracies have understood that this is the war of one man against the world… So 143 countries voted against that man in the United Nations in October 2022.

Fifty (50) democracies are giving weapons or military help to Ukraine, including Sweden and Switzerland. The case of those two is interesting: Sweden and Switzerland, especially Sweden, helped the Nazis with their “neutrality” in World War 2 (Swiss help consisted in financial arrangements and crucial industrial production, for example the production of ball-bearings for Nazi war machinery… Until, by “accident”, the US Air Force bombed said factories…).

This time, confronted to this latest imperial fascist aggression, the USA is leading in the fight. This is a vast difference, with the years 1914-1917 and 1938-1940, when, very opportunisitically, cynically, and inhumanly, a treachorous USA let France and Britain fight for survival against fascism.

(The reason for the US not helping European democracies, for so many long years, when those were under fascist attack was that, as far as US plutocrats and the US Deep State were concerned, the colossal European empires stood in the way to the even more hummongous US empire to come. By weakening, damaging or even killing, France, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, the world promised to become  anew wilderness in which, helped by the US Cavalry, US capitalists could roam… A reproduction of how the US Wesr was won, … and exactly as it happened… This is why the US helped characters such as Mao and Ho Chi Minh, or even Khomeiny, and Muslim Fundamentalism, during that crucial juncture… Well done, Machiavellian style…)

In the present crisis, just as in World War One and World War Two, there is only one way out, the total defeat of fascism. Even more so, because, for the first time ever, a superpower used nuclear blackmail… On all concerned (the case of Japan in 1945 was different: the Japanese army had committed huge massacres, and was actually not blackmailed, but came to its leaders came to their senses, accepting surrender, within 12 hours of learning of the bombing of Nagasaki). 

Trying to mitigate and navigate around dictators is short sighted, especially when nuclear weapons are involved. Dictators, or at least the spirit which animate them, per their reigns, are intrinsically deranged and nilihilistic: they tend to prefer to die, rather than not to achieve their cruel goals.

In the invasion of Ukraine, nuclear weapons are involved, because of “nuclear blackmail”, an expression Putin himself used (accusing others to do it, but that’s the usual trick of the perpetrator accusing the victim of victimizing the aggressor..)

European unilateral disarmament of the last few decades, and will not to impose peace and order, in the name of an unreal view of human nature, has been a catalyst for the growth of fascist dictatorships, all over the world.

In particular, Xi’s China and the Kremlin have not been blocked in Africa, Europe’s own backyard, as they should have been…

All possible weapons have to be sent to Ukraine, and Europe has to scramble to arm itself (especially with anti-missile forces). Not defending democracy is the same as welcoming fascism. Not preparing for war is lethal to peace. Not preparing for nuclear war is lethal to civilization. Disarming when facing a nuclear tyranny is preparing for a worst so bad, only the grimmest science fiction, the sort with cannibalism, has imagined it.

And all this because idiots imagined that wolves could be persuaded to eat salad, through the sheer power of example… and didn’t want to be bothered when told that was unrealistic. In other words, sheer idiocy.

The world “idiot” came from the Greek. idiotes… literally “private person”  as opposed to one taking part in public affairs, politics. “Idiot” came then to be used patronizingly for “ignorant person,” from idios “one’s own”… and then passed in Latin and later French medieval usage. In other words, idiots are individuals so preoccupied by their personal, inner world, that the world escapes them. This is what happened when self-glorifying “pacifists” took over… And decided to buy all manufacturing in China and gas in Russia… while retiring at age 60 (as is the case in France).

Similar idiocy is deployed in the climate crisis. The French Prime Minister actually declared that energy consumption in France will have to get lowered by 10% next year (because of the war in Ukraine, supposedly, coincidentaly with Macron closing or neglecting nuclear reactors to the point that half of them are stopped for maintenance and two have been dismantled). In either case, strategic idiocy… a form of hubris

No US soldier was injured during the shooting of that movie. London on fire, 1940. Where was US help? A few month before, Roosevelt had sent his right hand man, 4 star Admiral Leahey as ambassador to Vichy, recognizing this way the Hitlerian friendly junta of Petain and other traitors…


[1] The French Mamba made of Aster 15 and 30 missiles in a Thales and MDMA collaboration, is as good and probably better than its US equivalent the Patriot system (Italian, French and UK navies use Asters for air defense). However Germany prefers to ingratiate itself with the US military-industrial complex… And that’s ironical, not to say foolhardy, especially considering how negative Germany was about Trump (and Biden is like Trump, just more polite, as a German minister in Merkel’s government pointed out… even Trump asked Germany to boost defense spending, and that must mean not just buying more US equipment, but building a European military-industrial complex…).

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