COP 27 – the 27th Cop-out??

I think the fundamental problem in the mishandling of the CO2 crisis is a lack of fair and open debate. Most climate activists have been manipulated into, or are manipulating into pro-fossil fuel positioning. Germany produces seven times more CO2 per unit of energy than France does… And that’s mostly due to the fact France uses nuclear, and Germany Neanderthal power (lignite, the most polluting coal, already in use 80,000 years ago).

Once I made a scandal by calling off the lead climate scientist at UC for astoundingly subtle pro-fossil fuel propaganda. Other Berkeley full professors were not amused, and tried to present my scorching critique as a “misunderstanding” of the gentleman’s true position. That made for funny dialogues, truth against establishment…. Here is the following written in 2014 after the death of Total SA CEO Christophe de Margerie when his jet hit a snow plough on a Moscow runway at midnight, flipped on its back, caught fire, and skidded across. All four on board died.

Now the accidental death of any person is a tragedy, make no mistake, but as Patrice revealed in his post, this particular accident did raise some interesting aspects. Here’s a little of what Patrice wrote::
With 200 billion Euros in revenue, TOTAL SA is not far behind the French government budget. TOTAL’s profits are 14 billion Euros (“Soyons serieux!” laughed Margerie). It pays nearly no tax in France, having concentrated there its money losing refineries.

Other countries get nearly all their fuel from French refineries; TOTAL has also a green light to frack in Britain. So this is not just a French situation. TOTAL is one of the five great oil companies concentrating the fossil fuel firepower. Those companies have the best technology. Some of TOTAL’s specialties are very deep water drilling, and using steam to extract tar oil in Canada.

What was de Margerie doing at midnight? Flying back to France, after meeting with Putin and Medvedev, late at night.

That’s how these guys are: great fun. Putin was recently invited to Milan for a big time European meeting. He arrived several hours late to visit with Merkel, who was not amused. After keeping her up past midnight, he motored to Berlusconi’s mansion, and the two plutocrats reveled together until 4 am. (We don’t know how many female teenagers were in attendance to further their studies.) The next European meeting was at 8am, and Putin showed up.

Supposedly Margerie had just told Medvedev and Putin to cool it with Ukraine. At least that’s the massaging message Margerie’s minions floated after his death.

Why was Margerie so important to the Russian dictators? Because the six “supermajor” oil companies have the advanced technology. After all, they recruit from the best universities in the world (that’s paid by taxpayers). TOTAL SA was the spearhead of high tech development for hydrocarbon production in Russia. Among other things, it’s helping to build a gas liquefaction plant in the far north, to load special ships with methane (something TOTAL does with Qatar, in the world’s largest such installation).

Once a ship is fully loaded, it has several times the explosive power deployed at Hiroshima (such a catastrophic accident has not happened yet, but it’s just a matter of time).

When citizen Lambda dies, Mr. Anybody, nobody official cares. When a major plutocrat dies, our leaders, even our socialist leaders, weep, and present the accident as a national, even international tragedy.

Is the death of a plutocrat worth that much more, that all this public weeping has to occur?

And, by the way, who and what has authorized Mr. Margerie to lead his own foreign policy? Who authorized him to make nice with thermonuclear dictators? To the point of allowing their survival?

A main contributor to future ice loss is the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS), Greenland’s largest basin and a prominent feature of fast-flowing ice that reaches the interior of this mini continent. Here are those two north east Greenland glaciers, truly gigantic “ICE STREAMS”, with, if they melted, a potential world sea level rise of 1.1 meter! (Four feet!). The melting depends upon the exact geometry of the sea floor. So ZI melted spectacularly, but 79N just retreated 5 kilometers. This of course will change as glaciers retreat beyond the sea floor barriers, and then warm oceanic water can finally gush in… So the sudden complete collapse of ZI and 79N will happen, the only question is when…


Currently, a number of parties have descended on Sharm el-Sheikh for COP 27. This is the 27th “Conference of the Parties” to deal with climate change. Everybody, by now, should be aware that a major contributor to climate change is the increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and we have to reduce emissions. In the previous 26 conferences various pledges were made to reduce such emissions, but what has happened? According to Nature, CO2 emissions are set to reach a record high of 37.5 billion tonne in 2022. So much for a controlled reduction of emissions. In my opinion, the biggest effect from such conferences is the increased emissions due to getting all the participants to them. In this context there are apparently over 600 fossil fuel lobbyists at this conference. So the question then is, why has so little been achieved?

My answer is the politicians…

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4 Responses to “COP 27 – the 27th Cop-out??”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    As Ian Miller says, this will keep on going. Just as happened with Putin. Until a catastrophic consequence nobody can deny.
    Wait ✋️ plenty of loud people, even Elon Musk are repeating Putin’s talking points


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed.Elon Musk played radio Putin for a while:
      Ukraine-Russia Peace:

      – Redo elections of annexed regions under UN supervision. Russia leaves if that is will of the people.

      – Crimea formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake).

      – Water supply to Crimea assured.

      – Ukraine remains neutral.
      But a twitter poll he conducted on that was 60% AGAINST. So he dropped the matter…


  2. Ian Miller Says:

    ianmillerblog on November 22, 2022 at 10:11 pm said:
    The point about the lobbying of oil companies is fair, except they have known about this problem for the past fifty years, and they know what some of the solutions involve, and they aso know that they make more money by digging up oil. They are part of the problem because they put making money ahead of development,n then now they bleat to politicians arguing the world’s economies will fall over if they do, which is partly true. They have to be made to perform better, or be replaced


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Who is the “they” you wrote about? I am not trying to be flippant, I’m really not sure.

      My dad converted from very successful oil geologist (he discovered Saharan oil in Algeria and Senegalese oil) to Uranium, while being detached by TOTAL. At that point, nuclear industry was viewed as the solution to the CO2 crisis…

      However the price of Uranium collapsed (early 1980s), due to political decisions all over Europe and US… By politicians. Using 3 mile island partial melt down incident as a fig leaf….”When the feedwater pumps tripped, three emergency feedwater pumps started automatically. An operator noted that the pumps were running, but did not notice that a block valve was closed in each of the two emergency feedwater lines, blocking emergency feed flow to both steam generators. The valve position lights for one block valve were covered by a yellow maintenance tag. The reason why the operator missed the lights for the second valve is not known, although one theory is that his own large belly hid it from his view.”

      Nobody got killed or hurt…
      Reactors which won’t melt down are easy to make, BTW…. Smaller, and, or, using obvious tricks…

      My dad later reconverted into becoming an adviser for the UN financed fossil fuel extraction energy programs in Cameroon and then Kenya (where he barely survived an attempted kidnapping…)


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