Ludicrous US Racism: One Drop Rule. Instead Institute Race Privacy! 

An officer with the same general appearance as President Biden, Colonel Davis, got a well-deserved medal and was called “black” by US “progressive” media. But how can one be “progressive” if one calls individuals who are white “black”? Here is indeed the reaction from the New York Times, a supposedly progressive, loudly non-racist media… which unwittingly fosters the racist “one drop rule”:

Biden Awards Medal of Honor to Black Vietnam Veteran

Col. Paris Davis’s nomination in 1965, for saving three teammates while injured in battle, hit a wall. It was revived in recent years.

President Biden awarded the Medal of Honor to Col. Paris Davis, who saved three fellow soldiers in the midst of battle after sustaining multiple gunshot injuries. (By Zolan Kanno-Youngs,  March 3, 2023.)

WASHINGTON — Nearly 60 years after one of the first Black officers in the Special Forces was nominated — and then overlooked — for the nation’s highest military honor, President Biden on Friday awarded the Medal of Honor to that officer, Col. Paris Davis, for exemplifying “everything our nation is at our best.”

“Brave and big hearted. Determined and devoted. Selfless and steadfast. American,” Mr. Biden said of Colonel Davis, who refused to leave behind his fellow soldiers in the midst of battle after suffering multiple gun shot injuries.

The president’s fourth Medal of Honor ceremony was the culmination of decades of efforts by veterans and volunteers to recognize the sacrifice a Black officer had made for a nation that in many ways had refused to recognize him as an American.


Let’s see who is “black” according to the New York Times:

OK, right, if Colonel Davis didn’t get his medal prior because he was considered by ultra-racists to be “black” that’s incredibly outrageous… All the more because DAVIS IS NOT BLACK, BUT, OBJECTIVELY, VISUALLY, WHITE. Davis is “black” only in the sense that racists are so racist in the USA that they even inflict a “black” skin color… on white individuals.  

This is the famous “one drop blood rule”. It enabled rich white Americans to purchase and enslave poor white Americans, on the ground that they were… “black”. President Jefferson notoriously had children from a mostly white girl, still a child, and who was mostly white. After the Ancien Regime French police told him in Paris France he couldn’t do that since slavery was unlawful in France since 656 CE or so, Jefferson told all sorts of lies to everybody, and kept her enslaved and procreating children he didn’t recognize. 

But times, and science are changing. The most notorious middle age, anti-black racist in the US consented to be DNA genetically tested. Although blonde and white he was found to have more than 15% subsaharan genetics… As more Americans use genetic testing, the technology is confronting the USA’s deep-rooted obsession with race and racial myths. This is especially true for the growing number of self-identified European Americans who learn they are actually part Sub-Saharan African. Even then, there is no absolute certainty. There is actually no DNA category for race, because a genetic marker for it does not exist… So the genetic “evidence” is mostly statistical and empirical…. In the latest US Census (2020), those who identified as pure white US citizens numbered around 200 million (and many of them are actually not so, according to genetics and the racist one drop rule!). Those US citizens self-identifying as non-whites are around 150 million.


By the way, this entire essay is NOT an attack against President Biden, who corrected a wrong, and didn’t refer to Colonel Davis’s skin color or “black” origin… Contrarily to the pseudo-progressive US media… 

To be considered a “Jew” by Nazi standards one needed at least 1/4 th of Jewish genetics (one Jewish grandparent). However, US racism was, in one sense, stronger. The “one drop rule” was applied to Japanese Americans during World War Two… by a “Democrat” US president, Roosevelt..

On March 2, 1942, Gen. John DeWitt, the army’s administrator for the western United States, issued Proclamation No. 1, which established Military Area No. 1 (the western halves of California, Oregon, and Washington, as well as southern Arizona) and Military Area No. 2 (the remaining areas of those four states). DeWitt issued a series of subsequent proclamations that clarified that all persons of Japanese descent would be removed from the entire state of California and the remainder of Military Area No. 1. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9102 on March 18, 1942, creating the War Relocation Authority, a civilian agency tasked with speeding the process along.



I have explained how US racism arose. Here is a quick reminder: understanding the USA without understanding the strange history of the English colony in America is impossible. To wit:

  1. The English colony was founded as a combination of for-profit and public military corporation, with King James as an investor.
  2. Tobacco, exploited by slaves, became a huge money maker.
  3. As a succession of revolutions ravaged England, the English colony was left to administer itself. British military control got reasserted, sort of, in the 18th Century.
  4. Before the end of the 17th Century, English American judges conveniently decided persons of “color” were alien by definition… And so their properties could be expropriated by the states those “whites” managed and redistributed among the “whites”.

In other words, “white” US racism arose from sheer greed, combined with lack of supervision from European civilization. That lack of supervision, specific to English America, didn’t happen in other English or British colonies…. which didn’t pass laws according to which skin color made people “alien”. (This is why when Mr. Harris a British lawyer, and slave owner in a West Indies British colony had a child with a colored person, Mr. Harris could recognize that child, who inherited… and one of the descendants is US Vice President Kamala Harris herself).

The entanglement of grotesque greed and hyper racism is typically American [1].

One can’t fix one without fixing the other.

Meanwhile one should establish RACE PRIVACY.

Race privacy should be the right, protected by law, to never ever reveal, or have revealed, one’s alleged or supposed “race”. It should be similar to “gender privacy” the right to NOT reveal one’s gender (and the latter should also be protected by law)

Actually in France, the US mother civilization, race privacy has long been the law: race can’t be ascertained by the state or even public polsters. That’s how most French Jews survived in WWII. In the Netherlands, where Jews were registered, nearly all the Jews were exterminated, because the Nazis were able to locate them. 

To define, allude to, or mention people according to their (alleged) race or (supposed) skin color, is racism. My mom taught that to me in Africa when I was six. She told me to never engage in such behavior, which was the epitome of lack of education. Time for the USA to catch up!

That US racism arose as a plutocratic conspiracy by greedsters who had infected the judicial system is one more reason to crush it.

Patrice Ayme


[1] Sparta had a similar phenomenon, viewing non-full Spartan as a lesser sort. Conclusion: Sparta disappeared.  Even Athens, under Pericles, of all people, and during the Peloponnesian war (the worst period to become racist!) decided that only children with both Athenian parents were Athenian… This led to all sorts of insanities which may have strongly contributed to Athens’ catastrophic defeat…  (Pericles’ own son was excluded from citizenship… although later he became a general, but then was executed, etc.; some, bound to all earthly logic may object that Pericles’ execution has nothing to do with racism… But I beg to differ: the mood of insanity and alienation that infected Athens explains in part why it was so keen to execute her own admirals and generals… Just because they lost a battle… Without evidence of betrayal…)   


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  1. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Morgan Freeman, Patrick Swayze, Robin Williams – three great Americans I miss.


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