USA, Child Of Europe, Suddenly Remembers How It Was Born

Never forget this: however rambunctious a youngster, the USA is the child of France and Britain. In this order, as French adventurers led by an enlightened Dux, (re) created Britannia, starting in 1066 CE and for centuries thereafter… So lots of what looks British is actually Old French (for example the Parliament, inspired from that of Toulouse).

The relationship of the US to the UK and France is one of filiation, not just affection and common genesis as republics and democracies. So the least they can do is trade together.

The disasters of WWI, Nazism, WWII, and giving half of Europe to Stalin, were, to a great extent caused by the fact that the child, the US, moved by too much greed and avarice, forgot to listen to the parents who should be revered… in a timely manner.

The UK Parliament, under a proposal from PM Churchill, voted for the union of France and Britain in June 1940. (However the military collapse of France blocked the offer. There was no time.) 

Fortunately, in the present fascist attack on Europe, the US has been in the lead defending democracy. That’s all for the best, as the situation is potentially much more catastrophic (nuclear war).

The main reason Nazism and Stalinism became so powerful so fast was the immense US investment in the Reich and the USSR. The same mistake has been repeated contemporaneously with various fascist dictatorships, so we should cease and desist, and trade with democracies alone.  

Remember the Obama nonsense about “pivoting to Asia?”. How does one “pivot” from one’s roots?

It would also be in the best interest of the common European originated civilization, that the US encourage a European military-industrial complex, instead of viewing it only as a rival to be destroyed.

European industry has developed some weapons the US itself does not have (CAESAR gun, Aster 30, AIP submarines, new type nuclear submarine electric propulsion, etc.). The reciprocal is well-known, and Europeans accordingly buy a lot of US weapons (including that dubious weapon, the F35).

But the US equipped itself, as early as the 1930s, with perfidic laws and deplorable mentality which, even at the detriment of US defense, make nearly impossible for the Pentagon to purchase superior European weapons… One may want to know that quintessential US weapons of WWII such as nuclear bombs and the Mustang long range superiority fighter actually started, years before, as Franco-British programs…

Europe and its worldwide colonies, and allies, will be stronger if all are treated fairly. And that implies no technological unhooking. The perfidically named “Inflation Reduction Act” of Biden, a giant subsidy for domestic industrialization is to be commended… As long as Europe can do the same. This way, they would be like China, which itself, tries to be the way Europe became so superior… Driven by tech and science. In the most recent Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, 40% of the members are technologists or scientists…

Thus it’s not clear that China intends to be as dumb as the Kremlin tyrants…

In any case, the US should be welcomed to its roots, and should treat those with all due respect.

Patrice Ayme

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2 Responses to “USA, Child Of Europe, Suddenly Remembers How It Was Born”

  1. kathw Says:

    Yes, the child has finally begun to mature – albeit still vulnerable to the likes of enfant terrible leaders (Trump, etc.). Beyond U.S. fully embracing Euro-American tech symbiosis, there’s something to be said for including Korea and Japan in a more protein Euro-American-Asian alliance – – not only for Asia’s tech prowess but expanding our cross-cultural, trans-ocean geopolitical partnerships as well.
    As I’ve aged, I’ve become more fascinated by Korean culture – – their evolution is quite remarkable – – yet it doesn’t detract from my deep appreciation for Ancient Greece/Western culture. Multiculturalism, despite the present woke lunacy, has a much deeper level that we should explore and use to benefit/expand human evolution.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Woke makes some good points… but I prefer awake.
      Biden is doing pure Trumpism… without the drama. The aid to high tech and Ukraine is simply astounding.
      The French aren’t too happy, because it means Europe will be a US colony for the next 40 years… That the Ukrainians put long range high precision French CAESAR guns on barges to go bombard Snake Island, is not enough to drag them out of their sulk….

      Korea is indeed fascinating. It and Japan, and even China need to adopt the Greco-Romans as their ancestors… Will explain in an essay soon (hopefully; had pneumonia last week…)

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