Outlaw Lobbyists

Abstract: Access to those with power in so-called “democracies” should be made completely transparent, thus completely recorded, and should be severely limited, both quantitatively and qualitatively. In particular professional lobbying should be assimilated to corruption and outlawed. 


Tyranosopher: Dozens of thousands of professional corrupters fester in Washington and Brussels. More of these professional corrupters are found in various capitals, including those of US states. They are called lobbyists. Considering the power of modern civilization, they have arguably more potential for nefariousness than the worst tyrants of preceding centuries. 


Simplicia: “But lobbyists are needed! This is how representative government works!”

Tyranosopher: You mean representative government is corrupt?

Simplicia: Let me educate you. Representative government consists in having a few individuals who are elected decide everything. To do that, they need to know what is going on. They can’t be omniscient like you. This education is provided by lobbyists.

Tyranosopher: You seem to say that advocacy is necessary for representative democracy to work.

Simplicia: Yes, advocacy, call it that way if you like, we need advocacy. Can’t have representativity without advocacy.

Tyranosopher: So a lobbyist comes and offers a 500 dollar lunch to a representative, and then advocates for a special cause, company or country… With the perspective of a juicy consultantship for the nephew of said representative, and you call that democracy?

Simplicia: Well that’s what happens when one delegates power to elected representatives. People decided to delegate the thinking to the selected few.

Tyranosopher: This practice, of getting steered by professional lobbyists violates pillars of democracy such as isegoria and parrhesia.

Simplicia: Please keep on using big Greek words nobody knows.

Tyranosopher: It’s worse than that: nobody knows the concepts these words represent. Isegoria says that everybody has an equal right to address the assembly in an equal way. Lobbyism violates that, because lobbying provides privileged access.

Simplicia: And what’s parrhesia?

Tyranosopher: Being able to speak frankly… not only freedom of speech, but the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk. One can’t do it in the censorship atmosphere that the present representative government and their social networks lackeys have fostered.   

Simplicia: So what do you suggest, oh great know-it-all?

Tyranosopher: To pass legislation outlawing lobbying as it exists today, to wit:

  1. All and any interaction between the public and a representative or significant other of a representative must be recorded. Representatives could be equipped with body cams, like the police and for similar but even more important reasons.
  2.  All these interactions, once recorded, should be publicly available through Internet searches. 
  3. Representatives and their significant others should not get any compensation from any cause, nation, region or industry that was addressed in legislation the representative worked on… for a period of twenty years. 
  4. Advocates’ gifts to representatives should be recorded in the greatest detail and limited to market rates; no 500 dollar lunch, but a 15 dollar hamburger, max.
  5. Advocates’ causes should be topologically located and a given cause should be limited in access, and, within a cause the individuals or legal persons advocating said cause ought also to be limited in number and lengths of contacts.

[Cartoon from 1905…]



Simplicia: Great. And what got you so excited?

Tyranosopher: There is an ongoing spectacular scandal in the European Parliament. A Vice President of the European Parliament found herself arrested and imprisoned. 600,000 Euros in banknotes were found in her apartment, she couldn’t explain where they came from. Some insisted that the cash had to do with her advocacy of Qatar’s Human Rights progress. 

Simplicia: On 31 January 2019, the EU Parliament adopted binding rules on lobby transparency. The Parliament stipulated that ‘rapporteurs, shadow rapporteurs or committee chairs shall, for each report, publish online all scheduled meetings with interest representatives falling under the scope of the Transparency Register’-database of the EU.

Tyranosopher: Notice the “scheduled meeting” stipulation: parties, lunch and golf are not included. I propose to include them.

Simplicia: In the USA, the corruption is even greater, but lawful.

Tyranosopher: Indeed, Clinton and Obama cashed in big time on their presidencies. Many US politicians made fortunes of the order of dozens of millions of dollars, or more, during their political tenure. But this is not the worst.

Simplicia: What’s worse?

Tyranospher: Whatever the shortcomings of US politicians, the US became more powerful. However in Europe lobbying has made Europe weaker. And ravaged ecology and the climate.

Simplicia: Examples?

Tyranospher: Brexit was influenced by the enemies of Europe. Putin in particular. Russian oligarchs established in Europe are a powerful lobby. Another powerful lobby was the fossil fuels/Kremlin lobby which empowered the pseudo ecologists in Europe. They campaigned against nuclear power, and against Western European gas… Thus making Putin stronger, as planned. 

In France in 1999, a secret alliance between the ecologists (as I said, influenced by Moscow) and the French socialists, agreed to destroy French nuclear power and even French research in new, safer, better nuclear power (this is not nothing: nuclear research started in France in 1938; France inaugurated new forms of nuclear power in the following 84 years). Ultimately, the long lobbying arm of the Kremlin made the West addicted to him and stalled research in new technology which the planet needs (but Russia is OK with global heating).

Simplicia: Speaking of lobbyists, what about Tik Tok?

Tyranosopher: Tik Tok is an operation of cretinization of youth operated in the West by the Chinese dictatorship, In China Tik Tok is limited to 40 minutes a day, and below the age of 14, it shows only educative and scientific videos. Polls have shown young Chinese want to become astronauts and young western poultry wants to become Tik Tok influencers… Not knowing they would be controlled by algorythms from a foreign, anti-democratic power.

Simplicia: So Tik Tok is a form of lobbying?

Tyranosopher: Tik Tok is efficient lobbying for the Chinese dictatorship. It should be unlawful.Tik Tok promotes Beijing supremacy by stupidifying the rest. The algorithms are controlled by the dictatorship. Those algorithms promote cats and other small brained creatures, and, in general, extreme stupidification.

Democracy under foreign dictatorial influence is not democracy, but addiction and submission.

Patrice Ayme


Note: Europeans have long assumed that excessive lobbying is only an American problem. But over the past 15 years Brussels has become apparently the world’s first capital of the corrupt arts even ahead of Washington, DC! In Brussels 25,000 lobbyists have come forward voluntarily and registered themselves. Some say there are 40,000 lobbyists in Brussels. The official 25,000 have a combined annual budget conservatively estimated at more than €3bn ($3.6bn) seek to influence EU policy. Approximately 7,500 of them are accredited with the European Parliament, which means they are regularly able to meet with parliamentarians. Berlin is now reckoned to host up to 7,000 lobbyists with over €1bn to throw around every year.

Both cities have become infested with new arrivals who are pushier and use more sophisticated techniques than old-fashioned guilds such as the Federation of German Industry or BusinessEurope. Weak rules in both places are not designed to cope with the explosion of activity….

Washington has only around 12,000 official lobbyists, but that’s a wild underestimate… In the US, much of higher social life is all about lobbying…

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  1. Gmax Says:

    Modern media is a nightmare of heart and mind control


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