Earth Too Small: Tyrants With Thermonuclear Weapons Must Be Canceled

In 1815, when the Kremlin’s empire was at its greatest extent, it took several days for the fastest dash across France. Now one can go around the planet in an hour or so. So, relative to our technological means, the Earth has become tiny. 

We can’t afford to have self-hypnotized tyrants armed with thousands of thermonuclear weapons which they threaten to explode on us, dictate to us what they rule over

Thus stopping the invasion of Ukraine and destroying the source of this mayhem, the fascist mentality which enabled it, is a matter of planetary survival, not just a matter of fighting one tyrant.

Representative democracy is not the best, we must improve it with more direct participation, less censorship, more debate. However the existence of thermonuclear tyrannies with modern media to fanaticize their populations is a much greater threat than anything else, and it is here now (Chinese emperor Xi is quintupling his thermonuclear strategic arsenal to make it as big as Russia’s or the US).

So Ukraine has to win and all the weapons it wants should be sent to it.

It’s a matter of survival of humanity.

Patrice Ayme

P/S: The thermonuclear fusion represented was “Castle Bravo” in 1954 which was both the first thermonuclear weapon (military package, transportable by plane) and the first thermonuclear device using solid Lithium Deuteride (which is transformed into easy to fusion Tritium by the radiation flux from the primary). The power was 14.8 megatons of TNT, more than 1,000 times Hiroshima, and 2.5 times more than expected by prior computations. It was the biggest bomb ever exploded by the US.

A fission-fusion-fission device with a power above 100 Megatons could have been exploded in the early 1960s… But the Uranium 238 envelope to create the second fission was wisely not installed by the Soviet engineers. The result was Czar Bomba, a device the power of which (65 Megatons TNT) came mostly from thermonuclear fusion, and thus was relatively extremely clean… if the U238 envelope had been added, and that was very easy to do, it would have been immensely radioactively dirty. That means that thermonuclear tyrants could easly make extremely dirty bombs to poison the Earth… And blackmail humanity with them.

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