Brexit, Breakxit, Breakshit

Brexit is breaking Britain. A shitty situation. The European Union Is No Big Deal, So Why All the Brexit rage? Fullfilling a need: The eternal return of the same old hatred!

The UK is headed towards proximal socio-economic decline: the health service is going down, trade is getting deeply unbalanced, and the doors with the EU are closing one door after another.

Polls show the Brits are understanding that getting out of the EU was a big mistake.

Two years after the UK transitioned out of the European Union nearly two-thirds of Britons now support a referendum on rejoining.

So why are some still so obsessed with the EU? A British friend, highly educated, cultured, traveled and otherwise sensible fiercely said: “The EU is a hideously corrupt and fascist enterprise. I would rather go back to the Stone Age than be ruled from abroad.”

He spends half of his year in Japan, every year, has lived in Germany, taught in France, etc.

I replied: Who rules you, while in Japan? Japanese law! 

European Union law is no big deal. Most of British law in 2023 CE is European law, to this day. And will probably stay that way indefinitely.

So why the foaming-at-the-mouth obsession with the EU as fascist? The EU does not even have the smallest army..

Intellectual fascism is a mental mode where one is obsessed by all too few concepts, and driven by them. This mental concentration arises from the palaeontological necessity of having to fight to death various enemies, including other men and saber tooth cats…only then could the  species survive.

Intellectual fascism as a dominant mental mode, if need be: a species’ scale survival instinct. So great pleasure is to be had, engaging in it. That’s why hatred is so addictive… And this is also why there are so many hate driven systems of thought, and why they should… carry warning labels…

Brexit is a miniature case, and an hilarious one: confused and manipulated old Brits believe that the EU was the cause of their unhappiness… When actually much had to do with a deliberate pro-immigration policy of the British government, from Blair to the Tories… If the UK had put in place the safeguards of most European governments, such as identification cards, illegal immigration would have been considerably lower. All this immigration made the UK wealthier and very quickly.  

In truth the EU has very limited powers: consider Italy and its outrageous refusal to provide citizenship to some individuals born there: sheer Italian racism. Italy will still get huge EU help with more on the way.

Hungarian PM Orban, despite all the threats, keeps on doing pretty much what he wants, including gigantic nuclear contracts with genocidal thermonuclear monster Putin…

I would financially cut off both… Constitutional racism as in Italy should not be tolerated by Europe.


Glynne Thomas

[European Union] Fine as originally intended commercial enterprise but descended into a corrupt political organization.

Proof of EU being a corrupt political organization? 35,000 workers to administer 450 million EU citizens plus a few hundred millions hanger-ons, because EU law is adopted worldwide. For example the EU is preparing a draft on the usage of Artificial Intelligence. Say when AI impacts someone Internet activities, that will have to be revealed. Or AI won’t be allowed for hiring, etc.

Guess what, a number of countries are in the process of adopting as law the EU AI DRAFT proposal. Including Canada and Brazil…

Actually California is typically adopting (that is voting) EU law, etc… Then the rest of the US follows…

The drumbeat against the EU comes from fascist monopolistic corporations which only get regulated by the EU as they rule the USA…

Breakshisters generally don’t even know how the EU works. The EU is an UNION of independent nation states, led by the constituents democratic governments and requiring unanimity for all big decisions, like NATO.

The EU is much more loose than the Confoederatio Helvetica. EU political power stays in the hands of nation-states governments., at all and any moment. Poland’s vigorous spats with Germany and France, or the EU, have not inflected Polish policy, or law, for example. In the end accomodations are found on further developments.

It is now known that one of the main financiers of Brexit/Breakshit was Vladimir Putin himself, because he wanted to keep Europe divided. Didn’t even work: UK is out, but is doing its best to get back in.

Now the only question is how is the UK going to reintegrate functionally the EU. A Swiss solution (hundreds of treaties) is likely… and it has already launched, to the great rage of the most observant and furious Breakxiters. Brexit was like Breakshit: no purpose and neither clean, nor smart.

The great merit of Brexit is that it is a miniature model of human folly exclusively directed by cognition problems, hooked to hatred.

Patrice Ayme

Down we go, and this is just the begining; notice the acceleration of the trade deficit in goods; within two years or so, the EU will be able to sever service trade with the UK:


4 Responses to “Brexit, Breakxit, Breakshit”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Breakxit? That”s a good one. Those guys still don’t get it, like the Putin lovers. But I am repeating myself

    Liked by 1 person

  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Excellent, somewhat related to Emmanuel Todd who follows part of the analysis you made a year ago, or more. Todd is getting out a book with third world War in the title.

    Do you think that Nazism à la Putin is worse than any in the past?


  3. EugenR Says:

    Fascism is a mental state where one is obsessed by few marginal issues taken out of context, magnificating them, then conceptualising them, and positioning them on the stage as the major issue.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Eugen, thanks for the comment! I agree that fascism is a state of mind. I distinguishe four entangled types of fascism: political, intellectual, mental and emotional (the latter say when people fall in love, or in hate…)
      Political fascism itself has two extremes: as conceived by the Romans initially, and that’s noble, and directly tied to fascism, as needed for war. And as conceived by the Hellenistic regimes, imperial fascist Rome, Lenin, Gentile, Mussolini and Hitler

      Fascism, in any case, as you said, is an obsessive concentration on a parcimony of mental modes, be they celebrities, ideas, emotions… It may even affect science, technology and certainly economics (with monopolies and oligopolies…)


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