World Wars Are Culminations Of Brutish Processes. WWII Started When A Rogue Japanese Army Invaded Manchuria In 1931.

It’s important to realize that world wars, which are enormous conflicts with many participants, do not start from sparks, but from long brutish processes. Sparks inflame, processes gather the fuel over time.. Such processes, if identified, can be short circuited. (However, it was not in the interest of the USA to prevent either WWI or WWII, so, instead, the US carefully baited and then switched…)

The invasion of Ukraine, launched in 2014, is typical of the onset of a world war: an outrageous attack. However, differently from 1931, when Japan attacked China, and nobody did anything about it, this time 50 democracies help Ukraine. So the world war may well be shortcircuited before it spreads enough to inflame the entire planet. It took a full decade, of WWIII spreading, and many millions dead, before the US issued shoot to kill orders to the US Navy against Axis powers (during Fall 1941).

For example the First World War was a consequence of the rising racism and anti-Judaism in Germany, in conjunction with unification under Prussian militarism and strident nationalism of an empire created by war in 1871. Harassed by potential socialism inside, and decreasing competitiveness outside, on December 11, 1912, the fascist command of the Kaiserreich had decided to finish Russia and France in a quick world war, before Great Britain could react [1]. 


The Second World War was clearly a process of disintegration of order under the profitable assaults of shortsighted brutishness. Both the international order and the domestic order of some nations broke down, and the more breaks, the more breakage, as in an avalanche.

Hidden in plain sight were the Anglo-Saxon plutocrats who made gigantic investments with the dictators, permitting them to exist: the US enabled the Kaiserreich to get what it needed to pursue the war in 1914 and thereafter (over Franco-British objections), California oil kept the Japanese army fueled as it invaded China  for a decade, Harriman built Baku offshore oil fields for Stalin, the US then kept Stalin afloat with massive aid, etc…  Something similar happened in Russia in the 1990s, when the Russian government was told by Harvard thinkers to build an oligarchy, etc.

In 1938, to appease Hitler, the fortified borders of Czechoslovakia (the Sudeten) were given to him, leaving Czechoslovakia defenseless, so Hitler annexed it all together a few months later.

Earlier, in 1937, Japan, which had just become a de facto military dictatorship, decided to pursue its invasion of China, which started for real in 1931.

Thus, the Second World War certainly started even before 1937. In 1936, Hitler, spiritual leader of the Axis,had invaded the West Bank of the Rhine and also invaded Spain by carrying Franco’s army using the Luftwaffe and Texas oil.

The year prior, in October 1935, without a war declaration, 200,000 fascist Italian soldiers had invaded Ethiopia. After contemplating intervention, France and Britain pushed for a ceasefire where Ethiopia, an African nation independent for millennia, would make territorial gifts to its ravenous Italian aggressor (namely Tigray, Ogaden and more; the French PM Laval who negotiated this infamy would be executed a decade later for high treason by the French judiciary).

Earlier than Italy’s initially successful attack on Ethiopia, in 1931, the Japanese army, going rogue, beating the Chinese republican army, had invaded Manchuria with a lightning fast penetration of 1,200 kilometers… on its own! The civilian government in Tokyo was aghast… but it surrendered to its own military. This would lead later to a coup by junior officers against the Japanese military High Command, which failed… to make sure the fascists at the head of Japan stayed in command, they distracted everybody by invading the rest of China.


The present situation in Ukraine has been quite a bit similar to the invasion of China by the Japanese military in 1931. The 2014 Russian attack on Crimea and the Donbass is similar to the Japanese surprise attack on Manchuria in 1931. China got no international help, hence the second attack of 1937. Similarly after the 2014 invasion Ukraine received only concern… Obama, a declared accomplice of Vladimir Putin, over an open mike, sent only food to Ukraine (Ukraine is one of the top exporters of food in the world)… So here we are. Hitler’s and Mussolini’s attacks on the Spanish Republic in 1936 were not answered, only encouraging them to proceed further, and all territorial gains thereafter were viewed as success by their stupid governments and populaces. However some NATO training was provided. 

Patrice Ayme


[1]. Although the assassination of the Grand Duke in Sarajevo played a role, it was rather incidental…until one realizes the grand Duke was a pacifist and best friend to the Kaiser (so history could have been different, the Kaiser being the controlling conspirator… although not the most motivated one).


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2 Responses to “World Wars Are Culminations Of Brutish Processes. WWII Started When A Rogue Japanese Army Invaded Manchuria In 1931.”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [sent to Australians]
    Studying what really happened in the entanglement of Anglo-Saxon plutocrats and Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Hirohito and even Mao and Ho Chi Minh is most enlightening for understanding the present bait and switch that happened with Putin and the oligarchs, who drained Russian resources. Bait and switch is an old tactic, refined over the centuries when dealing with naive Natives…

    World Wars Are Culminations Of Brutish Processes. WWII Started When A Rogue Japanese Army Invaded Manchuria In 1931.


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Chomsky is a propagandist for the plutocratic status quo which empowered Putin and Xi… As the plutocratic university establishment he belongs to. WW2 was to a great extent caused by a similar collusion between US plutocracy and those it manipulated


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