Why Is Saint Cyril Still A Saint?

Because Catholicism Is A Criminal Thought System, So It Sanctifies Criminals. Consider John XV, 6: “If men abide not in me … cast them into the fire, and they are burned”… said Christ, the roasting roaster:

Hypatia, a woman famous for her beauty in all ways, viewed as the top thinker, mathematician and philosopher in her time, was grabbed on the order of Saint Cyril, stripped, dragged, raped, and flayed with oyster shells. SAINT Cyril wanted to kill her because she was respected all over the world., and by torturing her to death, he showed the world who was the boss Cyril was a thug, a thief of church gold vessels, but he also promoted the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, having borrowed that from the cult of Isis. Cyril was feared in Constantinople. He hard an army of monks, “men in black” at his disposal for his terror. They were not simple parishioners, but the parabalani. They murdered before and after Hypatia. They picked up Hypatia after one of her lectures. 

The last Neoplatonist philosopher, Damascisus, wrote in the Sixth Century:

HYPATIA, daughter of Theon the geometer and philosopher of Alexandria, was herself a well-known philosopher. She was the wife of the philosopher Isidorus, and she flourished under the Emperor Arcadius. Author of a commentary on Diophantus, she also wrote a work called The Astronomical Canon and a commentary on The Conics of Apollonius. She was torn apart by the Alexandrians and her body was mocked and scattered through the whole city. This happened because of envy and her outstanding wisdom especially regarding astronomy…

Such was Hypatia, as articulate and eloquent in speaking as she was prudent and civil in her deeds. The whole city rightly loved her and worshiped her in a remarkable way, but the rulers of the city from the first envied her, something that often happened at Athens too. For even if philosophy itself had perished, nevertheless, its name still seems magnificent and venerable to the men who exercise leadership in the state. Thus it happened one day that Cyril, bishop of the opposition sect [i.e. Christianity] was passing by Hypatia’s house, and he saw a great crowd of people and horses in front of her door. Some were arriving, some departing, and others standing around. When he asked why there was a crowd there and what all the fuss was about, he was told by her followers that it was the house of Hypatia the philosopher and she was about to greet them. When Cyril learned this he was so struck with envy that he immediately began plotting her murder and the most heinous form of murder at that. For when Hypatia emerged from her house, in her accustomed manner, a throng of merciless and ferocious men who feared neither divine punishment nor human revenge attacked and cut her down, thus committing an outrageous and disgraceful deed against their fatherland. The Emperor was angry, and he would have avenged her had not Aedesius been bribed. Thus the Emperor remitted the punishment onto his own head and family for his descendant paid the price. The memory of these events is still vivid among the Alexandrians.


So why is Saint Cyril still a saint? Dr. Goebbels, the last Third Reich’s Chancellor, had achieved a saintly status in the insane Third Reich’s deluded populace. However, he is not a saint anymore: Goebbels has been found and determined by nearly all to be among the worst of persons, and so for his wife, who killed their six children. Why has Goebbels’ once glorious repute sunk into universal disgust? Facts speak: Nazism was atrocious and demented. 

Now what inspired Nazism? Catholicism! Not just “Darwinism”. Catholicism and it’s all too often lethal antisemitism, and murderous anti-heresy (heretic means having made a choice…). Catholicism was deeply anti-intellectual, but, just as supporters of Putin and for deeply related reasons, its followers twisted around all and any logic and factuality into the opposite of what their reality are.

Yes the SS were “men in black”. Just like the Catholic Inquisition of the Middle Ages. 

But they were not the first ones. The first “men in black” appeared at the end of the Fourth century, destroying in great mobs all libraries, institutions of knowledge and persons of wisdom.

The Catholic Church is the world’s oldest continuously running institution.

Why doesn’t the Catholic Church recognize the crimes committed by his founders? Cyril, and the murder of Hypatia, in 414 CE, were contemporaneous with the official three founding fathers. In particular Jerome (died 420 CE) and Augustine (died in 430 CE, as bishop with the Vandals at the gates of his native city, Hippo).

The only explanation is that the crimes of the founders of Catholicism are intrinsic to Catholicism as a system of thought. Who invented Catholicism? The Roman tyrant Constantine, who invented it in 323 CE and imposed it. Who made Catholicism lethal? The Roman tyrant Theodosius I, who invented “heresy”, an “insanity” according to him (January 381 CE). The empire collapsed as a military power 13 years later.   

Burning Jews alive for religious reasons:

Extract from an official description of the auto da fe (act of faith) in Madrid represented above, in 1680 CE. 

Next came twenty more criminals, of both sexes, who had relapsed thrice into their former errors and were condemned to the flames. Those who had given some tokens of repentance were to be strangled before they were burnt; but for the rest, for having persisted obstinately in their errors, were to be burnt alive. These wore linen sanbenitos, having devils and flames painted on them, and caps after the same manner: five or six among them, who were more obstinate than the rest, were gagged to prevent their uttering any blasphemous tenets. Such as were condemned to die were surrounded, besides the two familiars, with four or five monks, who were preparing them for death as they went along.

[All were burned for “judaizing” and one for converting to Islam.]


Death by fire was preferred as more in keeping with John xv. 6, “If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.” So much for Jesus being a nice guy.

The Inquisition held that the culprits ought to be burned alive; the only precaution necessary being that their tongues be bound, or their mouths stuffed by a pear of anguish, or their palate pierced, as was done with the astronomer Giordano Bruno, after seven years of torture, in order that the miscreants do not scandalize the public.

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