OUTRAGE, The Way Of Intelligence

Avatar The Way Of Water is not just a splendid movie, but a strident warning. The basic theme of oligarchs and their febrile hateful servants destroying whatever that stands in their way, even on another planet, to augment their profits, is an exact depiction of what is happening on this planet now, with corrupt or demented (Putin) politicians doing whatever it takes to make insanity the rule of law.

Some will sneer: Putin has nothing to do with us, democratic leaders. Except Obama, the supposedly great democratic leader, was caught on a hot mike conspiring with the insane Medvedev, then president of Russia, and the evil Putin… And except that the Russian oligarchic system is part and parcel of the world oligarchy…. which is partial to making giant stocks of nuclear weapons… So the theory is false, and Putin has everything to do with the present world political system (even though the Nevsky-Kremlin demonicity obviously also played a role).


The Navi from Pandora are pacific, however, they need to survive, and that means the capacity to be outraged (or rebellious, as Albert Camus had it [1]).

The OUTRAGE Of INTELLIGENCE: Intelligence is outraged, or is not.

In Avatar, the “Sky People” are Earthlings keen to invade a pristine planet (actually an Earth-sized Moon orbiting a super-Jupiter gaz giant planet, a very plausible scenario). They have already ravaged Earth. The “Sky People” can invade, because they have superior technology. It’s the reverse scenario from  Liu Cixin‘s “The Dark Forest“: there the “Trisolarians” from the closest star system to Earth, the Centaurus system attack Earth… But they attack Earth because the morality of the “Dark Forest” (the galaxy, no less) is that once one has been detected in the “Dark Forest” one must kill, or be killed.



“Dominance” comes from “Dominus”, from domus, the house, from PIE root *dem- “house, household”. In other words being master of one’s own home. The pseudo-left views this sort of terms, and the concepts attached to them, as ugly, horrendous, impermissible, and to be censored absolutely. This is because the pseudo-left is actually a client of its patron, the international oligarchy, which makes it so, for example, that there is no decent health care system in the USA (although the US health care system is the most expensive in the world, by far, in terms of percentage of GDP…). So the pseudo-left refutes the existence of its patron, the oligarchy, by denying that even the concept of dominance should exist.

Intelligence evolved to enable bacteria to go up nutrient gradient, etc. Intelligence finds out how elements of the world work, and use them to improve its lot. Intelligence defines advanced life forms. It’s everywhere, even in trees as the Avatar world has it, on a much grander scale than Earth. But if all advanced animal life disappeared, maybe advanced intelligence from plants would evolve.

So intelligence evolved to make the world home to life: make the world into domus, dominance.


Military Dominance Requires Technological-Scientific Dominance:

Having the most superior technology is not just a question of employment and economics, it’s foundational to national security. What was true in the cave is still true in the galaxy at large. Many will say, and have even said to Putin to his face, that “today’s era is not of war” and that Putin should “move onto a path of peace,” as India’s PM Modi told the Kremlin tyrant on September 22, 2022.

However, Putin, and dozens of powerful individuals around him are psychopaths. Typically, the head of Russia Today said that “either we lose in Ukraine, or there will be a world war. Knowing our leader Putin, there will be nuclear war“. This is no accident. The problem is that the fascist system of government that we have today, the representative oligarchy, attracts psychopaths, and selects for them, in a self-serving organization. 

And, as said above, intelligence is tightly related to dominance, so it’s hard to outlaw the latter without forgetting the former…. 


When the Barbarians got better weapons, and a better art of war than the Romans, they replaced them.

First so did the Goths, then the Franks… The latter, fortunately established a second foundation of Rome: by the late Fifth Century, the Frankish army was the Roman army in Gaul, under the elected king and Consul Clovis.

Clovis’ own father was a Roman imperator (top general), or at least Childeric was buried with the famous purple mantle of imperators. So the Franks replaced the Romans… but as friends and cultural descendants.

The foundation of the Franks was itself Roman, in the Third Century, and the Salian law was originally written in Latin… probably by Roman generals cum lawyers who were anxious to romanize the Germans, and helped to create the Frankish confederation. By 310 CE, would-be Augustus Constantine’s best troops were Frankish, and with them he conquered the empire.

With China or Russia, we do not have a comparable situation. Neither was really created by the West… So we can’t afford to hope that they will restart the West sometime in the future after the biosphere collapses….

Speaking of which, the solution to the greenhouse catastrophe can only be technological: behavior modification will not be enough. Humanity already uses the equivalent of several Earths in various crucial goods. We can’t shrink back, because that would mean diminishing radically the size of humanity (that is seven billion dead in conflict, to start with…)

Humanity must develop new tech it needs, so that humanity can solve the various environmental crises…  We are condemned to innovate, and that means, ultimately Quantum Computing and tech we can’t yet dream of. Nothing short of that will do to find the solutions we need for spaceship Earth.

But none of these solutions will arise if we are not outraged enough to create them in our minds. 

Patrice Ayme



[1] Being “revolted” (Camus original word in his famous book’s title) is to want, etymologically, to evolve again… (re-evolve). Camus was thinking mostly of European (political) revolutions (above we also evoked tech revolutions).

However, briging the rage out (out-raged) is more useful, and more general a concept than just re-evolving (or re-turning). Outrage is omnipresent when confronting, say, ferocious animals. They are typically ferocious because outraged. Outrage is so universal that even snakes have it. Once a lethally venomous snake expressed outrage towards my presence on a path, hissing and charging me in the mountains. The long creature was up slope, and heading down in its rage (I had a stone and killed it on the first lucky strike, snapping its neck; the whole story happened so fast it was over bedfore I understood what happened; I honor the memory of that foolhardy reptile by evoking its feat)

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3 Responses to “OUTRAGE, The Way Of Intelligence”

  1. ronaldscheckelhoff Says:

    Hi Patrice,

    “Humanity must develop new tech it needs, so that humanity can solve the various environmental crises… We are condemned to innovate, and that means, ultimately Quantum Computing and tech we can’t yet dream of. Nothing short of that will do to find the solutions we need for spaceship Earth.”

    RE/ your quote: My problem is that we aren’t smart enough (really the appropriate term is “wise enough”) – to use the technology that we will inevitably develop, without invoking the great filter of Fermi.

    Quantum computing is the worst offender in this class. It seems the singularity is total destruction for us, because the worst-of-the-worst of us will inevitably control it. The only thing that has prevented this ultimate end in the past is the fact that they have had less-than-total power. The ruling class (almost always psychopathic) – cannot help themselves but to make Fermi into a great prophet.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Ronald: Funny, yesterday the New York Times published in the “SCIENCE” section an article on Artificial Consciousness. I sent a (discreetly) critical comment pointing out that classical computers can only simulate consnciousness…
      They published it.
      I made a short essay from it, and I am in the process of publishing it. I look forwrd your comment.

      Fermi just said: “Where is everybody?”
      In truth, there are so many disasters at every turn in the galaxy that we may well be the only ones. To start with, stars fly bys… Oort Cloud goes to one light year (I think). Closest fly by next 30,000 years is 3 light year. But what if it was 100 AUs? Comet shower!


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