Racism Is Often A Two Way Street. Elevating Some Symbols Above Others Can Be Racist.

Ancient and rather simple symbols (triangles, crosses) were changed in meaning, and charged with hate. But truth should never ignore history, because it can’t exist without it. And that’s true even in physics: symbols are charged with history. So why such hysteria sometimes?
Intertwinning triangles is not, historically, one’s religion prerogative. Should it shouldn’t be in reality. Otherwise that’s assuming the superiority and sacrosanct nature of that particular religion… unfair to one thousand others. Similarly the cross used by the Christians can be viewed as an abbreviation of other, more ancient crosses… Now banned… on purely ethnic ground. Something respected in India or ancient Greece is ferociously banned. After the (hoped for) defeat of Putinism, should we bann the beautiful bulbs of the Russian Orthodox churches? Of course not.
Disrespect for humanity starts with disrespect for history.
Elon Musk banned a famous raper : was he aware of this, the fact the brandished symbol is arguably very old, and what it means which is not at all what it is depicted to be? In truth, he probably doesn’t care, his antennas are out for where the power comes from…. It’s like a mass out there: if one says the what are supposed to be the right things, one is just, and the others are atrocious racists…
The article in Le Figaro points out that all the symbols concerned are older, by millennia than the one brandishing them… And so is their modern mix, which comes from the Rael Cult…
When one can be banned for old symbols, clearly it’s Big Brother out there!

Trying to claim that the old Western European religions have nothing to do with genocide, among other crimes against humanity, flies in the face of evidence. Millions were killed in the name of the Bible used as a recipe book on holocaust. So basically, anything smacking of Bible cult smacks of holocausts, and that can be examplified in detail. For example Catholicism, Orthodox or not, exterminated all Cathars, five millions of them, and all their writings, ideas and even emotions…

Banning this and that old symbol is an attempt to ban entire worlds of history, and thus to impose a biased cult of something else. Right, it could work. But those who promote such cults need to be reminded that trying to impose mentalities can backfire.

For example Kanye West, represented above made a fashion collection with “White Lives Matter”! Which created outrage… But what should cause outrage is the claim that such and such skin color matter, and implicitly that either it didn’t use to matter, or it should matter more, etc.

Racism consists in elevating some symbols over others for no good reason. If I use a spiral galaxy as a symbol, as I do, I symbolize the supremacy of some values: space, galaxies, a mind open to all possibilities, etc. Some may sneer that I would not chose the Svastika, Hitler’s way, a spider georged on blood (Mauriac)… Especially considering that my family was a direct victim, and combatant of, Nazism. Right. (The only time I censored someone on this site was a Nazi who would keep on sending insane comments by the multitude…)

But take for example Putinism and its various symbols. I abhor Putinism, but the usage of its symbols would falicitate my personal contradiction of those who hold this sort of opinion… By identifying who they are… So I can go contradict them. For example Twitter Musk (who banned Mr. West for the picture above), identifies some accounts as “Russian Associated”… That’s good… Maybe they should say:”Putin Associated”… that would be less… racist… Many Russians disagreeing with Putin to the point they risk dying for it…

Patrice Ayme

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4 Responses to “Racism Is Often A Two Way Street. Elevating Some Symbols Above Others Can Be Racist.”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    La main mise d’un certain judaïsme se fait sentir et c’est triste. . Nous ne devrions plus en être la…


  2. Gregory Golberg Says:

    Ye’s face bears no mark of heavy thinking.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Do not underestimate haphazard thinking… Athenian democracy had some leading assemblies selected by chance. I don’t know Ye. I just know that overreacting to Ye’s brandishing symbols used before he was born (even in that assembly coming from the Rael Sect) is not smart, and will turn out counterproductive, even for Judaism. Even Hitler, or Putin said, sometimes correct propositions. To claim the opposite is idiotic. Idiocy never helps civilizational progress….


  3. nigelsouthway Says:

    Racism has become weaponized by the left to force block and suppress free speech… In our society the press over promote the extreme and suppress the normal. the problem started in our universities and has spread outward and is now linked to such things as climate change action…. the best book and author on the subject is the war on the west by Douglas Murray and his other book the mad ness of crowds…. CRT has also done a lot of damage and so too has this nonsense of sexual orientation being a choice … we need to JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS NONSENSE and take these elite social scientists back to their university campus and lock them in!!!


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