Horror: Hyper Wealthy Politico Hammered In San Francisco

There is constant violence and murder, and threats thereof, around the SF Bay Area. The inequality has grown enormously, and the destitute, many thousands of them, live in the worst camps on the planet, says the UN. I was brought up in the poorest Africa, and I have seen countless times the SF Bay camps, and I agree: it’s worst in the SF Bay Area. Once a homeless person was laying down in excrements and urine, obviously dying. I called 911…  A few blocks from Pelosi’s 25 million dollar mansion. Pelosi also has a winery, worth much more, just north. Now all this may be tied with Congress people engaging, among other things,  in insider trading, a practice of Congress which Pelosi insisted on, for decades.

Nancy Pelosi is worth at least 135 million. Most of this fortune was made while she was “Democratic” House Speaker, thus, de facto Prime Minister, and the second in line of succession to the US Preidency. Her “genial investor husband” (dixit NYT) much more than that. Feinstein, another SF politician, is worth dozens of millions, and her husband is a billionaire from trading with China, something his spouse mostly presided over in the last 30 years.. Corruption by leaders is a form of violence exerted on society. It is actually the master violence.

In Athens, We The People voted laws directly. In 2022 US, a “legislator” “represents” 770,000 people. The laws those few people voted for created a violent society, and they are fine with it, as long as the great Lords don’t get attacked. Meanwhile in the UK, the new PM earned more than $100 million, and paid no taxes. Sorry, as with Pelosis and Feinsteins, the spouse made the biggest bucks. But the local pluto media considers it a major tragedy when one of the Lords of the Bay gets attacked. Entire streets get blocked, front pages of local media are plastered with the unfathomable horror:

No answer presents itself, when low lives attack the fabulously wealthy and democratically legislating. Local plutocratic media orders you to get deeply upset, because a politically dominant plutocrat was hurt by a low life!

Marion D. Mahoney reacted: “Your first paragraph is interesting. We go to SF frequently and were told by a visitor from Mumbai that the city looks worse than their slums.

Indeed! Fabulously wealthy people living in their mansions of Pacific Heights are not concerned, worried or troubled by homeless defecating in the streets half a mile away. The outrage because a hyper wealthy (spouse of hyper wealthy politician) got hammered is astounding, considering the danger of just taking the subway (“BART”)… Maniacs are all over the place, and usually they don’t connect with the fabulously wealthy. Notice that the police arrived in 2 minutes to rescue Mr hyper wealthy Pelosi.

If one lives in a poor area, the police may show three hours later, purely symbolically, cruise in the middle of street, no stopping (all this is related from personal experience). This blade runner society, with hyper wealth revelling in proximal squalor, is something that Nancy Pelosi, most of the time the top legislator in the USA since 2006, has been instrumental in fabricating with her fake worries and deliberately misguided legislation. Yes, local people have had enough to be hammered by hyper wealth, hiding behind the smokescreen of “woke” discourse and PC racism…

Patrice Ayme


A subscriber of the WSJ published the following funny parody of the discourse the woke, PC, and high level “Democrats” engage in, when similar events happen to somebody else than the US elite:

Douglas Miller:

I think we need to wait for all the facts before we assume this guy is guilty of something.  There are reasonable explanations for why this guy was there at 2:30am with a hammer.  Perhaps he was planning to do some repairs on the home.  He is one of Ms. Pelosi’s constituents – perhaps he wanted to discuss some ideas for Build Back Better III.  Or maybe he thought the hammer would be a good symbol for building back better. Or maybe he was just looking for a matching sickle.  Innocent until proven guilty.  I certainly hope that the bail requirement will be dropped.  The guy is poor and bail is oppressive.  Where is he going to come up with that kind of money?  He’ll probably lose his job if they don’t let him out

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10 Responses to “Horror: Hyper Wealthy Politico Hammered In San Francisco”

  1. benign Says:

    apparently it was a gay date gone bad


  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Spooky. If oligarchs get hammered, all is lost


  3. John Gartland Says:

    Can’t say if the social media gossip has any truth but the reported “facts” don’t add up for this incident nor the recent drunk driving incident. This guy and his wife are insulated from the legal process and scrutiny that we mere mortals are subject. Just look at the massive wealth she/they have amassed without any oversight in a world in which she makes the rules.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. I live in the immediate area.A few days ago children aged 14 to 15 came into the local CVS pharmacy with giant bags.. took everything they fancied, put them in the bags. After a few minutes (more than two minutes), they left. Store employees, including the security guard did nothing, as they are instructed to do nothing but to call the police. Police showed up much much later, when the vandals had long left. This is systematically happening.
      So people are scared now to get just out in the Grande Ave neighborhood of Oakland and its multimillion dollar homes… I know several families living there… They are trying to move out. my spouse, a lawyer who has gone to the courthouse and townhall of San Francisco for decades is now scared to go there, navigating the homeless encampments, with shit and drugs on the ground, and won’t have our daughter go to school anywhere in San Francisco.
      Meanwhile Pelosi roams around with her security detail….

