Bait And Switch: The Devil, Western Plutocracy, And Vlad, World Impaler

Committed by their tremendous crimes, Putin and his associates now believe that their “meat waves” tactics in Ukraine will bring them victory, as they reckon that the brainwashed Russian people feel Ukraine is worth the sacrifice. The alternative, for the Kremlin gang, is arrest and death. 

The leaders of the West pretend that nobody saw this coming [1]… When it was obvious since Putin’s genocide in Chechnya in 1999, that Putin was a despicable mass murderer. Actually Putin was their man, the man of the West, an employee of global plutocracy, in charge of diverting Russian resources out of Russia, from capital, to gas and oil. The relentless Kremlin tyranny was an instrument of extraction of Russian economic product to put it under global banking management, thus increasing the power of said banking. Never mind that it blew up the price of real estate in Western Europe’s attractive areas. 

The Western “leadership” is made mostly of arrogant twerps who listen carefully to the “Powers That Be”… those in power, generally tycoons, plutocrats and their attached think tanks, institutions and universities.

The West is ruled mostly by so-called “representative democracies”, which are neither representative, nor democracies. The nature of these regimes is closer to representative oligarchies. 

Oligarchy means: the rule of the few.

The ultimate state of oligarchy is plutocracy, generally viewed as the power of money, but, more generally, the power of evil (aka, Pluto, Satan, Hades, Diablo, etc.). The historical mechanism is always the same: to stay in power, an oligarchy has no choice but to opt for the worst means, because nothing else would do (Putin himself demonstrates this). 

Ever since the direct democracies of Antiquity fell, most of the time, in most places in the West, plutocrats and their bankers have managed states. Naturally, they prefer to deal with dictatorships. .

This is how the tyrants of the Twentieth Century arose often in cooperation with the mightiest Western plutocrats. A well-known example is Henry Ford who inspired and financed Adolf Hitler. An example that is less known, but perhaps even more spectacular and instructive was Averell Harriman and Stalin. Harriman was viewed, inside the Kremlin, as the real leader of Russia. Among other things, Harriman financed the Baku oil fields and insured early massive US help to Russia in 1941 (help which had been refused to France a year earlier, in spite of treaties with France…) 

The global plutocracy which controls France, Germany and the corrupt West in general, bet heavily on Putin. The way global plutocracy sees it, it had nothing to lose, everything to gain… even if, and especially if, Putin messed it up! More than a century ago glaobal plutocracy already used that strategy with Lenin, Stalin and Mussolini (plutocratic support was then extended to dictatorial Japan, Nazi Germany, and Franco… by extending oil, lines of credit, equipment, etc.). Plutocracy is tyranny friendly as its fundamental purpose is fundamentally evil (Pluto). 

Eastern Europe has been at the receiving end of these bad treatments for centuries thanks in part from selfish, self-absorbed Western European indifference…in 1240 the Mongols killed Kyiv, and put the Kremlin’s Alexander Nevsky, in control… Of Kyiv! At the time, and since, Eastern Europe observed that Western Europe did not come to the rescue of Kyivan Rus against the Mongols… although it launched plenty of crusades at the time, including against  Novgorod… although Anna Princess of Kyiv was ruling queen of France in 1051-60 CE.

Macron is fundamentally a banker who used his connection to the state at his advantage… A particular case of Western finance and Davos (WEF) welcoming and using Putin, that is the Russian state, to their advantage. Each time Rosatom sells a nuclear reactor, France gets a billion dollars… Rosatom sells the most nuclear reactors in the world.

If anything, the present crisis exposes the enormous corruption in Western Europe, which laundered in plain sight the money that Russian oligarchs stole from Russia. “Socialist” ex Chancellor Schroder set up the Nord Stream pipelines, while French Total set up the giant gas liquefaction installations in Siberia. 

Putin, his evil accomplices and his oligarchs could claim they have been tricked and enticed. They actually started to have their vile Western propagandists push for that point of view:”It’s not us, but them who enticed us to steal children in Ukraine!” 

But it is neither here, nor there. Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito and Franco also went through the same process. After they committed their massive war crimes, they were the massive criminals. The role that Western plutocrats played in enticing and enabling them has been carefully covered up, and is never mentioned. Yes, that role should be exposed.

But most self-declared leftists are actually posers who are careful to not go the bottom of things… lest they get less of a following.  

As a personal aside, I was banned from commenting in several European media, for example the European Tribune, and the reason given was that I pointed out the financing of Hitler and Stalin by Western banks and financiers… I was told, in writing, that the bankers who financed those media asked me to be banned. That was more than a decade ago, and both yours truly and this general subject disappeared from much of the information space… Not coincidentally, Obama “reset” his relationship with Putin and gave him a greenlight to invade Crimea… And its offshore oil deposits…    

If Putin had been able to exploit Ukraine, as he does Russia, global plutocracy would have been happy. But, after being stunned by the invasion of Crimea, which it did not resist, Ukraine fought back triumphantly when the Donbas was invaded. Russia, France, the US, the UK, and the dictator in China had clearly violated the 1994 Budapest accord, according to which Ukraine gave 1900 nuclear warheads to Russia, in exchange for security guaranty for its territory, forever.

“Representative democracy” is a half way house between pure dictatorship and real democracy. Clearly, it has become unsustainable… Be it only because of the problem of too many nukes in too few hands… But real democracy, direct democracy will not be achieved without maximizing truth

Patrice Ayme

“Socialist” Schroeder, ex-PM of Germany, embracing his employer Putin, himself in charge of exploiting Russia for global plutocracy’s profit.


[1] The connivence between Western leadership and Putin was long obvious… even among politicians. In 2006, Poland’s defense minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, likened plans to build the first Nord Stream pipeline to the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact — the half official, half secret agreement between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union dividing Eastern Europe into spheres of influence, and providing the Nazis with the Kremlin’s help to wage war. It made the Kremlin’s Berlin indispensable ally: the Wehrmacht invaded Western Europe fuelled by Russian oil. Sikorski in 2006: “Poland has a particular sensitivity to corridors and deals above our head,” Sikorski said at a security conference in Brussels. “That was the 20th century. We don’t want any repetition of that.”

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  1. Gmax Says:

    This post reconciles everything and should leave your critics on the left speechless


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