      The most amazing is that when one interviews some people here, is that they tell you they are terrified by the return of Trump, as they read it in the paper…
      Many people, though, are starting to connect the dots (I’m a registered Dem, nota bene… And I have done more for Dem causes than anybody I know… Cost me too…)

      BTW, I met some Dem voters who told me they won’t vote because they were worried about the transparent ballot used in the last presidential elections… They think they vote won’t count… I intent to vote… Transparent ballot ot not…


  4. kathw Says:

    Agree. But despite the elite’s neglect/insulation, the “Conformity Conundrum” remains: How does a “free” society control its homeless/”altered” citizens? More than 50 years ago we “liberated” patients from mental institutions. But as their numbers have increased, along w/ lack of affordable housing, their presence has reached critical mass. Do we resort to a procrustean solution and cage them again in asylums? No! But the U.S. infrastructure needed – affordable/free housing and continual mental health intervention – is always “too expensive”. I would argue this is true for most liberal democratic societies – – even those that have only a fraction of our national security expenses; but for large populations, it is prohibitive.
    Yes, it is the pluts/elite that dictate allocation of resources. But long before any governing hierarchy existed the iconic “village idiot” existed – – just not in the prohibitive numbers as exist now. Freedom vs. Conformity is the niggling benchmark by which we measure a society to be democratic or autocratic. Interesting times. Yes, more debate, creativity sorely needed!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      These are all very good points.
      Philosophically, much of the mental asylum freedom movement was started in France… Where a surgeon discovered in the 1950s the modern anti-psychotic medications, now used worldwide… Except of course with the homeless in the streets… Also the French philosopher Foucault who seemed to have had at least one psychotic episode himself, was very obsessed by “surveiller et punir”. Foucault saw modern psychiatry as a watchdog of the establishment (he started to talk of other things when clearly he joined the establishment from his own achievements, instead of just inheriting his position from his dad…)

      The paradox is that in France, in spite of inventing the drugs which enable the crazies to walk the street, and in spite of powerful Foucault-like discourses, and Foucault’s reputation, the crazies are still encaged… When it gets bad enough.

      In the USA, the anti-cage movement started under Reagan, who saved FEDERAL money that way and didn’t mind as he had the secret service protecting him, and lived on a big ranch, far out in the boondocks…

      I think the solution is first to build more affordable housing: that will rebuild the urban tissue with more stakeholders and alert givers… California is trying to force cities to build affordable housing and PASSED the “BUILDER REMEDY LAW”. According to which developers (Trump-like persons) can build if 20% of what they build is “affordable”… and can’t be stopped by arguments like it’s too tall, too ugly, or mountain lions are roaming there (as San Mateo said). Actually I live in an 18 story tower next to a park, and I saw (at night) a mountain lion from 6 feet away. So mountain lions like tall towers, as long as parks with deer are next to them… Deer breed in that park….

      The wealthy in their tremendously costly houses (5 million dollar houses are the norm in Palo Alto) can block development with just height limits (last highrise in Palo Alto was built more than 50 years ago…)

      There are actually perfectly sane people who are forced to live in insane conditions… Say a college professor living in her car, as happened in San Jose… Submitted to insane conditions, people become insane, this is the problem with insane urban mental tissue…

      The guy who attacked Pelosi was himself part of the sort of mildly maniacal groups which are ubiquitous in the Bay Area, and a distraction to avoid serious debate… On serious issues. Like why is my own city so obsessed by destroying the park I talked about? Because it would be replaced by 4 million dollars mansions, and that would increase taxes, thus city council power… So they are busy spending a lot of money destroying the park, bit by bit, year after year, although at least two endangered species live there and one of them not anywhere else…

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  5. kathw Says:

    In addition to government programs for more affordable housing, Non-profits have devised smaller but effective programs to continually engage and ultimately main-stream the marginalized: The Other Ones Foundation (TOOF) has created its Esperanza Community (Austin’s “Tiny Homes” project) and Employ2Empower (Harris County’s public works project, which was actually started in Vancouver, BC in 2014).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the information.
      Her a real estate agent I know, David Eckert listed a Oakland home at $1,700 a square foot, in bad part of town…

      480-square-foot home listed at $849,000 in Oakland Hills
      By KTVU staffPublished November 1, 2022 11:55AMOaklandKTVU FOX 2

      3800 Whittle Ave. hit the Oakland market in early October with a listing price of $849,000. The 480-square-foot home has no bedrooms and one bathroom. Photo credit: Redfin
      OAKLAND, Calif. – A 480-square-foot home in the Oakland Hills comes with a list price of $849,000, according to Redfin.

      The 0 bed/1 bath home located at 3800 Whittle Avenue. And if it’s like other home sales in the Bay Area, there’s a high probability it will go for more than asking.

      At $1,769 per square foot, the value of the home might not be in the actual structure itself, but in the lot it’s sitting on, according to the property’s listing agent.

      “The value is in the land and the house with utilities,” writes agent David Eckert of Coldwell Banker. “Considerable upside on this property exists.”

      The agent describes that the existing structure would give a new homeowner access to all utilities, avoiding the vacant property tax if someone wanted to build new. The property sits in the middle of other multifamily properties, he said, offering potential to build more.
      ongress person, who wrote to Biden to ask him to give Ukraine to Putin
      But market experts say they are seeing the Bay Area housing market cool down in recent months. A recent report said Northern California is cooling faster than anywhere else in the U.S. amid high mortgage rates and a faltering stock market.

      So the problem of not building anything for 50 years, while population doubled, results in “democratic” voters voting for crooks like barbara Lee… the local Congress person who wrote to Biden to ask him to give Ukraine to Putin… Lee is typical of the pseudo-left: she blocks developers, accusing them to be Trump like devil, while thousands live in abominable squalors in camps in her district…

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